Jean-Jacques Dessalines

"Until [Haiti] spoke the slave ship, followed by hungry sharks, greedy to devour the dead and dying slaves flung overboard to feed them, ploughed in peace the South Atlantic, painting the sea with the Negro's blood."

– Frederick Douglass 1893

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Investing in People: The Lavalas White Book

The Lavalas government in Haiti was NOT taken out because they had created a "failed state" in Haiti. They were taken out because the internationals (U.S./France/ al) feared that a "left" government would succeed in Haiti. Lavalas had a plan in place and a strategy for developing Haiti for Haitians, it was all scuttled by the coup d'etats and ensuing political chaos.

Lavalas detailed their plan for Haiti and it is available for all to read. The Lavalas white book outlines the enormous amounts of natural resources in, under and around Haiti. It was published in French and Creole, so that for the first time the people of Haiti could read and understand what they owned. No more lies.

The book is an extremely detailed piece of work, and leaves no doubt that Dr. Aristide knew exactly what was at stake. Massive wealth. Oil, natural gas and gold.

Lavala's white book is available online. The Lavalas administration published it in 2004.


Port-au-Prince, Imprimerie Henri Deschamps, 2000. 287p., map, tables, graphics, wrps Paperback Planning for 2004 and covering agriculture, environment, commerce and industry, the financial sector, infrastructure, education, culture, health, women's issues, and issues in the public sector (Item ID: 80867)
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We Will Not Forget the Accomplishments of

Lavalas in Haiti

Haiti, Forgive Us