Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is the WHO vaccination of millions in Haiti a Trojan Horse?

Aids is a scourge, a disease that has decimated millions in Africa and around the world. The epicenter of the disease was the Belgian Congo. The documentary below "The Origins of Aids"; puts forward documented evidence that:
    "American and Belgian missionaries in the Belgian colonies of the Congo widely distributed polio vaccine to a million children in a bid to wipe out the crippling disease; however, evidence now suggests that Dr. Koprowski's oral vaccine may have been tainted, and that the first instances of the disease may be linked to these inoculations."

Is there a contaminated vaccination program being launched in Haiti, right now? The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations have launched a campaign to vaccinate 5.7 million or 58% of the population of Haiti against various diseases, including polio, measles and a "tetanus vaccine" to be provided to ALL Haitian women who are of childbearing age!

The mass vaccination of a population of people has had unintended consequences in the past as outlined in the links below and illustrated by the video. Every Haitian who is offered this vaccine must refuse. Please consider the possibility of developing a deadly disease, the consequence of which may be the decimation of the population in Haiti, whether that be the intent of the purveyors and proponents of this mass vaccination or not. Also, this vaccination is another way of tightening the noose of neo-colonialism with debt (the WHO stands to make a huge profit of 9.5 million dollars). Haitians should not be fooled into thinking that this vaccine is to protect them from illness, it is to protect them from us. The truth is that for centuries...
    "Associations between Haitians and infectious disease are currently particularly strong in the U.S. popular press. This, too, is nothing new. Writing in 1920, National Geographic journalists noted that "it is estimated that 87 percent of the entire population were infected with contagious diseases." AIDS is merely the most recent in a long series of plagues attributed to Haiti. In the sixteenth century, Europeans insisted that syphilis originated n Haiti, and was brought back by Columbus' sailors. (the converse now appears to have been the case.)"
Consider that at the Ottawa Initiative, the 2003 foreign gathering where foreign ministers of the Western powers met in Canada and indicated they saw Haiti as a "threat" to North American countries because Haiti might have, by some estimates, a population of 20 million by 2019;

Consider that Canadian foreign Minister, Dennis Paradis is reported to have said at this all white gathering to determine the fate of Haiti, that the prospect of 20 million Haitians by 2019, is a "time bomb, which must be defused immediately;"

Consider that this is being done while Haiti is under occupation by an oppressive power (the UN), which is controlled by the western powers who are members of the so-called " security" council.

Consider that recently there was an effort by Michael Worobey and his colleagues to link Haitians to the spread of the Aids/HIV virus. His origin of aids theories have been challenged and refuted by many, including Edward Hopper, author of "The River: A Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDS". The Aids virus as we have learned, most probably came to Africa through a similar WHO mass polio vaccination program of the African population.

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