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Èzili Dantò's note on: The Plantation Gatekeepers -African Union Denies Haiti Membership

Free Haiti Says to African Union put some pants on and free Gbagbo!

The billionaires of the Caribbean from the Middle East are in Haiti sucking the country dry on behalf of the Eurasians. These plantation gatekeepers dominate the Black majority. They're less than 1percent of the population, but own 98% of Haiti's wealth.

The latest reports indicate that the African Union will deny Haiti membership: “Haiti Is One of Us; It’s Just Not African Enough”

haiti's wealthy plantation overseers

The Plantation Gatekeepers
Haiti is under occupation by The BILLIONAIRES OF THE CARIBBEAN (Plantation Gatekeepers) that OBAMA-CLINTON support in Haiti to dominate the Black majority.

Less than 1% owns 98% of means of production, distribution and wealth in Haiti. 0.5% of Haiti oligarchy, mostly from the South Eurasia (Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan) own 98% of Haiti's wealth. Work for the former slaveholding countries as the middlemen.-- Bigio, Acra, Madsen, Boulos, Brandt, Braum, Apaid... Visit fb link here.
Here's the reason. The bloodsuckers can't stand against, can't leech, if there's authentic Afrikan self love and unity. (See Haiti Oligarchy photo at

Except for Mugabe, most of the heads of State in the African union are bought off, puppets for Empire. Look how they didn't help Libya or Ivory Coast? Where is the African Union in denouncing the US-EU persecution of the duly elected president Laurent Gbagbo? How could these men call themselves men in the face of the abuse of First Lady Laurent Gbagbo? The question is not that the African Union denied Haiti membership, but why? Follow the dishonor...of the Black self. The mental colonization. White supremacy and Eurasian divide to conquer.

Èzili Dantò on Secrets A Western Education Hides: All of Haiti is a world heritage site

"Haiti is MORE Afrikan than Africa," that is a common saying.

Haiti was free when most of Africa was still enslaved and colonized.

Haiti is the first nation to abolish slavery, in combat, on the planet. Haiti is the only country to be created from Vodun spiritual combat. Haiti freed South America, giving soldiers, printing press and monies to Bolivar to go free the slaves and nations in the South. Haiti's victory helped destroy the slave trade across the planet as an acceptable means of making profit. So actually, being TOO Afrikan is the reason Haiti is not in the African Union. Not Afrikan enough? That's not the reason Haiti is not admitted to the African Union. Western imperialism is.

Besides, it would be disturbing for Haiti to be part of an AFRICOM expansion. We're already under a US occupation outsourced to UN-MINUSTAH. Haitians must take this down first. Then and only then should a FREE HAITI ally with Afrikan nations, without House Negroes as their puppet presidents.

That means, #FreeHaiti must end the current US occupation of Haiti behind UN mercenary guns, US-EU (Michel Martelly BOID and Guy Phillipe) death squads, the ("white" Blan peyi) Haiti oligarchs (one percenters), fake elections, fake US aid and the NGO poverty pimping charitable industrial complex.

Haiti is under occupation by The BILLIONAIRES OF THE CARIBBEAN (Plantation Gatekeepers) that OBAMA-CLINTON supports in Haiti to dominate the Black majority. Less than 1percent owns 98% of means of production, distribution and wealth in Haiti. The African Union is filled with House Negroes like the one Hillary Clinton put in Haiti - Michel ("wears-a-diaper") Martelly.

President Mugabe and maybe the Eritrean president are the only ones left wearing their own pants after Hillary Clinton and Obama gave air cover to the ISIS terrorists and others to murder President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. The US has got the UN in Haiti, and part of that UN contingent are personnel from Pakistan and Yemen, places where Obama is conducting drone warfare against ISIS-Al Qaeda terrorist. Why is Yemen and Pakistan in Haiti if these countries are so dangerous. Haiti has less violence than all the Caribbean nations. Does it need to import foreign violence? NO, Haiti has enough issues without the US bringing its ISIS warfare to us, whatsoever.

