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Washington Beckys

"What is it about America’s women diplomats? They seem so hard and cloned – bereft of any humanity or intelligence. Presumably, these women are supposed to represent social advance for the female gender. But, far from displaying female independence, they are just a pathetic copy of the worst traits in American male politicians – aggressive, arrogant and completely arrant in their views."
– Finian Cunningham (ICH / February 09, 2014)
Let's give the Warmongering Beckys of US foreign policy some credit they've earned:

Madeline Albright - no, it doesn't bother her a tad bit (it was worth it!) that a million Iraqi children died as a result of the US embargo.

Hillary Clinton - "We came, we saw, he died!." Voted for the preemptive/illegal war on Iraq. Pay-to-play with Haiti funds. Fixes elections & regime change (Haiti, Honduras... lets not forget what the Clintons did in Bosnia)

Condoleeza Rice* - Chevron oil tanker named after her; ordered democratically elected president of Haiti "out of this hemisphere!"

Susan Rice* - is a Cecil "genocidal maniac" Rhodes scholar who recommended that US/Clinton officials sit on their hands during the Rwandan genocide; because calling it a genocide would require action to stop it.

Samantha Powers - one of the three witches who wanted aerial bombing and regime change in Libya against Gaddafi (see Susan Rice & HRC for coven membership)

Victoria Nuland - Nuland covertly rallied anti-government protesters in Ukraine. She was heard in a leaked private conversation laying down how a new government in Ukraine should be constituted. She stipulated which members of the US-backed opposition in Kiev should or should not be included in any Washington-approved new government in the former Soviet republic.

Runner's up credit goes to:
Cheryl Mills*
Pamela White
Jacqueline Charles* (diplomat aide @Miami Herald)

* These Black Beckys are lethal! They wanna be White chicks and they shill as "Category Zero" coons.

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USAID is Meant to Cripple & Destroy Countries

The Shelters That Clinton Built: Structurally unsafe and
formaldehyde laced, the "hurricane-proof" classroom trailers
installed by the Clinton Foundation in Haiti came from the
same company being sued for sickening Hurricane Katrina
victims. Warren Buffet's company was paid $1 million;
same amount he donated to HRC's campaign.
"USAID Go Home" is a 1996 article on the Third World Traveler website (still relevant today) and what a number of countries, such as Russia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Eritrea... have said to US spooks masquerading as aid in their country. False aid some folks call it. In Haiti it is a major issue (see here, here and here).

The headlines say its the end of foreign aid as we know it... "President Donald Trump’s vow to put “America first” includes a plan to drastically cut assistance to developing countries and merge the State Department with USAID, according to an internal budget document and sources.

The administration’s March budget proposal vowed to slash aid to developing countries by over one-third..."

This is Orwellian doublespeak of course, because the plan has always been to "put America first."

Donald Trump is reiterating what USAID and Hillary Clinton (see below) have both been caught candidly admitting:

"The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which has spent more than $1.5 billion in Haiti, explains its goal as “furthering America’s interests.” In a more candid assessment, contained in a document now over a decade-old and no longer publicly available, USAID explained that “the principal beneficiary of America’s foreign assistance programs has always been the United States.”
"Is USAID Helping Haiti to Recover, or US Contractors to Make Millions?"
by Jake Johnston | The Nation, January 21, 2015

America first is the plan. It's working just as it was designed to. What do you have to add to that Candidate Clinton?

“I believe that together we can make America great again,”
             –William Jefferson Clinton in his 1991 presidential announcement speech.

.. and America is not great. You don't get an "A" for originality, because Ronald Reagan used it as his campaign slogan (perhaps foreshadowing Iran-Contra, Grenada war(!), the delayed AIDS response debacle, scapegoating Black women as welfare moms, tax hikes...).

Evidently, American presidents have a major problem with other countries acting in THEIR national interest though (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Venezuela, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Somalia, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, ... this could go on for a while). One could argue that Saudi Arabia and America have a lot in common, seeing as how they both like a good decapitation strategy.

The Red Cross bought them tainted water during a UN initiated cholera epidemic.
A woman explains that the Red Cross recently visited the
camp to give vaccinations. Al Jazeera video exposing the
Red Cross' real mission in Haiti. It wasn't to help the people
with what they really needed to stay healthy: clean
drinking water. As the UN cholera infestation spread, the Red
Cross delivered unpurified water that made the people sick.

