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Rene Preval: "Embarassment?"
Worry about his arrogance and contempt for his people.

The opinion piece entitled "Embarassment" by Jocelyn refers to this photo of President Preval at the 5th Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain where he is the only one not in a suit. A small furor was stirred by this photo as Haitian media and Haitian Internet forums opined on the "embarrassment" this protocol mistep is for the country with comments along the lines of "WOW... WOW ... WOW ... God help us. That is all I am going to say." Jocelyn's response goes beyond the shallow, advises against mental colonization and is worthy of note for other reasons.
HLLN, May 4, 2009
by Jocelyn, May 4, 2009 1:31 PM (Via email)

Come on ladies and gentlemen;

Could you please stop making a mountain out of a molehill! The man was not naked, had mud on his face and smelled like a sewer as far as we knew. Actually, we should have a national costume that is elegant so we stand out when we go into these ceremonious meetings or summits.

I would be more interested in what Rene Preval is selling for nothing from the country. I don't know why you are so "shocked" by Rene Preval's behavior at this point. He displayed his arrogance and contempt for his people since he was named Prime Minister under President Aristide's first term. When he became president himself because he took a ride on the Lavalas movement, he didn't express any love for his people then either. Remember, his political motto was: 'Naje pou soti" [swim to get out], meaning that he was just there taking care of his own business, you better take care of yours. Remember during the boating accident how he acted with total indifference by urinating nearby (even with prostate problem that was unwarranted to do this in such a public manner). He again kept on reminding the Haitian people when he was called to participate in the last presidential election, after Aristide received another coup and we had the horror of the "tecknocrap" Latortue, he kept on saying that he was having a grand time at Marmelade and that he was "forced" to run for president. His attitude since then has not improved and his total contempt for his people has become even more apparent.

Just remember the virulent hatred manifested against Aristide by people who look like him and come from his social class. Preval was supposedly more acceptable (Li pa gen gwo bouch, gwo nen, li gen yon ti kob, e li bay franse plis enpotans pase kreyol) [he doesn't have big lips, big nose, he has a little money, and he gives French more importance than Kreyol]. We have to look at our inner pathologies and try, try, try to correct them first. Otherwise, we will keep on putting, at the head of Haiti, children of Haiti who hate their mothers maybe because she is not an aristocrat and wears jewelry all over her. The same way we treat our most destitute citizens who through no fault of their own don't have much clutter to call their own, but have values of loving their fellow citizens, would welcome them and share with them the little that they have at their own expense, the same way we treat the country called Ayiti, Boyio, Kiskeya.

We have to start really loving ourselves. See beauty when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Be proud that we have created a language that allowed us to maneuver and organize against our slave masters to get out of physical slavery at least. However, we've allowed ourselves to be placed in serious mental shackles and it seems harder to get out of that state of being.

Speaking any language well is not necessarily a sign of high intelligence. I worked with the mentally retarded for 16 years and have encountered wonderful people in that situation who have a great command of the English language verbally, but can't write it as well. Mentally retarded French people speak French too because they were born listening to it. We have to stop appreciating ourselves through THE EYES OF OUR SLAVE MASTERS. We sometimes keep on producing their creations so we can please the slave masters first instead of our own people.

All the slave master countries who come to us want to take our well prepared brains to use them for their own purposes. They all have had electricity for more than a century and they absolutely refuse to allow Ayiti to have it too. They could electrify all of Ayiti in one year or less. Ayiti is smaller than any of their provinces. They don't want to do it, along with their sewer representatives in the country, because with light a lot of the ignorance, superstition, time wasted, dependence on the exterior, will be GONE, GONE, GONE.

If we are not desperate enough, we can't be cheap labor, prostitutes, guinea pigs for any kind of toxic medication test, garbage disposal for any toxic waste, stupid enough to give our lands, our treasures in art and material goods.

Let's not worry much about Preval's appearance. Let's examine his substance. He is tolerating the presence of MINUSTAH [United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti] in the country and that stinks! He is wasting money on non-consequential issues leaving Ayiti in more debts for the future. In 4 words: He does not care!

Let's concentrate on how to prevent our people from eating mud. Let's teach them that most of the leaves in Haiti are edible. That's where all herbivores get their proteins and look how big they are. We have zepina, mazoumbel, lam veritab, fey zanmann, fey kann to name only a few. They are all edible. Legim tout jan! [foliage everywhere!] We don't have to eat meat which is putting a cadaver into our system anyway (and we know that cadaver do nothing but rot - decompose, decay - inside our bodies).



By the way, anybody remember what Jesus used to wear, (Not the CRAP dished out by Michelangelo and Hollywood)? What Karl Marx used to wear? Anybody cares about what Castro wears? He was always in an army uniform, but the presidents in civilian uniforms killed their own people more than he will ever do. However his vision for his country is enduring.

Anybody cares about what Mother Teresa wore? She could have been in shorts like quite a few nuns in the Caribbean countries (which makes sense in a warm climate instead of that off-putting habit). Contrary to the media in this country, I am more interested in what the Obamas are up to than what they wear. I don't know of anyone who wants to come close to you and do you hard that will dress like a stinking bum.

I'll tell you a real story told to me by a Jewish female nurse. She was in a hair studio and this attractive white male dressed in a suit rang the bell. The salon owner and everyone present thought that it was one of these people selling beauty products since he had a suitcase. As soon as the door opened, he pulled a gun and told everybody to give their money and jewelry. After he cleaned out everybody, he calmly left the salon, got in his car and took off. Even after the incident and the report to the police, the women kept on repeating "but he looked so nice and well dressed". Remember: "L'habit ne fait pas le moine" [The habit does not make the Monk]. Even though we were raised with that saying, we still give more importance to appearance than substance.

Nobody cares either about what Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Sanite Belair, Defile, La Folle Bazile, Malcolm X and so many who have been courageous enough to show love to their fellow human beings, wore. Their actions, however, stay vividly in our collective memories even though we were not present when they acted.

My verbosity comes out of love. I would not give that much time to hateful people.

HatTip to HLLN for permission to post this here. I took the liberty of adding the emphasis in bold, translations and links.

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