These global elites from the "Middle East" who Haiti gave asylum to when they were fleeing religious repression, now work for the former slaveholding countries as the middlemen. The USAID subcontractors. They're the mercenary families - Bigio, Acra, Madsen, Mevs, Boulos, Brandt, Braum, Apaid... They're the coup detat/regime change repugnant economic elites making billions with their white masters off Haiti lands, labor, ports, custom houses, consulates and by auctioning off Haiti gold, oil, iridium and other natural resources.

Free Haiti works to end the US occupation behind UN mercenary guns, fake elections, fake aid and the PR of the poverty pimping charitable industrial complex. Desalin's land and people are not for sale.

When the African Union starts taking actions of integrity, like rescuing historian and president, Laurent Gbagbo from the clutches of the European injustice court (International Criminal Court) and protects, his wife, Lady Simone Gbagbo from the imperialist predators, then it shall be closer to a union with the great Ancestors who peopled the planet, and maybe Rebel Haiti.

Èzili Dantò of HLLN, Free Haiti Movement Kanga Mundele, Kanga Bafyòti, Kanga Ndòki, Kango yo! - The Ancestral call that began the Haitian Revolution

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Primed to Vanquish "The Whore of Babylon"

"I've come upon something that disturbs me deeply. We have fought hard and long for integration, as I believe we should have, and I know that we will win. But I've come to believe we're integrating into a burning house." 
– Martin Luther King, Jr.
How is the current conflict in the Middle East countries ("the war on terror") not a reprise of the Crusades? Is it Christian dogma motivating these anarchistic sociopaths and psychopaths who are playing with our lives daily on the world stage? It's being sold and may look plausible, except it is a complete lie. The Middle East conflict is not "a clash of civilizations" of Christians vs. Muslims, although there is a lot of manipulation, disinformation and lies driving the narrative that it is.

Not all Muslims are in the cross-hairs of the warmongers and reactionaries. The authoritarian regimes of Saudi's, Qatar and UAE are literally in bed with the West. According to the confessions of Kay Griggs, a battered military wife, the people running this country and trying to control and manipulate world events are "German existentialist [philosophy: not people or nation]." Check out the interview with Kay Griggs (who she is at 3:14:08 of this 7 hour interview) on YouTube. Highly illuminating (!). 

Let's set aside this reality and concentrate on what the world is supposed to see in events that have led us to this place where Fox TV's Jeanine Pirro made this inflammatory statement: "Number one: Get a gun. Buy one legally. Learn how to shoot. And be primed to use it.” This after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Ca, where 14 people were killed and 21 injured. 

A mass killing is defined as the killing of 4 or more people at a time. This year, the United States has had 351 of those mass killings so far. Naturally, the vast majority of the killings were by non-Muslims. This white man goes berserk syndrome is well noted (quote: The 33-year-old has a history of violence, but "nothing like this," says Sheriff Greg Taylor.) . Although, to deflect away from this fact, many racists will point to Chicago as being a place of Black on Black violence. This is turning out to be a straw man, which doesn't hold up under close examination, given the rampant criminality and corruption of the Chicago police. In fact, many in the Black community are questioning whether it might be the Chicago police involved in these weekend murders, which often go unsolved. The FBI has announced that they will be investigating the Chicago police. The scandalous and criminal deeds of Alabama police recently came to light thanks to colleagues speaking up. Thousands of Black men were set-up using drugs and guns. Some of the Black men have been unjustly jailed for decades.