USAID being stripped of funds would be wonderful news for the impoverished global south. It would necessitate the immediate building of sound infrastructure and hopefully speed development; were it true. Alas, this is not the desire of the deep state establishment and Donald Trump has done a number of 180's in his stands so far; no withdrawal from Afghanistan being one. As campaign rhetoric is often just that; this is to be expected. A note to whoever may be planning a "decapitation" (Kathy Griffin, Brad Sherman... ), had you thought maybe President Donald Trump is actually not the right head?

UN/USAID/World Bank are the three-headed hydra monster representing the corporatocracy in Haiti. What a headache to be aided to death by these thieving aid agencies? They do the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do, which is end the need for their services. The old saying goes: "teach a man to fish", but these poverty pimps only take away the ability of a country to produce enough food to feed its people and replace it with a cycle of aid dependency.

When there is an end to this type of headline: "Canada Buys a "Lead" Role On Haiti Recovery Team;" we can look forward to a world where the miserable business of impoverishing a people is not profitable to foreign governments, who come to speculate and bid on men, women and children's sad existence as pawns in a global game of unbridled greed in the name of vulture capitalism.
"Aid is meant to cripple people. Governments in Africa are not allowed to write their own programs." – Isaias Afwerke, Eritrean President
"It's hard enough for today's citizens to figure out what our western governments are really doing in the world, so just imagine being a target of their policies overseas. When programmes branded as "aid" can cause serious harm, and their failures are blamed on the would-be recipients, confusion is sure to ensue... In this light, the aims of Washington or London can be as inscrutable to a vulnerable, crisis-racked country as the intentions of a half-seen cat are to a mouse."
Disaster aid: how US charity begins at home by Jonathan Katz
On the third anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, it's time to question the US's helping hand

"NGOs who are such a force multiplier for us and such an important part of our combat team." – Colin Luther Powell (former US Secretary of State and War criminal who presented false evidence of WMDs to UN to start Iraq invasion/destruction)/Counterpunch
USAID is a poverty pimping US government secret service operation to uphold corporatist "interests."
"In Latin America, USAID has long earned a reputation of an organization whose offices are, in fact, intelligence centers scheming to undermine legitimate governments in a number of the continent's countries. The truth that USAID hosts CIA and US Defense Intelligence Agency operatives is not deeply hidden, as those seem to have played a role in every Latin American coup, providing financial, technical, and ideological support to respective oppositions. USAID also typically seeks engagement with the local armed forces and law-enforcement agencies, recruiting within them agents ready to lend a hand to the opposition when the opportunity arises." – End to USAID Spying Looms in Latin America by Nil NIKANDROV | 26.09.2012
The goal is for local government to lose control of vital public services, agriculture, electricity, water, construction, manufacturing, telecommunications... anything that will may have the ability to put money into the local economy and empower that country's leadership is sucked away, thus making them dependent on the predator economies of the global north and their pimps.

Chemonics, a leading USAID recipient of multi-million dollar contracts in Haiti. After the Haiti earthquake USAID gave Chemonics the lead role in one example: a "cash for work" program in Fort National. Chemonics (CEPR: Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch) they played a large part (as did William Jefferson* Clinton) in Haiti's loss of its food security:
Chemonics is a subsidiary of ERLY Industries, which is also the parent company of American Rice Inc. American Rice was perhaps the largest benefactor of the influx of "Miami rice" in the 80s and 90s in Haiti, wiping out thousands of Haitian farmers who could not compete with the cheaper, subsidized imported rice. American Rice Inc. officials were found to have paid bribes in 1998-1999 to custom officials in order to avoid import tariffs (already by then some of the lowest in the hemisphere due to IMF and World Bank policies). Chemonics has close ties to USAID, and relies on government contracts for over 90% of its revenue.
More on Chemonics at CEPR:
"... But Chemonics, whose contract with USAID explicitly states that decisions about what programs to fund “will be based upon US foreign policy interests in consultation” with the State Department, worked to further USAID’s objectives of “counter[ing] the destabilizing effects” and the “growing discontent” with the pace of reconstruction. They ran PR for the new industrial park, installing benches and flower planters in nearby areas to “project a positive image.” An audit later noted that the flowers soon died “from lack of care,” while the mayor decried the lack of community involvement. But business was good for Chemonics, whose CEO at the time received a $2.5 million bonus."

