Thursday, November 19, 2009

Antoinette Davis: Neglectful "Crack Ho" or Innocent Mother?

shaniya_davis_kidnapping_mcneill250 volunteer searchers scouring "an area about 6 miles from the last confirmed sighting of Shaniya." found her body on Sunday (11.16.09). She was dumped along "Walker Road, off N.C. Highway 87, near the Lee-Harnett county line... about 100 feet off Walker Road." The little five year old was found among "deer carcasses" in a woodsy and wet area. The last sighting of Shaniya was at a hotel in Sanford, North Carolina. A man named Mario McNeill was seen carrying Shaniya into a hotel elevator at a Comfort Suites hotel, about 30 miles from her mother's home (Sleepy Hollow Drive, Fayetteville, NC). One unidentified man "who found the body said the girl was lying on the ground and was wearing only a T-shirt." It may be an important clue that a blanket belonging to the girl was found in a neighbor's trash can a day after her disappearance.

mario andrette mcneillPolice arrested Mario Andrette McNeill, 29 and charged him with first degree kidnapping. Late Saturday (11.15.09), Shaniya's mother Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25 was also arrested, three days after she reported her child missing. Davis claimed to have discovered the girl missing an hour after putting her to sleep on a couch.
Its hard to believe that Shaniya's mother Antoinette Davis would knowingly "permit an act of prostitution with Shaniya" as the arrest warrant states. Shaniya's mother was arrested late Saturday (11.15.09) and "charged with human trafficking, felony child abuse–prostitution, filing a false police report and obstructing a police investigation."

Questions yet to be answered
Why did Antoinette Davis initially accuse her boyfriend Clarence Coe of abducting Shaniya? Davis is pregnant with Coe's child. Coe was first arrested, but charges against him have since been dropped. He was released when a hotel employee at the Comfort Suites hotel tipped off police about McNeill. At that point the hotel surveillance video of Mcneill with Shaniya was turned over to police. According to Theresa Chance of the Fayetteville Police Department, “...footage was taken Tuesday, and we weren’t made aware of it until Wednesday.”

antoinette davisAntoinette Davis reported Shaniya missing on Nov. 10. On her 911 call released by police, she claimed that she put Shaniya to bed at 5:00 am. Although, Davis is accused of lying on the call--there was time for the abduction to take place without her knowledge. The child was seen on surveillance cameras at the hotel at 6:11 am, an hour and eleven minutes later. The distance between Antoinette Davis' house and the hotel is 30 miles. A distance by car of 50 minutes according to Google Maps. If Davis got the time right, then it would seem that 1 hour was enough time for McNeill to arrive at the hotel with Shaniya after he admittedly abducted her. McNeill, who has a criminal record for shooting a man in the face and other drug related crimes, has nevertheless plead not guilty.

Did someone (McNeil or Coe) point the finger at Antoinette Davis, leading to police arresting her? Or have police deduced from her 911 call and the time constraints involved that she is lying? Do police have other evidence against Antoinette Davis that they are not disclosing?


Did police and prosecutors jump the gun in arresting and charging Antoinette Davis with prostituting her own child? She was arraigned and charged even before the body of her child was found. People should keep in mind that video of Antoinette Davis in court were shot before the body of her missing child was found (she is currently in a segregated cell and on suicide watch)--so if she appears calm and emotionless--it may be because she had yet to learn of her child's death. Some of Davis' family have come to her defense. Her mother Ann Summers said that Antoinette is a "good mother." And her sister Brenda was interviewed after the arraignment.
"Her sister, Brenda Davis, 20, said outside of the courthouse that she does not believe the charges. “I don’t believe she could hurt her children,” said Brenda Davis, who was able to speak to her sister at the jail Sunday."
An uncle, was another family member who made a statement in support of Davis. "I know she’s a great mom. She’s a great mom. Antoinette really loved her children,” said Davis' uncle, Arthur Cromartie.