US Navy 030529-N-5362A-001 A U.S. Marine Corps Humvee vehicle drives down a road at the foot of Saddam Hussein's former Summer palace with ruins of ancient Babylon in the background.
photo credit: wikipedia
In their public statements, the government of the United States has indicated that WMDs, oil and the less probable "freedom" were their motivation for invading Iraq. The Iraq War in Quotes /

We all know now (some of us knew then!) that these were all lies and disinformation to get us into a war. That's clear. What's less clear is why the Bush cabal were not indicted for war crimes. Dick Cheney is sought out for his opinion of Donald Trump wanting to bar Muslims from entering the U.S. No surprise, Fox found a "Muslim leader" who supports a ban. That's not going to happen. Trump knows it and the Republicans know it. It's great theater, though. It might just get Hillary Clinton elected (that's just the obvious political strategy: look he's insane. Now Billary's looking like the sane anti-"The Donald" presidential candidate).

Firstly, the theory is highly implausible. This is not a religious conflict, given the obvious perks (if you're a greedy psychopath) of control of oil revenue, kickbacks, genocide (depopulation is always on the white supremacist system's agenda) and war profits.

Christians belonging to secret societies [Skull & Bones, Illuminati, Masons... ] and other cultish government insider groups, plan and execute the invasion of the former site of a key ancient city depicted in their bible as being the site of “the whore of Babylon” and lay waste to it. Does it have any connection to their religious beliefs? Ancient grudges, fulfillment of prophecies... a bet (huh?*)? What the heck is going on here?

Some Background: Did the ancient city of Babylon exist, and if so, in what country would it be today? The answer — the ruins of Babylon are in modern-day Iraq:
'Its extensive ruins on the Euphrates River about 55 miles (88 kilometres) south of Baghdad lie near the modern town of al- Hillah, Iraq.'

We can't get a straight answer from George W. Bush (you know, he is on drugs), but he did say this back in 2001:
"... this crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take awhile." He and other US officials have said that renegade (CIA operative!) Islamic fundamentalist Osama bin Laden is the most likely suspect in the attacks."
--- Europe cringes at Bush 'crusade' against terrorists |  By Peter Ford, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor September 19, 2001
How did the Bush administration know by 9/13/2001 who was behind 9/11, given the FBI admission that they have no hard evidence on OBL? If OBL didn't do it, who are the evildoers behind 9/11?

The above article is a must read. Planting the seeds of disinformation? This gem:
"...We have to avoid a clash of civilizations at all costs," French foreign minister Hubert Vedrine said on Sunday. "One has to avoid falling into this huge trap, this monstrous trap" which he said had been "conceived by the instigators of the assault." 

This excerpt from an article about Babylon speaks to the reputation of the place in ancient times.
"... Having laid waste to fortress city after city and enslaving untold thousands in their path, the Assyrians were as much hated as feared, their self-styled kings of kings often celebrating their heavy-bearded macho with cruelty to their humiliated captives, like brutal Ashur-Nasirpal II (ruling 883-859 BCE) boasting of “cutting off lips, noses, ears of rebels” and elsewhere of putting out the eyes of royal children in front of their parents and dragging the kings and queens away with bronze hooks in their tongues. 
The little book of Nahum in the Hebrew Minor Prophets sings a false lament with relief about Nineveh’s fall: “Woe to the city of blood, full of plunder, never without victims, the crack of whips, piles of dead… Nineveh in ruins, who will mourn for her?”
Perhaps the modern day "king of kings" should take heed to what happened to Babylon and why it fell:
"... the upstart Babylonian leader Nabopolassar laid siege to Nineveh in 612 BCE when Assyrian power was waning, when the plundering had stopped and there was nothing left to fill their coffers. Perhaps an economy based on vassalage tribute, plunder and loot had been artificially engorged and was collapsing on itself."

A hilltop view of the ancient city of Babylon, where King Nebuchadnezzar II, whose life spanned 630-562 B.C., built his hanging gardens, one of the Seven Wonders of the [Ancient] World.