In Haiti, the US orchestrated two coups against the democratically elected government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide forcing their neoliberal agenda of privatization of all public industries and services. They bring in their poverty pimps to provide services that the "failed" Haitian government is unable to... no matter that they targeted that government with sanctions, boycotts, opposition groups, thugs, assassins... whatever means necessary to bring about the so-called "failure" of "socialism." Is it socialism, communism or a dictatorship when they destroy a country... they are interchangeable terms used by these fascist; a distraction from their role in destroying a country; bringing war, chaos and death, while promising that capitalist predators, central banks, foreign control will bring back order. Ezili Dantò calls this neoliberal nazi raid and plunder technique "playing arsonist and firemen."

They actually have reached their goal when a country can be declared a "failed state"... if there wasn't anything to fix, there wouldn't be any money to be made and they're influence would be negligible.

"Helpfully, powerful leaders now and again stop to explain their motivations. One such moment came in a speech given in October 2011 by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Addressing an audience of wealthy New Yorkers, she laid out a vision of what the US is trying to accomplish in the world; it was
"The question should always be "how will this
affect our economic growth?"
very telling for those trying to understand foreign aid – and its younger, hipper cousin, investment.

Clinton told the audience: "Our problems have never respected dividing lines between global economics and international diplomacy. And neither can our solutions." That is why, she explained, she has put "economic statecraft" at the heart of the US foreign policy agenda. Clinton further defined how the US can use "the forces and tools of global economics" to bolster American "diplomacy and presence" abroad and to strengthen the economy at home. She argued that America should "put economics at the center" of its foreign policy. In foreign relations, the question should always be "how will this affect our economic growth?"

A superpower such as the US would, of course, always consider its domestic interests, especially economic ones, when it acts abroad."
– Disaster aid: how US charity begins at home by Jonathan Katz
On the third anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, it's time to question the US's helping hand

They project their destructive naked greed for power and control on their victims. Venezuela is going through a stage of globalist terror that happened in Haiti in 1990 and again in 2004. Haiti is a proving ground for most terror tactics before they go global south, with the help of the corporatist media and their millionaire news anchor stenographers.
Ezili Dantò: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton did not “build Haiti back
better.” Where did the money go? Haiti recovery was about US land
grabbing, privatization of Haiti assets, militarizing Haiti police,
amending Haiti Constitution to better dominate and tightening
the occupation further with Martelly puppet government

Unfortunately, during these interventions, occupations, US intelligence financed death squad (FRAPH) cleansing of political opposition, bio-terrorism (UN cholera, USAID vaccines/"birth-control"/expired medicines... ); some have even found convincing evidence of weather manipulation and earthquake's from either frakking or HARPP (Venezuela and Russia both say the 2010 Haiti earthquake was man-made).

To make sure their control is not threatened the US has controlled every election since the coups in order to assure that real democracy did not have a ghost of a chance. The Empire's usual storm troopers - the Haitian (drug cartel) army were disbanded by surprise presidential winner Aristide after he was elected by a landslide over the US' (former World Bank executive) candidate – Marc Bazin)

Turns out, Hillary Clinton was a great strategic choice by Barack Obama for his Secretary of State given her experience in rigging elections.

“I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake... and if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.”
                         – Hillary Rodham Clinton (2006 interview with The Jewish Press)

Obama named Bill Clinton the UN "special envoy" to Haiti in 2009 and and after the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, Clinton was teamed with George W. Bush to form the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund because of all the special things he'd done for Haiti... i.e. "free trade reforms", destroying rice production to boost subsidized Arkansas rice farmers, mass starvation resulting from Haiti's inability to feed its people... good times.

Nothing much is changing, but if the Trump administration were to actually put an end to USAID's immense reach in countries like Haiti, it could end the unrelenting, cold, and calculated cycle of misery, impoverishment and underdevelopment. Withdrawing aid could impact Haiti in a very positive way and just maybe it could make America seem kinda nice again.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Is It Time To Revoke John Lewis’s Lifetime Civil Rights Hero Pass?

by Bruce A. Dixon
Original article is at Black Agenda Report
Reposted with their permission.

