Thursday, September 1, 2022

Kiss off: Latin-exes

Dominicans (of Spanish language Latin America) hang (lynch) a haitian man by his neck until he died.

Dominicans publicly beating a Haitian man they had tied to a street pole.

Have you peeped the new game the genocidal colonist are playing? They've teamed up with their little poodle puppets in the DR.

They're now claiming that Ayiti and Haytians are part of "Latin America." Best laugh yet: we are "Latin-ex. "

By that logic Californians are Mexican and New Englanders in places named after indian tribes (Ex. Abnaki · Hammonassett · Mahican · Mattabesset · Mi'kmaq · Mohegan · Montauk · Natick) are now to be known as "Native Americans." 🙃


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