Maps of the Middle East, then and now

the crusades
Map of the Eastern Mediterranean in 1135, showing crusader-held and neighboring territories /
eastern mediterranean
Map of present day Eastern Mediterranean


The Crusades were military campaigns sanctioned by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. In 1095 Byzantine Emperor Alexios I, in Constantinople, sent an ambassador to Pope Urban II in Italy pleading for military help against the growing Turkish threat. The Pope responded promptly by calling Catholic soldiers to join the First Crusade. The immediate goal was to guarantee pilgrims access to the holy sites in the Holy Land under Muslim control. His long-range goal was to reunite the Eastern and Western branches of Christendom after their split in 1054 with the pope as head of the united Church. A complex 200-year struggle ensued. -- wikipedia

The walls of Babylon
Babylon (Akkadian: Bābili or Babilim; Arabic: بابل‎, Bābil) was a significant city in ancient Mesopotamia, in the fertile plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. [-wiki]

Famed for its gardens and ziggurats, the ancient city of Babylon is now little but dust in the Iraqi desert. Babylon was perhaps the first big city in the world, dating to the third millennium BC. It stood by the Euphrates River on an important trade route. Various dynasties ruled the city-state as it grew to govern much of ancient Mesopotamia. The city was destroyed in 689 BC and rebuilt to achieve its greatest size glory under the ruler Nebuchadnezzar II, who reigned from 605 to 538 BC. He is credited with building the hanging gardens, named by contemporaries as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In 330 BC, Alexander the Great captured Babylon, planning to make it the capital of his empire. But he died soon after taking the city, and his successors built a new capital called Seleucia on the Tigris River. Most of Babylon's population moved to Seleucia, and Babylon withered and practically disappeared by the seventh century AD. Babylon's ruins are near the modern city of Al Hillah and about 55 miles south of Iraq's capital of Baghdad. Much of the ancient site has been looted, and only fragments of some building foundations remain.

Between 1982 and 1989, Iraqi president Saddam Hussein ordered Babylon's walls rebuilt in the fashion of Nebuchadnezzar II. Hussein also built one of his own grand palaces near the site. Today, the baked-mud bricks are about all that's left of Babylon's ancient grandeur.

It has been estimated that Babylon was the largest city in the world from c. 1770 to 1670 BC, and again between c. 612 and 320 BC. It was perhaps the first city to reach a population above 200,000.[2] Estimates for the maximum extent of its area range from 890[3] to 900 hectares (2,200 acres).[4] The remains of the city are in present-day Hillah, Babil Governorate, Iraq, about 85 kilometers (53 mi) south of Baghdad, comprising a large tell of broken mud-brick buildings and debris.

Military shadow government, conspiracies, sexual perversions, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, cross-dressing, blackmail, secret societies, assassinations, intrigue, war, games ... fun times. It's dark in their heads and in that coffin or dead zone where their hearts are supposed to be, really, really bad things are happening or being planned. However, this worldwide global plot is not, repeat not a crusade. What's on the agenda is more gross, revolting, criminal and evil than one could have ever imagined.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Haiti Resistance to Stop the 2015 Election Scam

By Ezili Danto | originally posted at
"The blood of Haiti protestors and police shed during the 2015 Jovenel Moise electoral fraud is on the hands of Michel Martelly, Antonio "Sal" Sola ("King of the Dirty Campaign"), Barack Obama and the big business corporatocracy they work for."
-- Ezili Danto, HLLN/Free Haiti Movement, November 2015
The entire international infrastructure in Haiti is implicated in the massive 2015 electoral Fraud: UN /OAS/US Embassy

Video Source: Tele Image See notes in post summarizing what people in video say denouncing electoral fraud

A People's Referendum
Haitians are taking to the street to reject the fraudulent results announced for the October 2015 elections. It's a broad base, massive call that amounts to a people's referendum to revoke Michel Martelly's immunity from prosecution while in office and demanding his resignation for corruption, electoral fraud and treason. (In Kreyòl, go to website post at Referandèm Pou Libere Ayiti or the PDF Version)

If the US-Euros kept their unjust military and passport powers away from Haiti's domestic governance, did not routinely block the freedom and human right for Haitians to have their votes and choices respected, the legal bandits of Michel Martelly would not be in power, would have been toppled long ago and couldn't get away with this 2015 electoral fraud.

