Friday, April 25, 2008

Miscarriage of Justice:
NY Cops Given License to Kill

Another slap in the face to the Black community. Another case of police brutality, murder, assassination, reckless endangerment ends in acquittal for the criminal police perpetrators. The judge in this "bench trial", Justice Arthur J. Cooperman of State Supreme Court in Queens, ruled that the detectives were not guilty on all felony and misdemeanor counts.

The officers were allowed to have their case tried before a judge, after alleging that a jury trial would be prejudicial. It should be illegal, in my opinion, for such a case to be tried by a judge (someone who is part of the system). The judge has a conflict of interest. His acquittal of the three cops is evidence of his bias.

In numerous cases of police brutality, the police have been acquitted.

Eleanor Bumpers (shot dead), Abner Louima (beaten and sodomized), Patrick Dorisman (shot dead), Amadou Diallo (shot dead), Sean Bell (shot dead)... and numerous others who don't get the same publicity.

When will the community get justice?


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