What is the father Bradley Lockhart's responsibility in this tragedy? Why did he hand his "angel" over to her mother (Shaniya is a product of a "one-night stand" with Davis, according to Lockhart) when there was some question about her fitness as a parent? A family friend Tim Allen said "after Shaniya went to her mother’s house, he noticed marks on her arms. "Boyfriends and his friends would put the cigarettes out on the baby's arms." The local news online, reports:
"Tim Allen has been caring for Lockhart's 17-year-old daughter, Cheyenne. He said Tuesday evening that he told Lockhart not to send Shaniya to live with her mother."I feel he is 99 percent the reason why this happened in the first place,” Allen said of Shaniya’s death."
Antoinette Davis had lived at a house (on Wall Street) which was raided in July by police for drugs, though no one was arrested. Davis also has a 7 year old son (no word on who fathered this son with Davis) and was investigate by child protective services, though no action was taken to remove her child and records are sealed. Lockhart has said that he decided to give Davis a chance to be a mother, and Shaniya was given to her mother on October 9, but by mid October, Shaniya was no longer attending school. Where was Shaniya when her mother was working at her two jobs? It should be mentioned, however, that in North Carolina mandatory school attendance age is 7-16 years old--so Antoinette Davis was not violating state law when she allegedly took Shaniya out of school. As for Davis' work record:
"Davis worked in the kitchen at Carolina Inn at Village Green, an assisted living facility in Fayetteville.CES, a South Carolina-based staffing company that has a contract with Carolina Inn, hired her in June 2008 after an extensive background check, an official said. She had a good employment record at both Carolina Inn and the Haymount Nursing Rehabilitation Facility, but she is no longer employed by the company, the official said."
shaniya davis_dressy

Who is Bradley Lockhart?
Why has the father who never given his "angel" his last name? While Antoinette is demonized by the majority of people opining about the matter (obviously, because of the arrest), Lockhart remains somewhat of a mystery. Still, some are hoping that this young woman did not cause this to happen to her innocent child. In America, is a person still presumed innocent, until proven guilty? Reading some of the comment on the internet it is hard to believe that people know of this celebrated tenet of the US criminal justice system.

bradley lockhartShaniya's father Bradley Lockhart seems to be a nice man on the surface. He's taken some blame on himself for Shaniya's death, saying--"Every parent would blame themselves. We all look within ourselves to see what we could have done differently." Antoinette Davis is 25 now, so she had Shaniya when she was 20. Wonder how old Bradley Lockhart is? As an aside... It's a frustration sometimes when the news outlets don't report a man's age, but are never slow with reporting the woman's age. Lockhart has five other kids with three different women. He has experienced a tragedy of equal proportion before. His former wife Vicki Lockhart was killed in a home invasion along with two others, including her 19 year old sister. Two men were arrested and prosecuted in the case. The evidence of this latest tragedy, appears to show that Lockhart was somewhat of an absentee father whose sister Carey Lockhart-Davis was actually taking care of Shaniya. His 17 year old daughter Cheyenne was also in the care of another--his friend Tim Allen. According to reports, Lockhart was gone a lot on "out-of-town jobs." No word on what his profession is.

Nancy Grace sets her sights on Antoinette Davis
That reptile Nancy Grace (maybe a guest spot on "V" would show her true colors?) aggressively attacked Antoinette Davis on her CNN show. Here's a video from the show: "Cops: Mom Owed Suspect Money." Grace claims that sources say (one of her guests pointed to cops) Davis owed McNeill for drugs. "Thanks, Mommy," Nancy exclaims at one point, for emphasis. Hasn't Nancy Grace learned anything from firestorm she caused when mother committed suicide after being on her show--"Melinda Duckett, a 21-year-old Florida woman whom Grace grilled after the disappearance of the woman's 2-year-old son." Can't abide Nancy Grace. If ever there was someone who personified gracelessness, its her offensive persona on her sideshow. This is the type of "news" show and ugliness that sells shampoos for Cable TV now.

This case is such a tragedy. Many people are saddened and are grieving the death of this innocent child. It is a sick reality that these sorts of incidents seem to be happening more and more often. What sick, twisted monster wants to have sex with children? The mind boggles and the heart is sickened by the thought of such a perversion. Is it a sign of the times? Is it the economic crunch, poverty and desperation that is leading people to do such despicable things for money? Or was it a festering illness that has always existed, yet never found the fertile ground to grow?

So is Antoinette Davis a neglectful, immoral and criminal "Crack Ho" or innocent hard-working mother?

Rest in peace Shaniya.

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Anonymous said...

Some of the facts in your blog are incorrect. 1) Antoinette said she put the child back to bed at 5:30AM so your timeline is off.
2) Antoinette Davis was arraigned Monday afternoon AFTER she learned of her daughter's death.

thezenhaitian said...

Thank you for your corrections. You're right about the 911 call. I listened to the 911 call again--Antoinette did say 5:30 (it was the 911 operator that said 5--she seemed hard of hearing). 41 minutes for the kidnapper to get to the hotel--that is still enough time in my opinion to get to the hotel since he had a direct route at a time when there was no traffic.