There's no parliament or justice institution to do it, so the sovereign people of Haiti are exercising a public referendum to revoke Martelly's immunity from prosecution while in office in addition to asking for his resignation for treason, crimes against Haiti sovereignty, the right to vote and for corruption.

Haitian lawyers, witnesses, victims and combattants, at home and abroad, who work to institutionalize the rule of law and to stop the tyranny imposed in Haiti, declare the Martelly Team and Michel Martelly are lawless and submit the Martelly 2010 selection, the uncontrollable Martelly decrees since he came into office and the August 9 and October 25, 2015 election scams as evidence of the Haitian people's charges.

Guatemala revoked the presidential immunity of Ostos & Sola client president Perez Molina. The people of Haiti will do the same with Ostos & Sola client Michel Martelly.

Pèp la ka fé sa an Ayiti tou. The US and the Martelly Regime had years to plan how to rig the elections and did actually fix and steal the August 9 and October 25th elections from the people of Haiti. Both Martelly and Pierre-Louis Opont, the president of the Electoral Council actually declared that counting the votes do not matter.

The racist and indecent Organization of American States (OAS), agreed.

The reign of impunity in Haiti that's orchestrated by the former slaveholding powers are nowhere more dirty than in some of the Parliamentary results announced by the ultra-right Michel Martelly/Sal Sola regime with Pierre-Louis Opont.

Guy Philippe a US-trained death squad leader running free in Haiti since he helped the US take down the democratically elected government in 2004, ran for a Senate seat in Parliament and actually placed for the upcoming December 27th runoffs. Philippe is also a wanted criminal in the United States on a sealed drug indictment.

USA Stop Supporting Drug-dealers, Kidnappers, Robbers, Bribers Against Haitian People! (image by Ezili Danto of HLLN) DMCA

USA Stop Supporting Drug-dealers, Kidnappers, Robbers, Bribers Against Haitian People!
(image by Ezili Danto of HLLN) DMCA
USA Stop Supporting Robbers, Briberers, Drug-dealers and Kidnappers in Haiti

It's no wonder Haiti protestors carry signs asking the USA to stop supporting robbers, briberers, drug-dealers and kidnappers in Haiti against the Haitian people. For eleven years now, neither the UN troops, the Haiti police they train, nor the DEA could find wanted fugitive, Guy Philippe, in Haiti? Philippe ran for president in 2006. But the US/DEA couldn't find him then either. Mostly the unarmed protestors - poor Haitians in the popular neighborhoods - assumed to be against the occupational candidates, are the ones being rounded up for jail, shot, and brutally stomped on.

Showing the people's proof and statements about the 2015 electoral fraud, at Antonio Sola "Sal" Reche: King of the Dirty Campaign, I wrote:

"At 4:53 into the Tele Image video, we see testimony of a PHTK monitor who said he was paid to vote and the monitors where paid 1000 gourds or in cell phones, motorcycles, et al... to vote for the ruling party candidates. Later on in the video at 6:42, a witness shows one burnt ballot numbered and verified by the polling center showing a presidential vote for Moise Jean Charles. He says activists found it in Roro Nelson's house where thousands of votes from opposition areas where burnt. Ronald Nelson and Woodly A‰theart known as Sonson Lafamilia are close associate to Michel Martelly known for their extra-legal tactics and as coordinators of the ground campaigns to manufacture consent for Martelly's legal bandit team. Antonia "Sal" Sola Peche, like Michel Martelly's close associates ex-convict, Ronald Nelson and accused kidnapper for the Galil Gang, Sonson Lafamilia, are not unfamiliar to legal authorities."

