Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emmanuel Constant:
New World Order Thug Sentenced

In news from the new world trials and new world courts, Emmanuel Constant purveyor of violence, rape, murder and intimidation was sentenced today for mortgage fraud. The possible jail term for Mr. Constant is 12+ to 37 years.

Activist have fought to see that Mr. Constant not be deported to Haiti where his cohorts in FRAPH who took part in the 2004 coup reside in the relatively secure knowledge that they will never again see the inside of a court or jail. The dreaded Front for Advancement and Progress in Haiti (FRAPH) is an entity launched by the CIA.
"Emannuel Constant, leader of Haiti's FRAPH hit squad, worked for CIA and U.S. Intel helped launch FRAPH. Haiti's dreaded attaches paid for by a U.S. gvt-funded project that maintains sensitive files on Haiti's poor. In 10/3/94, issue of nation carried Nairn's article "the eagle is landing," he quoted a U.S. official praising Constant as a young republican that U.S. Intel had encouraged to form FRAPH. Constant confirmed that account. He first said his handler was Col. Patrick Collins, CIA attache in Haiti, and later claimed another U.S. official urged him to form FRAPH. Collins first approached Constant while he taught a course at hqs of CIA-run national intel service (SIN*) and built up a computer data base at bureau of info and coordination. FRAPH originally was called Haitian resistance league. Constant was working for the CIA at SIN while it attacked the poor.
The nation 10/24/94 458
In 2004 a lawsuit was filed by women who were brutalized by members of FRAPH under the leadership of Emmanuel Constant. At the time Constant was living in Queens, NY and his neighbors were none too happy.
"Constant has been allowed to live freely in the US after threatening to reveal the full extent of his ties to the CIA. The US government has ignored several requests for his extradition. Constant was arrested in a separate case last month—not for human rights abuses but for committing mortgage fraud."
    Women Recount Gang Rape, Abuse at Hearing Against Haitian Death Squad Leader Emmanuel Constant Democracy Now!
It's good news that this genocidal criminal is paying for his SINs, but horrible that so many had to suffer before he was brought to justice on charges unrelated to his truly hideous and despicable activities in Haiti.

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