Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dynomite! How the Clinton's blew it
in South Carolina

Interesting analysis of the Clinton strategy in South Carolina that sort of blew up in their faces and rallied some in the Democratic establishment to Obama's side.

07:40 :: Byron York statement below.
    "When you look at the demographic makeup of South Carolina there aren't that many states like that. Georgia is close to that. Alabama is close to that.

    But all the big states, the big prize states, do not not have nearly the black population that South Carolina does.

    So the question is, huh, can Hillary Clinton suppress that, you know, white vote for Obama, that he showed he got in significant numbers in Ohio. in significant numbers in New Hampshire.,, he did pretty well.

    So that's the whole point in South Carolina. is to try to... suggest that all these white voters earlier had looked at Obama and said -- this is a man who wants to be the president for everybody... but maybe he just wants to be president for black America. And to try to drive, huh, white voters away from him. And that is what is making the democratic establishment so angry."
        Byron York, White House correspondent
        -- The National Review

Thank you, Stephen Colbert!

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