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Manno Charlemagne
Oganizasyon mondyal
Òganizasyon mondyal yo
World organizations
pa pou nou yo ye
they're not for us.
Sa la pou ede volè yo piye, devore
they help the crooks pillage and destroy

Quelle est votre définition de la nourriture organique ? ARTE

Philippe Starck part autour du monde pour recueillir la parole des chercheurs visionnaires qui proposent des solutions aux grandes problématiques du futur. http://futur.arte.tv

The End of Poverty

In a world of abundance, poverty is man-made. The Global South feeds the Euro-North since colonization.
Haiti - Nou Pito Mouri Kampe
(We Would Rather Die Standing)

This is a documentary about the ongoing violence in Cite Soleil in Haiti and the brutal & sensless murder of it's people by the MINUSTAH (Mission des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation en Haïti) (Translation: United Nations Stabilization Mission In Haiti) WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES OF KILLED MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN.

The Creole Choir of Cuba
"With a musical history that dates back to the late 18th century, the group has revitalized a long-lost culture through music performed largely a cappella and entirely in Haitian Creole. Watch The Creole Choir of Cuba mash up Cuban and Haitian cultures in this spirited set at the NPR Music offices."

Haiti: Brandt Busted
As Clintons & Hollywood celebrate sweatshop

Kidnapping ringleader Brandt comes clean

According to Haiti officials, Clifford Brandt admitted his involvement in several kidnappings including the October 16, 2012 kidnapping of Coralie (23) and Nicolas Moscoso (24), two members of rival wealthy Haitian family.

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012, at 3:am, the morning after his arrest, interrogation and confession, Brandt took police to the place where the two young Moscoso adults were being held. Police freed them.

Haiti: Harvest of Hope
Long Memory Productions
by Kevin Pina

Massacres à Cité Soleil
What's going on in Haiti: Another View

On July 6, 2005 United Nations "peacekeeping" forces in Haiti (MINUSTAH, the United Nations Stabilization Mission for Haiti) raided the slum of Cite Soleil. What happened during the raid was disputed, until the following documents were released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Keith Yearman.

The State Department's reviewers searched the Central Foreign Policy Records, uncovering ten documents. One document was released in full, six documents were released with excisions, and three documents were withheld in their entirety. The released documents appear below.

Read More: The Cite Soleil Massacre Declassification Project

The Destruction of the Haitian Economy before the Earthquake

Fort of Death

Full version of "Haiti: We Must Kill the Bandits"

Some of the most graphic footage was shot by Jean Ristil Jean Bapstiste (RIP - 12.12.81 - 2.25.12)

The documentary offers an uncompromising perspective on the years 2004-2005, when Haiti went through a coup that ousted democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and a subsequent occupation by foreign troops under a UN Security Council mandate. The documentary offers a searing indictment of UN intervention in Haiti.

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Billion Dollar Bill & NATO's 
Attack On Libya
Plan Libya: Manufacturing Poverty

It is not conspiracy -- it's structural economic behavior locked into Western Foreign Policy and therefore the global economy. It's branded aid but really its neo-colonialism.
HatTip: www.renegadeeconomist.com

The Ravaging of Africa
the ravaging of africa
Part 1: Militarizing Africa

Part 2: Economic Warfare

Part 3: Corporate Plunder

Part 4: African Resistance

The A-Infos Radio Project

They Want Our Country, The Democratic Republic of Congo
Multinational corporations have been looting the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for decades at the expense of innocent human beings, most of them children. This public service announcement (psa) features Congolese children from Los Angeles, California breaking the silence about the tragedy in the DRC funded by multinational corporations. For more information about the DRC, please visit www.friendsofthecongo.org.

Thomas Sankara - Speech on "The Debt"

Two months after this legendary speech, Thomas Sankara, former President of Burkina Faso, was assassinated. Sankara called on African countries to form a powerful front against their continent’s illegitimate and immoral debt and to collectively refuse to pay it.
He understood before others that the debt was a form of modern enslavement for Africa; a major cause of poverty and deep suffering for African populations. Sankara famously stated: "If we do not pay the debt, our lenders will not die. However, if we do pay it, we are going to die."
Read more about African Revolutionary Thomas Sankara.

