Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Ignorant American

You know you're an ignorant American when...
  1. Your major source of news is Fox-News.
  2. You don't think it's newsworthy that over 80 Haitian "boat" people died while being towed to safety by Turks and Caicos "rescuers" in a patrol boat.
  3. You think Christopher Columbus "discovered" America.
  4. You think global warming is a hoax.
  5. You think that religion should be taught in the classroom not as an academic course that teaches about different religious traditions and ceremonies, but as a way to teach religious values of a specific religion. You believe that public schools should be replaced with private schools and vouchers. You want to teach "Creationism" at the expense of teaching science.
  6. You think insert group name here are stealing money out of your pocket, ruining the economy and eroding moral values. Example: immigrants, welfare mothers, Blacks, Latinos, foreigners...etc.
  7. You believe U.S. corporations importing cheap, subsidized goods into a developing country is good for that country's economy and the wealth of its citizens. You don't know what "fair trade" is.
  8. You want to know, really; "why do they hate us for our freedom?"
  9. You turn a blind eye and refuse to acknowledge the innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians being "liberated" in the "war on terror".
  10. When asked about the possibility of an attack on Iran by the U.S., you start singing "bomb Iran" to the tune of the Beach Boys hit song "Barbara Ann".

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