This fact is important because it demonstrates the possibly that Davis did not knowingly hand her daughter over to the "kidnapper."

I am not sure about your statement that she learned of her daughter's death before her arraignment. I'll have look into that. This may not be a relevant element. People are often numb after such a horrendous occurrence.

Also, something was off about her arraignment. She was not cuffed. She held her hands out, feigning her hands being cuffed. This leads me to speculate that she is in protective custody--not under arrest. The police are conducting an investigation--a sting operation depends on duplicity as a tool.

thezenhaitian said...

Antoinette Davis was arrested late Saturday, November 14. She was arraigned on Monday, November 16. Her daughter Shaniya's body was found early Monday, Nov. 16, so it is possible that Antoinette, who was arraigned about one hour after her daughter's body was found, knew of the death. According to this article, she knew.

I regret the error--this is a complex issue. Thanks again for the info Anonymous.

thezenhaitian said...

Just to clarify: the story reads "She knew, according to a sheriff's department spokeswoman, that a child's body had been found."

Anonymous said...

Comments and corrections:

-Vickie Lockhart was Bradley's current wife at the time of her death, not former.

-Clarence Coe, who has been cleared, has stated that Shaniya was not on the couch at 5:30am.

-Mario McNeill has not entered a plea yet. According to his attorney, he plans to plead not guilty. His next court date is 12/9.

-You should note that when Mario McNeill was in court being charged with first degree murder and first degree rape of a child, he was not wearing handcuffs either. He has no bail. So, Antoinette is not being held in protective custody, she has been arrested.

-Antoinette raised Shaniya the first year of her life, so it's not hard to imagine that Shaniya had her mother's last name. That happens a lot. In order to change her last name, Bradley would've needed to petition the court.

-As for the presumption of innocence, it has been a long time in this country since people have gone by that tenet. The justice system is biased. The internet makes information too available in real time, and people are not stupid. There's guilt written all over this situation.

-Bradley Lockhart is a contractor who works out of state. The US economy is in turmoil, so it's not unheard of for someone to have to take work out of the state.

Let's remember that even if Bradley was an absentee father, he didn't kill his daughter. You seem to want so badly to defend Antoinette. But if you read all of the official reports, and watch the videos of the police, there's a real reason why she was implicated, even before her daughter's body was found. Also, she showed NO emotion to either the police or while she was in court, after learning of her child's death. So put the blame where it belongs - with that sorry as woman.

thezenhaitian said...

- I think it is clear that I said "former wife" in the context that they are no longer married--was not implying that they divorced.

- You must have inside info, because I have not seen it reported that Clarence Coe stated that Shaniya was not on the couch at 5:30. If you have a link to this, please share. Even if that is the case, there is always the possibility that he is wrong or lying.

- I knew at the time I wrote this that McNeill had planned to plead not guilty, although he turned himself in and admitted (due to the video evidence) that he abducted Shaniya--what's your point?

- Noted. McNeil was not wearing cuffs either. Thanks. This was not as evident, because he was shot from the waist up in the courtroom during his arraingment. I speculated that Antoinette might be in protective custody, I really did not have any real expectation that she was. Maybe if she was White, she would then have had a better chance of being given the benefit of a presumption of innocence.

- Antoinette is being criticized for being a "neglectful" mother by the father's sister, yet some of Bradley's actions are suspect--I wanted to point to one instance where he showed some irresponsiblity. One other criticism of the father is that he impregnate Antoinette Davis when she was just 20 years old. Why don't we know how old Lockhart is? Why must he imply that Antoinette is a immoral somehow, by pointing out that she was a "one night stand." I have no respect for a man who evidently is sexist and dishonorable. In effect, he is the "pot calling the kettle black." After all it takes two to tangle.

- Agreed, the presumption of innocence is no longer in effect in America. Take a listen to the statements of the Obama administration (Obama and Eric Holder) with regards to the show trials to be held in NY of the so-called "911 co-conspirators." The US is acting in the manner of an Iran, Saudi Arabia or China. The results of this "trial" is evidently predetermined.

The internet is just fine as a place to get info, but an individual has to keep an open mind and sift through what is just plain propaganda rather then unvarnished facts. People may not be stupid, but they tend to have a herd mentality and don't think for themselves. I don't agree with you--guilt is not "written all over this situation", it still has to be proven. Whether the police and prosecution can prove (Antoinette's) guilt in a court of law is debatable. There is always room for reasonable doubt. I look forward to her lawyer(s) mounting a vigorous defense.