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

John Lewis was a hero 52 years ago. What’s he doing nowadays with his Lifetime Civil Rights Hero pass? He’s a 14 term Atlanta congressman with nary a word to say on gentrification or the privatization of schools, roads, nature and the commons. He’s a pacifist with a US Navy ship named after him who votes for the NSA, Pentagon budgets, and re-arming apartheid Israel. Now his sainthood is useful again. But to whom and for what? Is It Time To Revoke John Lewis’s Lifetime Civil Rights Hero Pass?

Sheroes and heroes are people who take risks, who make great personal sacrifices to perform difficult and important duties for others. By that standard John Lewis and the six hundred who walked that bridge in Selma Alabama 52 years ago are heroes whose actions helped pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Let’s agree on that.

But long should that hero pass last? How many years, how many decades do you get to to boast and roast and toast and coast before you need to do something else even mildly heroic to keep your status current?

It’s not like Lewis has lacked new chances to serve the people this last half century. He’s represented a metro Atlanta district in Congress the past 28 years. Ruled by black mayors and the black political class since 1973, Atlanta has billed itself as “Black Mecca” though for more than half of black Atlanta there’s been little to celebrate. Black mayors have relentlessly gentrified the city, starting with the Carter Presidential Library in the 80s, the Olympics in the 90s, and after that demolition of public housing, privatization of the land under it, and the BeltLine project which steals $150 million annually from Atlanta’s public schools to build yuppie housing and shopping destinations. Marquee “development” projects have driven a six figure number of poorer black residents from the city. John Lewis never says a mumbling word about any of this. John Lewis never publicly contradicts the black Atlanta mayors who crack down on the homeless, who line up for the privatization of public property, public transit and public schools. Perhaps being a Legendary Civil Rights Hero puts him above all that.

Supporting Hillary Clinton last year, Lewis spoke out against free health care and free college tuition which many countries grant their young people, explaining that “free stuff” was just not the American Way. Lewis was also an early member of the Democratic Leadership Council, which irretrievably locked that party into subservience to its one percenter donors.

Sometimes members of Congress can undo historic wrongs. Lewis blew one such chance when he doubled down upon the expulsion of the descendants of black freedmen from the Cherokee nation in which they had once enjoyed voting rights.

John Lewis calls himself a pacifist and never misses a chance to lecture on the supreme utility of nonviolence. But the US Navy is building a ship with his name on it, a “fleet replenishment oiler” to resupply warships on deployment. Isn’t this an “honor” a pacifist should reject? And shouldn’t our Apostle of Non-Violence vote against every arms giveaway, sale and Pentagon budget? John Lewis doesn’t. Like most other members of the Black Caucus Lewis votes to fund mass surveillance and re-arm the apartheid state of Israel with depressing regularity.

It’s time to ask whether Civil Rights Hero status from 52 years ago is really enough to cancel out or ignore all this, and what purpose John’s Hero status serves today. John Lewis is in the news now because he called Big Cheeto’s presidency “not legitimate.” But why?
Is it because Lewis fears Trump will pursue more than 6 bloody wars, that he will deport millions of innocents, expand mass surveillance and militarized policing? Is it because Lewis knows the Donald will help greedy banksters stay ut of jail and he’ll enable hedge fund parasites to gentrify, plunder and privatize public education, nature and the commons? Probably not, because these are all Obama policies which Trump is expected to double down on.

John Lewis’s problem with Trump is that the CIA and FBI, which helped assassinate King and cover it up says that Russia helped elect him, and Lewis believes it. Big Cheeto did a Twitter fight with Lewis the other day and some of his followers called Lewis the n-word.

So now the Obama/Hillary liberals are flogging John Lewis’s tattered sainthood as hard as they can, to have a #NotMyPresident message that draws attention away from the many matters on which Republicans and the Obama/Hillary liberals agree. The old Civil Rights Hero does not oppose Trump for any reason which might lead to questioning past, present or future Democrats. Lewis is warming up the crowd for Obama’s exit and the entrance of whoever the Democrats run next.
This is what happens when there is no time limit on those Legendary Civil Rights Hero credentials. Time to revoke them.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Bruce Dixon. Find us on the web at Black Agenda Report dot com, or follow us on Twitter @blkagendareport. Thanks for listening.
Bruce A. Dixon is managing editor at Black Agenda Report and a member of the state committee of the GA Green Party. He lives and works near Marietta GA and can be reached via email at bruce.dixon@blackagendareport.com, or via Twitter at @brucedixon.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Massive fraud again found committed by US-backed candidate

via Ezili Dantò RiseUp Listserve

Haiti people and the three top candidates say due application of the law requires the authorities to exclude the Jovenel Moise fraudsters from the election process for thievery...which should have happened already back in 2015 after similar massive fraud found by the tiny Haiti oligarchy and US imperialists. (Here's the imperial media's version of truth).