U.S. imperialism in Haiti traditionally supports dictatorship, the tiny .05% billionaire white oligarchs from the Middle East and the death squad military and paramilitary trained to act against the local people. The Michel Martelly regime is their latest example. The U.S. uses the law as a tool to further empire's interests and not for equal protection.

For example, a few days ago, the U.S. arrested two relatives of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on drug-trafficking charges in Haiti. It so happens that the "Leftist" Maduro political party is facing a tough election in December 2015. This high level arrest will help US aims to install a right-wing corporate government in Venezuela. In contrast, Michel Martelly's bandits roam free and "legally" in Haiti because they do the work of empire. Two months ago, Michel Martelly's son, Oliver Martelly was reported arrested by DEA agents for money laundering and drug trafficking. This report is ignored and goes un-investigated by the mainstream media that are blasting the arrest of Maduro's two nephews.

The hypocritical U.S. can't find wanted DEA fugitive Guy Philippe who is running for a senate seat. The U.S. press ignores that a current president's son in Haiti was arrested in Miami. But they blast the arrest of Maduro's relatives. Why? Because Guy Philippe and Michel Martelly are part of their terrorist assets in Haiti. Guy Phillipe was trained by U.S. special forces and used in 2004 to help topple the democratically elected Aristide/Neptune people's government. Wanted US fugitive, Guy Philippe, also ran for president of Haiti in 2006. Neither the U.S., DEA, nor the United Nation troops in Haiti could find him then either. No matter how corrupt and ready to fall the Martelly reign becomes, the U.S. steps in to prop him up.

It must be swiftly mentioned, that for heretofore inexplicable reasons, which are made clearer by the U.S. arrests, corrupt high level officials from Venezuela, like the Venezuelan ambassador to Haiti, have stepped in, at crucial points during his reign, to prop up Martelly's corrupt rule.

Venezuela, the Mulatto Nations' Role in Haiti People's Persecution
Venezuela is South America's biggest oil producer. Through its Petrocaribe program, Venezuela sends subsidized oil to aid Martelly's government who pays half the debt up front and the rest over 25 years at 1 percent or 2 percent interest.

Martelly used two presidential decrees to authorized high-salaried jobs for his wife, Sophia Martelly and son, Olivier Martelly. They manage public funds from the Petrocaribe program for the social programs, Aba Grangou - down with hunger; ti manman cherie for vulnerable single mothers; and a soccer program where a Martelly decree created the Commission to Support the Coordination of Infrastructures for Sports. His wife and son are not public officials accountable to the people.

The Haiti office of audits and accounting accused Michel Martelly of waste and mismanagement of hundreds of millions in Venezuelan PetroCaribe funds. Claiming nepotism, there are lawsuits launched by Haitian lawyers alleging the unconstitutionality of these decrees to privately manage public funds and accusing Michel Martelly's wife and son, Olivier Martelly with embezzlement of government funds. The judge who was hearing the case against Sophia Martelly and Olivier Martelly mysteriously died.

But Maduro's government squashed momentum and the investigation, undermining Haiti institutional audit and legal proceedings by stepping in to say, Venezuela is satisfied with Martelly's use of PetroCaribe funds. This, despite the local Haiti audit report and despite it's the sovereign people of Haiti who will have to pay Venezuela back, not Michel Martelly, for the U.S. $1 billion in funds the legal bandits in the Martelly Team are borrowing from the sale of subsidized Venezuelan oil under the PetroCaribe program. This is but another aspect of the Latin American mulatto nation's disdain for the African masses' self-rule in Haiti that started from the betrayal and killing of all the Black Generals after the Haiti revolution, to the formation of the Dominican Republic, and the OAS's initial rejection of Haiti membership in the OAS. The mulatto factor against Haiti's African-centered existence is today most evident in the racist Left-Right white political solidarity against Black Haiti.

