Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dennis Dissing Dems

And who can blame him. The Dems conspired to keep him out of the debates. The democratic process is not just "flawed" it's facist.

For more coverage of Dennis Kucinich, go to the Openers blog.

    Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the Democratic race for president.

    Kucinich will make the announcement Friday at a news conference in Cleveland. In an exclusive interview with Plain Dealer editors and reporters, Kucinich said he will explain his "transitioning" tomorrow.

    "I want to continue to serve in Congress," he said.

    Kucinich said he will not endorse another Democrat in the primary.

    Kucinich is seeking a seventh term in Congress, but his long-shot bid for the White House has drawn four Democratic opponents.

    In the interview, during which he was seeking the paper's endorsement of his re-election bid, Kucinich said he is dropping out of the presidential race for practical reasons.

    "When I didn't get into that debate in Nevada, it really made it difficult," he said.

    But Kucinich said he's proud of his performance in the earlier debates and believes he's had a positive influence on the race.

    "If anyone has watched the debates, they have been able to see that I've been able to do more than hold my own," he said. "I've been able to represent the aspirations of people in this community, and communities like it across the country on health care, peace, for jobs.
    There is a point at which you just realize that you, look, you accept it, that it isn't going to happen and you move on."

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