But below in Kreyòl are the realities as reported by Haitians protesting US neocolonialism, occupation and fake elections. The top three candidates report massive fraud, colonial manipulation and denounce the new Obama attempt to put a Martelly replica puppet president to continue to loot Haiti while the people suffer.)

Mete volè vot yo deyò
Trop de fraudes aux élections du 20 novembre, Médias et Avocats disent qu’il est impossible de faire la vérification…

Conférence de presse de Fanmi Lavalas lendi 26 Décembre 2016

Restitution du visa de Moise Jean Charles qui fait peur aux usa...

Mete volè vot yo, moun fwòd e sispèk blanchiman lajan yo deyò - mete PHTK bandi legal, Jovenel Moise deyò. No Sola-Clinton selekson an 2017. Ayiti pa pou kriminèl, volè vot e dwòg dilè (See comment at Ezili Dantò Facebook post)

PHTK vann lò e petwòl peyi a bay Blan kolon pou granmesi...Martelly bay Bigio tout pò Lafito pou li fè sa li vle. E li pran kès leta mete solda Israeli andan peyi nou an kòm nouvo Tonton Makout. Ti nèg roz, fig mi ki grangou pa wè danje a paske PHTK achte yo pou 2 gourden avek sache diri PLASTIC, oubyen kat telefòn Digicel. Visye yo pap wè pou jis li two ta. Se rezon saa, fòk Ayisyen konsekan pale fò. Si non, nap pedi Ayiti bay ti nèg roz ki te trahi Desalin an 1806 yo. (Facebook photo album)

Banm explike siw pa konprann.
PHTK e alye yo (AAA, KID, REPAREN, Bouclier.. elatrye) se yon bann volè, kriminèl, dwòg dilè, kinapè. Siw pa konnen cheche konnen.

Men, nou ka pran exanp Guy Philippe, Calixte Valentine, Evinx Daniel, Roro Nelson, Youri Latortue, Clifford Brandt (Gang Galil - bon zanmi Olivier e Martelly), Woodley Ethéart, Charles Saint-Rémy; lè frè Acra yo, et tout Duvalierist Tonton Makout parmi yo.

Martelly ak moun sa yo, moun koudeta yo, yo travay ak Blan Kolon, se yo ki deyè Jovenel Moise. Leta Martelly a kreye Jovenel pou sevi Martelly ak tout ti akolit li yo=Vandè peyi. Se yo ki chwazi l. Ou deja konnen Martelly ak bandi legal li yo. Martelly mete machin pouvwa sou pye kòm lyen saa montre. Yo volè eleksyon avek fòs, vyolans, koken, koripsyon e fwòd. Yo fè fo kat elektoral = 2million. Yo vote pou moun ki mouri, oubyen pou moun kote yo pran kat yo. Prèv yo toupatou.

PHTK volò enfòmasyon moun k ap pran charite Ti Manman Cheri, yo volè enfòmasyon ONA, ènfòmasyon leta, ènfòmasyon Digicel TchoTcho pou fè fwòd. Men, sak pi rèd, yo travay ak Apaid, Boulos, Bigio, Brandt - gwo, gwo nèg fig volè nèt yo pou kontrole bilten ki soti a letranje. Loni ede yo. Anbasad Meriken ede yo paske yo renmen kijan Martelly e moun koudeta yo vann yo peyi a pou fè sa yo vle: kadejak sou ti gason, tifi, manman, papa, menm jan ak lè FRAPH tap asasinen moun pou Michel "Sweet Mickey" Francois ak Raoul Cedras. Pagen jistis an Ayiti. Pa bliye sak te pase Jij Jean Serge Joseph ki te rele Olivier e Sophia Martelly devan jistis pou fwòd. Raple w ke Louis Jodel Chanblaim mache lib ak tout manmb Ti Lame Manchèt yo lage deyò prizon. LONI travay pou Meriken e Blan Kolon e bay bandi legal sa yo inifòm polisye pou mache tuye moun debyen e inosan ki pa vle mete restavek Jovenel Moise-PHTK sou pouvwa.