Like the other 11 Latin American nations participating (including Eva Morales "radical" Bolivia) in the United Nations' multinational military troops in Haiti, Venezuela supported the unpopular and scandal-ridden Martelly regime against Haiti institutional attempts and massive people protests to stop Martelly from forming his dictatorship these last five years. Maduro's government supports the lighter-skinned Martelly's corruption pretty much in the manner that the US, via Kenneth Merten, Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and John Kerry, have done.

It Takes 52 Nations with billions in Combined Populations to Hold Back Ten Million Africans in Haiti - A country not at war, with no army and one of the lowest violence rates in the Western Hemisphere...

(To read complete essay, go here.)

NOTE: the website is currently undergoing maintenance. The website will be back soon. Thank you for your patience.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Justice for Some: A System of Racial Control

"I don't have a gun, stop shooting!"

The incarceration rate of the United States of America is the highest in the world. The inhumanity of the American prison industrial complex is unprecedented for a so-called "first world country."

America is just 4.5% of the world's population, but it has 25% of the world's prisoners. In a 2012 piece on the overcrowded American prison system, the DailyMail reported on the cramped lives lived by more than two million inmates.

How Many Prisoners Are in Solitary Confinement in the United States?
We can only estimate how many prisoners are in solitary Confinement in the United States, because the American Prison Industrial Complex doesn't keep good documentation, but it evidently has tens of thousands of prisoners in 23 hour lock-down everyday losing their sanity.

Why are Black people represented in such disproportionally high numbers in America's Criminal Justice System?

Malcolm X concluded that the "cops are in cahoots with the criminals" in this speech 53 years ago (May 1, 1962 in Los Angeles) and his assessment is still the case for Black communities in America.

Malcolm described how the white press collaborates with the police in criminalizing Black communities, turning them into occupied police states where Black men are harassed, profiled, stopped, frisked, and arrested for the "crimes" of walking while Black, driving while Black and the latest outrage to be captured on video (Freddie Gray was pursued and killed by cops for it): making direct eye contact while Black.

Fear is currently the preferred verb to excuse white cop's reactions and killings of Blacks nowadays. The "stand your ground" laws in some states are being applied to selectively defend the hunting down and killing of Black people by cops and white vigilantes (1 unarmed Black killed every 28 hours). The "stand your ground" defense is denied to people like Marissa Alexander, who only fired a warning shot at her abusive husband. Alexander was initially sentenced to 20 years before there was an outcry against the unjust ruling, eventually leading to her release.

Malcolm X Speech in Los Angeles (May 5, 1962)


"The white press, inflames the white public against black people. The police are able to use it to paint the black community as a criminal element.

The police are able to use the press to make the white public think that 90% or 99% of the people in the black community are criminals.

And once the white public is convinced that most of the black community is a criminal element, then this automatically paves the way for the police to move into the negro community, exercising gestapo tactics, stopping any black man on the sidewalk, whether he is guilty or whether he is innocent, whether he is well-dressed or whether he poorly dressed, whether he is educated or whether he is dumb, whether he is a Christian or whether he is a Muslim. As long as he is black and a member of the black community, the white public thinks that the white policeman is justified in going in there and trampling on that man’s civil rights and on that man’s human rights.

Once the police has convinced the white public that the so-called negro community is a criminal element, they can go in and question, brutalize, murder, unarmed innocent black people, and the white public is gullible enough to back them up.

This makes the black community a police state. It is the most heavily patrolled neighborhood, it has more police than any other neighborhood, yet it has more crime then any other neighborhood. How can you have more cops and more crime? Why? It shows you that cops must be in cahoots with the criminals!
-- Malcolm X

Below is another of the regularly occurring stories about indefinite detention in the American Prison Industrial Complex, not making mainstream media headlines. Check out this story about a guy who spent 7 years awaiting trial for a crime he did not commit. Sandra Bland paid with her life when a cop stopped her for not signaling a lane change, this after he started following her, forcing her to move over. These instances of police misconduct and cruelty exemplify The New Jim Crow era as described in Michelle Alexander's book of the same title.

