Thursday, October 16, 2008

Say, Isn't It Schmo?

In post-debate analysis of the finances of Joe the Plumber--it turns out Joe the Plumber's hypothetical small business will not pay more taxes with Obama's economic plan. Joe is not falling for that. His feeling: show me the money. Wall Street meltdown be damned, Joe the Plumber is his own man, he wants to handle his social security money himself. John McCain's surprise when Obama said that Joe the Plumber would pay zero penalty for not providing insurance to his would be employees was supposed to be mocking, but McCain just looked nonplussed instead. The debate was won by Obama according to the polls, so McCain's mugging throughout the debate must have turned quite a few people off.

In my favorite moment, McCain, in answering a question about "Free" Trade, accused Obama of "not understanding" that signing the Columbia Free Trade agreement was a "no brainer." I thoroughly enjoyed Obama's response. He said he was concerned about the worker's human rights. Workers, he said, are being targeted and murdered for standing up to management. This is a new mindset for an American presidential candidate... expressing concern for worker's rights outside of the U.S.! It was a nice comment for the folks in Columbia to hear. I listened to "First Voices Indigenous Radio" this morning and a Columbian spoke to Obama's comment and expressed gratitude for the positive support. Columbians are being terrorized right now for standing up for their indigenous rights.

John McCain's theatrics in naming Bill Ayers and questioning Obama's association was a moot point given that McCain preceded his statement with the comment that he didn't "care about an old, washed-up terrorist." This so reminded me of George W. Bush saying that Iraq had "nothing" to do with 9/11--surprising to some since Bush had accused Iraq of aiding in the attacks therefore justifying an invasion of Iraq.

How do you become "an old, washed-up terrorist"? I guess that's why Bush doesn't think about Bin Laden.

Hat tip to Angry Asian Man

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