Friday, October 17, 2008

Haitian Mom Loses Son in Iraq
& Faces Losing Her Home

Jocelyn Voltaire of Queens, New York lost her oldest son in Iraq. An auction is scheduled for today October 17 to sell her foreclosed home. Activist and bloggers are trying to save her home. Jocelyn Voltaire had a mortgage of $800 a month before she fell victim to predatory lenders. Her mortgage jumped to over $2000 a month. American News Project (ANP) is reporting that:
"Jocelyn fell victim to a predatory loan that ANP has traced back to Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street firm whose CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, made over $70 million last year.

Code Pink the anti-war activists are raising funds to help Jocelyn. You can go to CODEPINK’s website at for more information.


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