HatTip to The Guardian for investigating this case and similar ones going on across America and failing to get the attention of the U.S. mainstream media.
Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, who was charged with stealing $5 worth of snacks from a 7-Eleven, died in a Virginia jail cell last week while being held without bail, weeks after a judge ordered him transferred to a mental health facility;  an order repeated at the end of July.

He was arrested April 22 in Portsmouth for allegedly stealing Mountain Dew, a Snickers, and a Zebra Cake.

They kept Mitchell indefinitely detained in a Virginia prison regardless of two court orders for his release. How does this happen?
"The clerk said that typically in such cases “we do an order to restore the defendant to competence, send it to the hospital, and when the hospital has a bed, we do a transportation order, and he’s taken to the hospital.” Whitlow reiterated the order on 31 July and was due to review the case again on 4 September, according to the clerk. 
But the hospital said it had no vacancy and the 24-year-old was therefore detained in jail until his death on 19 August, according to Adams, Mitchell’s aunt, who said she had tried to assist the hospitalisation process herself but was left frustrated. 
“He was just deteriorating so fast,” she said. “I kept calling the jail, but they said they couldn’t transfer him because there were no available beds. So I called Eastern State, too, and people there said they didn’t know anything about the request or not having bed availability.” 
When asked which state agency was ultimately responsible for ensuring Mitchell was transferred to the hospital, the court clerk said: “It’s hard to tell who’s responsible for it.”
Officials from the court, the police department and the jail could not explain why Mitchell was not given the opportunity to be released on bail."

The American prison industrial complex, in the service of the White Supremacy System's agenda may now apply the death penalty to Black people with prejudice.

Blacks are kept in America's jails in indefinite detention; tortured, starved, medical attention is withheld and their deaths are being blamed on them, not the "system" put in place to destroy Black lives.

This is a must read testimonial of what is going on in the Prison Industrial Complex: how jailers are getting away with murder: A prison nurse's look at Sandra Bland's death.

Michelle Alexander, the author of "The New Jim Crow" in a 2013 Lecture

“I am deeply disturbed that in this national debate about violence and gun control, there is little honest discussion of why, truly why, some communities  are war zones, while others are not? For while I support gun control and background checks and all the rest, let me be very clear about that. I think we’ve got to admit that the reason that some communities are war zones and some are not, is not at bottom about the number of guns in that community. After all, I live in a community where I’ve come to learn that many of my white neighbors own guns. But my neighborhood is safe. At bottom, what makes a community safe is not the number of guns, but the number of good schools, the number of good jobs, the number of educational opportunities, the numbers of opportunities people have for living a decent life.

Those are the numbers that matter most when it comes to violence. And in Chicago, as in so many other cities and communities across America, a choice has been made. It is a deliberate choice and it is a choice that has been made over and over and over again.
Rather than good schools, we have been willing to build high-tech prisons. Rather than create jobs and invest in the communities that need it the most, we have embarked on an unprecedented race to incarcerate that has left millions of Americans permanently locked-up.”
-- Michelle Alexander


• Prison Privatization & The Prison Boom -- 1970 : 280,000 prisoners | 2000 : 2,000,000 prisoners

• 158 Drug Convictions Tossed in Philly -- Narcotics officers were accused of being crooked

• 2006 FBI Report on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement: You Will Be Assimilated

• Justice for All?
  • 95% of elected prosecutors are white.
  • 85% of prosecutors run for election unopposed.
  • There are over 2,400 elected prosecutors in America - only 1% are women of color.
  • In the criminal justice system, prosecutors often wield more power than judges and the police.
  • In 14 states, all elected prosecutors are white.
Report: Nearly All of America’s Prosecutors Are White Men

• White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement (PDF)
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