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Emmanuel Constant
Head of the death squad created by US/CIA - FRAPH. Purveyor of violence, rape, murder and intimidation.

Worked as secret ally of the CIA. Met with the CIA on a regular basis. "If I am guilty of those crimes, so is the CIA, because they knew what I was doing.

History of US Military, CIA Involvement in Haiti: DEATH SQUADS.

"Toto Constant, FRAPH founder, to whom the U.S. gave asylum in Queens, N.Y., while indefinitely detaining his Haitian victims on Guantanamo Bay and other INS holding pens." - Ezili Dantò

Stanley "Lucifer" Lucas
Stanley Lucas was a senior program officer for Haiti for the US federally funded International Republican Institute’s (IRI). The Other Regime Change.

*The New York Times described Lucas as "an avowed Aristide opponent from the Haitian elite, [who] counseled the opposition to stand firm, and not work with Mr. Aristide, as a way to cripple his government and drive him from power."

More Category Zero U.S. operatives:
Guy Philippe (FRAPH)
Louis Jodel Chamblain (FRAPH)
Jean Tatoune (FRAPH)

Nine hundred (900) U.S. soldiers patrol the Dominican Republic with the Dominican Guard. Yet, on Feb. 5, 2004, convicted murderers Chamblain and Philippe managed to cross the border into Haiti with U.S. weaponry such as M16s, M60s, armored vehicles, grenade launchers, etc.


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Who Will Benefit From Haiti's Gold Rush? U.S., Canadian Mining Firms
Stealing Haiti's Riches: a boom for foreign investors and a bust for local communities.

The Ottawa Initiative

"In March of 2003, Quebec Journalist Michel Vastel leaked the details of a secret meeting on Haiti hosted by the Canadian government on January 31-February 1st, 2003."

"Documents obtained via Canada’s Access to Information Act reveal that Lapointe was in on key high-level deliberations that may have involved the topic of Haiti’s regime change. Lapointe himself may have censored the portions of these documents that could prove the international community’s plans to overthrow the government of Jean Bertrand Aristide more than one year before the regime change took place."
- Jafrikayiti

Haiti's Riches

Aristide political party [Lavalas] catalogued Haiti's riches. President Aristide’s political party, put together in their “Liv Blan” book a plan of public/private partnership to lift Haiti out of poverty using Haiti's own natural resources - Go to: A map of some of Haiti's mining resourcesOil in Haiti - Economic Reasons for the UN/US occupation, and CKUT Interview (in English - 34:03) with Ezili Dantò on Mining of Haiti Resources and Riches].

Source: Ezili Danto "Answers to media

Clinton Apologizes for Trade Policies that Destroyed Haitian Rice Farming

"Given that #‎Haiti’s #‎GDP grew 4.3 percent in 2013, money did circulate through the country. Funds from aid organizations like #‎USAID do not help Haitians but US corporations and foreign workers whose job it is to displace Haiti’s middle class. Funds from the International Monetary Fund (#‎IMF), Interamerican Development Bank (#‎IDB), #‎WorldBank and the like continue to plunge Haitians deeper into #‎debt. As rich investors build hotels for #‎tourism, the displaced farmers are shipped to work for foreign exchange throughout #‎LatinAmerica, where they are treated with the sort of disdain reserved only for those scorned by their own nation. All this was clear as early as six months after the earthquake...."
- Dady Chery

How was the U.S. National interest served by the removal of the democratically elected government in Haiti?

Aristide had eliminated the Haitian army, which traditionally protected the interests of the right wing business elites in Haiti. Their interests are U.S. big business interests. Also, Aristide refused to fully implement Washington's neo-liberal economic policies when he returned to Haiti in 1994. Also, Haiti's cheap labor force, whether actually used or not, can be used as a threat - as leverage - against other labor forces.

Source: Ezili Danto "Answers to media questions about Haiti"