Monday, January 30, 2006


Haiti Sustainability Building Projects

Zili Dlo
In 2011, Haiitan Lawyers Leadership Network launched the Zili Dlo - "Clean Water for Everyone" Project. HLLN has been working to positively impact the cholera epidemic facing Haiti. Access to clean water continues to be a major obstacle to combat water born diseases in most parts of the country.

For more information contact:
Ezili Dantò of HLLN
email: ezilidanto at

Konbit Pou Ayiti (KONPAY)
National Environmental Initiative
To build a national network of grassroots groups that will work to restore Haiti's severely damaged environment by providing seedlings, developing community education tools and organizing advocacy initiatives.

Haiti Lumiere de Demain, Inc
Ensure that all primary school students have the proper materials by setting up a textbook lending system in La Gonave. Ensure that deserving students are able to continue their education by providing merit and need based scholarships for students entering secondary school in La Gonave. Visit:

The children love school and they cherish having school books, your support makes possible a solar powered flshlight or a well maintained room to read. Email:

Sustainable Development and Women's Organizing
To provide training and seed money for a community-run microcredit and savings fund. To provide Haitian grassroots organizations with vitally important agricultural inputs such as plows, farm animals and grain mills; to also provide their members with the knowledge they need to make their projects successful.

World Neighbors (Haiti)
World Neighbors focuses on training and educating communities to find lasting solutions to the challenges they face – hunger, poverty and disease – rather than giving them food, money or constructing buildings. Communities tell World Neighbors what their needs are, and World Neighbors, in turn, works with them to acquire the knowledge, skills and organization to solve their problems.

Haiti Grassroots Watch
Haiti Grassroots Watch. is a collaboration of two Haitian organizations, Groupe Medialternatif/Alterpresse and the Society for the Animation of Social Communication (SAKS), along with students from the Faculty of Human Sciences at the State University of Haiti and members of two networks – the network of women community radio broadcasters (REFRAKA) and the Association of Haitian Community Media (AMEKA), which is comprised of community radio stations located across the country. LEARN MORE HERE.

Haiti Grassroots Watch produces text, audio and video content in Haitian Creole, French and English for audiences in Haiti, in the Haitian diaspora (in Creole and English), as well as in North America, Latin America and throughout the world. The effort focuses on "watchdogging" the aid and reconstruction from the point of view of Haiti's majority, at the same time as it also provides historical and political context, examines structural causes and challenges, and seeks out Haitian academics, technicians and specialists who will add their voices to the voices of the Haitian people and their associations and organizations. Write to us: 

  • Questionnements sur les projets de logements • Questions about the reconstruction's housing projects
  • L’avortement en Haïti • The challenges of reforestation
  • Les défis du reboisement • The challenges of reforestation
  • Derrière la faim en Haïti • Behind Haiti's Hunger
  • « Jalousie en couleurs » ou en douleur? • Make-up for Misery
  • Styromousse : un arrêté qui n'arrête rien • After Two Bans, Styrofoam Trash Still Plagues Haiti
  • Une loi minière "attrayante"? • An "attractive" mining law? • ¿Una ley minera "atractiva"?
  • Caracol : A qui profitera le pari? • Worth the risk?


Sustainable Economic Development
Sirona Cares believes that a sustainable community has both a stable economic base and an ability to provide for its children. All of Sirona Cares’ programs are run by in-country community leaders. Sirona Cares does not create their own schools or orphanages, they support and enhance facilities already existing in the community.