Thursday, September 1, 2022

Troglodytes Predator Age: Times Up

Onè, respé.

Read this story and recall where part of the world's oldest known meteor landed and the country it ((was)) located in - hint: Ayiti.

This is the big headline: an astronomer is hunting for treasure on the ocean floor (I know! - it's not what you and I might think.)

Meanwhile, there was ((or is)) a big meteor rock sitting in Haiti from the break up of the Pangaea, and the US has taken it apart and stolen it (for the iridium) without a peep out of the US imbedded corporate media, because to mention the name of the brave long-suffering freedom fighters of Hayti, will (evidently) turn a fake-ass journalist to solid salt stone... well, they're "stone cold" to start; so makes a lot of sense.

The condensed version

An astronomer is hunting for treasure on the ocean floor

White people: "discovering" things that exist: people, cultures, lands, resources, inventions, and knowledge, then having the unmitigated gall to appropriate it all... since at least the most recent 6k years or so.

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