____ ou pa kretin. Ou konnen byen nou anba okipasyon. Bandi legal yo souse Ti Pèp la e Blan Kolon kite yo fèl paske Blan Kolon beswen totalman pran Ilavach, Mole St Nicolas, Fort Liberte, Motrouis, tout Pò an Ayiti, tou fason lajan rantre lan peyi a. PHTK se yo, ki kòmanse, anba Hillary Clinton/Obama, volè kòb sou chak fwa Diaspora rele Ayiti, yo pran lajan sou transfè Diaspora --- milion des dollars chak mwa te ale jwenn Martelly... Martelly se marasa ak Jovenel. Jovenel pa anyen san Martelly, $6 million dollar meriken- se (lajan leta) Martelly mete lan poche Jovenel pou kòmanse biznis li a e plis, li bay li pou fè kanpay. E depi lè saa Jovenel voye yon sèl bato bannan ale an Almay. Fwòd, fwòd...

Bandi legal fè Ayiti vinn yon plas pou dwòg, dezòd, masisi kap simaye maladi menm jan li te ye anba Jean Claude Duvalier pou HIV-AIDS. Yo rayi fanm, yo bat fanm- Prezidan Martelly joure fanm piblikman. PHTK se lanmò yo pote...pa lavi. Yo bay moun manje diri PLASTIK.

Epitou, Martelly pran milia de dola lan men Venezuela anba Petwo Caraibes... Jovenel di li pwal kontinye fè menmjan ak Martelly.. PHTK/Martelly te bay Madanm Clinton aksè sou lò e petwòl Ayiti. Se rezon saa Meriken e PHTK kontrole sant tabilasyon--- Fòk yo mete dwòg dilè, kriminèl lan PALMAN - moun yo gen lan poch yo ki pral siyen nenpòt demand Blan Kolon mande oubyen Meriken ap rale dosye li gen sou yo fout yo lan prizon.

Leve tèt ou frè mwen, si non Ayiti pedi...Zansèt yo te goumen rèd pou kite yon plas pou nou domi. Kibò fanmi w prale lè Bigio ak èd PHTK bay tout Syrian li yo tè Ayiti e Blan Kolon retire tout resous anba tè a kap soutni lavi an Ayiti?

Illicit drug trafficking:

The Government of MARTELLY / LAMOTHE makes every effort to protect drug traffickers close to Power (PDF)

Haitian Leader’s Power Grows as Scandals Swirl (NY Times article)

Power and Money Rules in Artibonite Legislative Elections (CEPR)

Blanchiment d’argent : Jovenel Moise épinglé par l’UCREF avec $5.5 millions (US) de sources douteuses (ToutHaiti)

Dossier Complet: Jovenel Moise et le Blanchiment d’argent de 2007 à 2013 (ToutHaiti)

(Photo essay on 2015 and 2016 electoral fraud committed by PHTK-Jovenel Moise, the Obama-backed puppet)

MÈSI PAPA DESALIN - travay Moriso Lewa
Fòk la lwa mete PHTK volò vot yo deyò. Aba ti nèg fig mi, nèg roz mete kulòt yo.-- Nap rele OGOU! Mèsi papa Desalin, m diw mèsi! #MJC
jisobou, jisOGOU 2017!


Mèsi papa Desalin

Papa Desalin, mèsi
Chak fwa m’ santi sa-m ye
M’ di mèsi, Desalin
Chak fwa m’ tande youn nèg koloni
Ki poko lib pale
M’di: Desalin, mèsi
Se mwen k’ konnen sa ou ye pou mwen
Mèsi, papa Desalin

Si m’ youn nonm
Se pou m’ di : mèsi, Desalin
Si m’ ouvè je-m gade
Se gras a ou, Desalin
Si m’ leve tèt mwen pou m’ mache
Se gras a ou, Desalin
Chak fwa m’ gade lòt nèg
M’ di mèsi, Desalin
Lè m’ wè sa k’ ap pase lòt kote
M’ di: mèsi, Desalin