- That Bradley Lockhart is a contractor was revealed on Oprah by his sister--before my post. Thanks for the info, however.

- Likewise, let's remember that even if Antoinette may appear to have placed her daughter in danger, she didn't kill her daughter. What evidence do the police have for the charge of human trafficking...etc? I still have not heard or read that, though I admit I have not read all the official reports. You seem determined to put the blame on the mother for the child's death. Is that where it really belongs? I am just pointing out that there is a reasonable doubt. I feel sorry for you and others (who presume her guilt) that you are so unsympathetic to a hard-working woman with no criminal record who is in a desperate and tragic situation that was not entirely of her making. You and others should not rush to judgment. After all, SHE DID NOT KILL HER DAUGHTER.

thezenhaitian said...

If Clarence Coe says that Shaniya was not on the couch at 5:30 am--that raises more questions, then it answers. If he was with Antoinette at the time of the "kidnapping"--why didn't he intervene? And shouldn't he have been charged as an accessory to a kidnapping, or with some of the other egregious charges leveled at Antoinette Davis?

thezenhaitian said...

Keep in mind also, that Antoinette Davis called the police to report her daughter missing. Why is that not mentioned as a defense or as an indication of her innocence? She did not wait one day, but (according to her) one hour from the time of her daughter's disappearance to report her missing--this is positive indication of her distress and concern for her daughter. In other words, she did not "fake" a phone call. She placed a phone call.

Anonymous said...

i want to tell you that i really appreciate you providing different information than mainstream media on this issue. something about this case feels really off.

thezenhaitian said...

You're most welcome. I feel this on a very human level... this woman is being so vilified that someone should defend her.

Most worrisome is;

1) the police and detectives questioned Ms. Davis for days before charging her. She was not provided with a lawyer. According to US law, everyone deserves protection against incriminating themselves. This case brings forcefully to light, the fact that the US justice system is skewed towards protection of the well-heeled. There supposedly is a mechanism for lawful/equal representation in this democratic society. This mechanism was evidently never provided to this woman.


2) Maybe this vile McNeill character was bringing the innocent baby girl to a third party at the hotel--why hasn't this monster been arrested or charged? Are the police pursuing the supply chain to the top in this human trafficking scheme that they are alleging?

Anonymous said...

Well obviously, you don't understand how the judicial system works here for black people. Let me enlighten you--we are ALWAYS presumed guilty until proven otherwise. Only whites (by default) and rich people of color get the benefit of the doubt in the court system. And b/c I know this as a black woman, I never take a case like this at face value. We all know that there are plenty of falsely convicted people sitting in prison right now and their only "crime" is being poor,and/or black/of color and in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Not saying this applies to every black person in prison or accused of a crime, but the "just-us" system was never designed to give us equal justice under the law.

thezenhaitian said...

You make excellent points. This is the way things are--for now. People in power generally view blacks and poor people as undeserving of equal treatment. Unfortunately this bias is shared by most of the world's population, including blacks and other minorities... how foolhardy are they?

I watched the case of the young white girl who was convicted in Italy for murder yesterday (12.04.09) with interest. The outrage was palpable from the reporters, journalist and pundits on CNN and NBC (NBC featured an hour length show last night-- 12.04.09)... sadly many of these same folks cannot/will not identify with the humanity of black/poor people who are railroaded, understandably they are able to bond with this young white exchange student from Seattle who faces 27 years in an Italian prison. There is no such thing as being "race neutral"--it will take much more than Obama's election to break the cycle of clannism, racism and exclusion that has prevailed in the world for eons.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when the question came up about Antionette's unborn baby? They said that Clearance Coe will take the baby if it comes to term. People wanted to know why he thought she would not have the baby. The reason he don't think she will have the baby is, they are both HIV positive. Antionette and him.

thezenhaitian said...

Anonymous-- You should really not post anonymously if you want anyone to believe this. If this is not unsubstantiated rumor and slander and you can produce the medical records or the testimony of a credible witness (preferably a medical professional) to substantiate these charges, you should proudly state your real name.

You may be privy to the medical status of these people for all we know. Prove it.

However, this would be an exercise in futility since the medical status of Clarence Coe and Antoinette Davis has no bearing on the matter of the criminal charges being levied by the criminal justice system.

It does not make her, him or anyone guilty of the brutal rape and murder of Shaniya.

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