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Ron Paul -- No Need for "Civil" War to Get Rid of Slavery

Paul: "Other Western nations all got rid of slavery without a Civil War."

Hughley: "You just make way too much sense, you can't be a Republican."

Ron Paul, the former Republican candidate for President was on the D.L. Hughley program on CNN. He opined (at 7:50) that the Civil War did not need to be fought. The North should have just "bought" all the slaves from the South. After all, he stated, other nations did not fight a "civil" war to free their slaves.

Congressman Ron Paul, the slaves of Haiti bought their freedom from the French, English and Spanish IN BLOOD, more than 60 years before American slaves were "freed." Haiti was the first successful slave rebellion in the world. Haiti was a beacon for the enslaved blacks of North America and the Western Hemisphere. Haiti was the second republic in this hemisphere after the US, but stood first as a truly liberated country -- since the U.S. still held slaves in chains. The slave revolt in Haiti (1791-1803) inspired white abolitionists and black slaves in the US, such as Gabriel Posser, Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey and John Brown. Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to give up his ambition to build an empire in the new world. He sold the Louisiana Territory to Jefferson for a song -- doubling the size of the United States. The South American leader Simon Bolivar of Caracas, Venezuela was the second of his country man (Francisco Miranda -- the first to come, died in a Spanish jail) to come to Haiti seeking aid in fighting to end colonialism. The Haitian president Alexandre Petion provided him with provisions, arms, ships and men with one stipulation; free the slaves too. Bolivar went on to liberate a vast portion of South America comprising the present day countries of Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Congressman Paul, maybe the wars to free the slaves in Haiti and South America were not "civil" as you say... but they bloody well did the job of tolling a death knell for chattel slavery in this hemisphere. In fact, other nations did fight to keep slavery, but lost to the heroes of the Haitian Revolution and their protege, Simon Bolivar.

Haitians Shackled by Debt &
Dependency -- Fight Back

In Haiti, the neoliberal policies of the U.S. government have bought about debt and dependency at every geopolitical level.

As Haitians continue to struggle for autonomy and sovereignty, a younger generation is taking up the fight to empower themselves. Their inspiration comes from Haiti's founding father Jean-Jacques Dessalines who declared Haiti's independence in 1804 after a bloody 13 year war.


HISTORY MATTERS: The Brutal US Occupation
of Haiti - 1915 to 1934

Charlemagne Péralte is a national hero. He took up arms to defend Haiti against the US military occupation of 1915. His army, the Cacos was made up of poor people. In 1919 the US Marines assassinated Pèralte, nailed his body to a door and put him on public display. Haitians saw the parallels to Jesus in the manner of the atrocity, thus solidifying his heroic image.
Charlemagne Peralte's call to arms:

People of Haiti!

Soon a day like the 1st of January 1804 will rise. For four years the [American] Occupation has been insulting us constantly. Each morning it brings us a new offense. The people are poor and the Occupation still oppresses us with taxes. It spreads fires and forbids us to rebuild wooden houses under the pretext of keeping the city beautiful.

Haitians, let’s stay firm. Let’s follow the Belgian example. If they burn our cities, it doesn’t matter! As the inscription on the tomb of the great Dessalines states: “At the first canon shot, giving the alarm, cities disappear and the nation stands up.”

The holy battle in the North is led by brave citizens. The South is only waiting for the right man to follow its wonderful example. Don’t worry, we have the arms. Let’s get rid of those savage people, whose beastly character is evident in the person of their President Wilson—traitor, bandit, trouble maker, and thief.

Die for your country.
Long live Independence!
Long live the Union!
Long live the just war!
Down with the Americans!

From Charles the Great Massena Peralte High Commander of the Revolution in Haiti to The French Minister in Haiti Port-au-Prince


Honored Minister,

Despite the principles, of international law usually adopted by civilized nations, and coming out of Great War in Europe, the American Government got involved in the internal affairs of the small republic of Haiti and imposed a rule whose approval by the Haitian Parliament was guaranteed enforced by military occupation.

We were ready to accept this rule and follow its obligations, despite the threat to our autonomy and the dignity of our free and independent people. But the false promises, given by the Yankees, when they invaded our land, brought in almost four years of continuous insults, incredible crimes, killings, theft and barbarian acts, the secrets of which are known only to Americans.

Today we lost patience and we reclaim our rights, rights, ignored by the unscrupulous Americans, who by destroying our institutions deprive the people of Haiti of all its resources and devour our name and our blood. For four years, cruel and unjust Yankees brought ruin and hopelessness to our territory. Now, during the peace conference and before the whole world, the civilized nations took an oath to respect the rights and sovereignty of small nations. We demand the liberation of our territory and all the advantages given to free and independent states by international law. Therefore, please take into consideration that ten months of fighting has been in pursuit of this aim and that our victories give us the right to ask for your recognition.

We are prepared to sacrifice everything to liberate Haiti, and establish here the principles affirmed by President Wilson himself: the rights and sovereignty of small nations. Please note, honored Consul, that American troops, following their own laws, don’t have any right to fight against us.

Dear Sirs (sic), please, accept our distinguished salutations.

Signed by the High Commander of the Revolution M. Peralte

followed by 100 other signatures

Source: History Matters: Bandits or Patriots?: Documents from Charlemagne Péralte

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