Thursday, May 26, 2016

Èzili Dantò's note on: The Plantation Gatekeepers -African Union Denies Haiti Membership

Free Haiti Says to African Union put some pants on and free Gbagbo!

The billionaires of the Caribbean from the Middle East are in Haiti sucking the country dry on behalf of the Eurasians. These plantation gatekeepers dominate the Black majority. They're less than 1percent of the population, but own 98% of Haiti's wealth.

The latest reports indicate that the African Union will deny Haiti membership: “Haiti Is One of Us; It’s Just Not African Enough”

haiti's wealthy plantation overseers

The Plantation Gatekeepers
Haiti is under occupation by The BILLIONAIRES OF THE CARIBBEAN (Plantation Gatekeepers) that OBAMA-CLINTON support in Haiti to dominate the Black majority.

Less than 1% owns 98% of means of production, distribution and wealth in Haiti. 0.5% of Haiti oligarchy, mostly from the South Eurasia (Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan) own 98% of Haiti's wealth. Work for the former slaveholding countries as the middlemen.-- Bigio, Acra, Madsen, Boulos, Brandt, Braum, Apaid... Visit fb link here.
Here's the reason. The bloodsuckers can't stand against, can't leech, if there's authentic Afrikan self love and unity. (See Haiti Oligarchy photo at

Except for Mugabe, most of the heads of State in the African union are bought off, puppets for Empire. Look how they didn't help Libya or Ivory Coast? Where is the African Union in denouncing the US-EU persecution of the duly elected president Laurent Gbagbo? How could these men call themselves men in the face of the abuse of First Lady Laurent Gbagbo? The question is not that the African Union denied Haiti membership, but why? Follow the dishonor...of the Black self. The mental colonization. White supremacy and Eurasian divide to conquer.

Èzili Dantò on Secrets A Western Education Hides: All of Haiti is a world heritage site

"Haiti is MORE Afrikan than Africa," that is a common saying.

Haiti was free when most of Africa was still enslaved and colonized.

Haiti is the first nation to abolish slavery, in combat, on the planet. Haiti is the only country to be created from Vodun spiritual combat. Haiti freed South America, giving soldiers, printing press and monies to Bolivar to go free the slaves and nations in the South. Haiti's victory helped destroy the slave trade across the planet as an acceptable means of making profit. So actually, being TOO Afrikan is the reason Haiti is not in the African Union. Not Afrikan enough? That's not the reason Haiti is not admitted to the African Union. Western imperialism is.

Besides, it would be disturbing for Haiti to be part of an AFRICOM expansion. We're already under a US occupation outsourced to UN-MINUSTAH. Haitians must take this down first. Then and only then should a FREE HAITI ally with Afrikan nations, without House Negroes as their puppet presidents.

That means, #FreeHaiti must end the current US occupation of Haiti behind UN mercenary guns, US-EU (Michel Martelly BOID and Guy Phillipe) death squads, the ("white" Blan peyi) Haiti oligarchs (one percenters), fake elections, fake US aid and the NGO poverty pimping charitable industrial complex.

Haiti is under occupation by The BILLIONAIRES OF THE CARIBBEAN (Plantation Gatekeepers) that OBAMA-CLINTON supports in Haiti to dominate the Black majority. Less than 1percent owns 98% of means of production, distribution and wealth in Haiti. The African Union is filled with House Negroes like the one Hillary Clinton put in Haiti - Michel ("wears-a-diaper") Martelly.

President Mugabe and maybe the Eritrean president are the only ones left wearing their own pants after Hillary Clinton and Obama gave air cover to the ISIS terrorists and others to murder President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. The US has got the UN in Haiti, and part of that UN contingent are personnel from Pakistan and Yemen, places where Obama is conducting drone warfare against ISIS-Al Qaeda terrorist. Why is Yemen and Pakistan in Haiti if these countries are so dangerous. Haiti has less violence than all the Caribbean nations. Does it need to import foreign violence? NO, Haiti has enough issues without the US bringing its ISIS warfare to us, whatsoever.

These global elites from the "Middle East" who Haiti gave asylum to when they were fleeing religious repression, now work for the former slaveholding countries as the middlemen. The USAID subcontractors. They're the mercenary families - Bigio, Acra, Madsen, Mevs, Boulos, Brandt, Braum, Apaid... They're the coup detat/regime change repugnant economic elites making billions with their white masters off Haiti lands, labor, ports, custom houses, consulates and by auctioning off Haiti gold, oil, iridium and other natural resources.

Free Haiti works to end the US occupation behind UN mercenary guns, fake elections, fake aid and the PR of the poverty pimping charitable industrial complex. Desalin's land and people are not for sale.

When the African Union starts taking actions of integrity, like rescuing historian and president, Laurent Gbagbo from the clutches of the European injustice court (International Criminal Court) and protects, his wife, Lady Simone Gbagbo from the imperialist predators, then it shall be closer to a union with the great Ancestors who peopled the planet, and maybe Rebel Haiti.

Èzili Dantò of HLLN, Free Haiti Movement Kanga Mundele, Kanga Bafyòti, Kanga Ndòki, Kango yo! - The Ancestral call that began the Haitian Revolution

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