Lè m’ tande kèk nèg parèy mwen pale
M’ di: mèsi, papa Desalin
Se mwen k’ konnen sa ou ye pou mwen
Towo Desalin
Desalin, san mwen
Desalin, de grenn je-m
Desalin, zantray mwen
Se mwen k’ konnen
Se pou tout nèg di:
Mèsi Desalin

Se ou k’ montre nou chimen nou
Mèsi Desalin

Se ou k’ limyè nou
Se ou ki ban–n tè n’ ap pile a
Syèl ki sou tèt nou an
Pyebwa, larivyè
Lanmè, letan, se ou
Desalin, se ou k’ ban-n solèy
Ki ban-n lalin
Ou ki ban-n sè, frè-n
Manman, papa-n, pitit nou
Se ou ki fè-n youn jan youn mannyè
Nou pa kou tout nèg
Si m' gade tout mounn nan je
Se ou k’ ap gade yo, Desalin
Se ou ki ban-n dlo pou n’ bwè
Ou ki ban-n manje pou n’ manje
Mèsi, papa Desalin.

Epi, se ou ki ban-n kay pou n’rete
Ou ki ban-n kote pou n’ fè jaden
Se ou k’ montre-n chante
Ou k’ montre-n di: non
Yo di gan nèg ki di: wi,wi.
Gan nèg ki di: yèssè
Ou montre-n di: non
Desalin, montre tout nèg
Tout nèg sou latè di: non
Mèsi, papa Desalin

Gan nèg ki vle esplike:
“Tan jodi pa tan pase
E ke wi alèkile
La fraternité humaine
L’ humanité, la civilisation”
Tou sa, se franse
Mwen menm, se Desalin m’ konnen
M’ di: mèsi, papa-m

Se ou k’ fè-m
Manman-m se pitit ou
Tigason, tifi, se pitit ou tou
Mèsi, Desalin
Pitit-pitit mwen, se pitit ou
Wa Desalin, mèsi

M’ pa bezwen pale pou drapo a!
Pa bezwen pale pou Lakayè
Pou Gonayiv!
Yo di sa deja
E ki mounn k’ ap tande sa ankò?
Mès rekwiyèm 17 oktòb?
Ki mounn ki pral Katedral?
Diskou Minis?
Ki mounn k’ap koute sa?
Men, sa m’ di la a
Se youn sèl mo: mèsi
Mèsi Desalin papa-m

Gan mounn ki pa konnen
Fò m’ di yo
San ou nou pa ta la a
Mèsi, papa Desalin

Epi, fini ak Patè Nostè-w la a
Monseyè, Desalin pa mouri
Ase pale franse, Minis
Desalin pap janm mouri
Desalin la
Nèg sa a ta ka mouri!
Desalin nan kè-m
Desalin ap veye
Youn jou Desalin va leve
Jou sa a, nou tout n’ a konnen
N’ a konnen si 1804
N’ a konnen si Lakayè
N’ a konnen si Lakrèt-a-Pyewo
N’ a konnen si Vètyè
Desalin te fè tou sa
Pou ti nèg ekri powèm
Pou Minis fè diskou
Pou pè chante Te Deoum
Pou Monseyè bay labsout
Desalin pa bezwen labsout
Tou sa Desalin fè bon
Youn jou Desalin va leve
W’ a tande nan tout lanmè Karayib
Y’ape rele kote-l
Desalin pran lèzam
Lè a, w’ a tande vwa-l kon loray
Tout nèg koupe tèt boule kay
W’ a tande nnan tout Lamerik
Y’ ape rele: rete-l
Vwa Desalin deja an radyo
Koupe tèt boule kay
Nan tout "Harlem" Desalin ap mete lòd
W’ a tande: bare Desalin
Jouk "Dakar"
Jouk "Johannesburg"
W’ a tande: kote Desalin pase?
Koupe tèt boule kay
Desalin pa bezwen labsout
Pa bezwen padon Bondye
Okontrè: Desalin se bra Bondye
Desalin, se jistis Bondye
Pa bezwen Patè Nostè Monseyè
Ni eskiz nèg yo vle mande blan a yo
Desalin pa bezwen
Pou tou sa l’ fè m’ di: papa Desalin, mèsi
Pou tou sa l’ pral fè
M’ di: mèsi, papa Desalin

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