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Accused Pedofile Perlitz Files Motion for Secrecy from Behind Bars

No More Secrecy
HLLN on Douglaz Perlitz's new motions asking for secrecy

The new court date is December 2, 2009. Please continue writing to Judge Margolis, and if you are in the East Coast, attend the hearing to show support for Haiti's children.

At his Oct. 28 bond hearing, accused pedophile Douglas Perlitz withdrew his bond request for now. The awareness-raising campaign HLLN-led to warn the community that an accused pedophile may be set free on bail had some effect. (Perlitz Court Date Moved, Groups Raise Awareness of Perlitz, O'Brien Cases; Letter-writing campaign aims to keep Perlitz jailed , and Jesuits, diocese asked to help sex abuse victims). Defendant Perlitz was not set free and shall remain behind bars until the matter is revisited again on December 2nd, if at all.

This is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless for all children considering that last time in court, on Oct. 8th, Perlitz's attorney kept pointing out how massive Mr. Perlitz's support was, implying the children of Haiti had no support and stating outright that our children are liars, not to mention detailing, in racist terms, how violent and corrupt Haiti is as the reason why Perlitz is being wrongly accused. (See in contrast, Pointing Guns at Starving Haitians: Violent Haiti is a myth. According to the UN, the violence rate in Haiti is 5.6 homicide per 100,000. In 2006 the neighboring Dominican Republic had 23.6 homicides per 100,000 according to the Central American Observatory on Violence. Brazil had 52.2/per 100,000 ... whereas in the USA, the rate is 13.2 per 100,000 in some excluded communities and 5.7 per 100,000 overall.

The Caribbean region's average murder rate were at 30 per 100,000 in 2007. If you compare the US, Brazil, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, the facts indicate more violence there than in Haiti. But it is Haiti that is singled out, negatively stereotyped and saddled with UN occupation and people abusing Haiti stereotypes for their own ends. The facts reveal that the only time there is more violence in Haiti than normal crimes is when the US/Euros sponsor coup d'etat and dictatorship over the objections of the Haitian peoples' democratic vote.)

This time in court, the children of Haiti had more people there to support them than Mr. Perlitz's so touted "supporters" which were mostly no-shows in comparison to the Oct. 8th showing.

Thank you all who wrote and asked Judge Margolis not to release Douglas Perlitz on bond. The process has just begun. We suspect,the information Ezili's HLLN has been circulating about the systemic abuse of Haitian children by white charity workers and the UN troops is making a difference and the new information filed by the prosecutors on October 27 to support Perlitz's continued incarceration has raised the bar.

We suspect as more information is made available and as the media learns more about what is actually going on in Haiti in terms of the raping and molesting of Haitian children by charity workers and UN peace keepers, more of Mr. Perlitz's supporters and prospective bond financiers will be asking to remain anonymous. For instance, according to new information divulged by the federal prosecutors, from June until his arrest in September 2009, computer records show that Douglas Perlitz was using a laptop computer to seek Haitian and black boys on sexually oriented Internet sites and over 100 sexual images of black boys where found on his computer. Perlitz's attorneys has file a motion supporting bond where he requests that the individuals putting up money on defendant Perlitz's behalf remain anonymous. But all children need protection and we are publicly campaigning against this demand for secrecy. This sort of crime against children flourishes in secrecy. Its prosecution must be done in the full light.

Every Douglas Perlitz's bond supporter ought to be able stand in front of the entire community and say they are standing by Mr. Perlitz' innocence. Too many times in Haiti's past we've seen, as we just saw with the arrest of ex-priest and accused pedophile John Duarte last week, that the authorities are willing to make arrests but, as for instance in the John Duarte pedophile case, categorically refuse to name the hotel in Port au Prince where Mr. Duarte was having sex with children. This is exactly the sort of thing Save the Children did last year when it announced that UN peacekeepers in Haiti and NGO workers were sexually abusing Haiti's children, but did not name the UN peacekeepers nor the NGO charities involved.

Perlitz ran a residence for humanitarian aid workers in Haiti, as well as, the school for boys. Our investigation show an entwine international network in Haiti and a systematic cover up, it seems, by the authorities to keep this matter as "isolated incidents" when it is not. (See, for example - The 'Father Teresa' of Haiti – Armand Huard - was convicted on sex abuse charges against minors in Haiti orphanageTwo Canadians Charged with Sex Abuse in Haiti orphanageFormer Windsor priest John Duarte arraigned on child-molestation charges Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J. Near The End Of The LineSex scandal in Haiti hits U.N. mission • and, A Swiss accused pedophile was arrested in Haiti.)

Thus, in this case with defendant Douglas Perlitz, those who wish to stand with him ought to be sure enough of him and his innocence not to hide their names as his attorney asked in the motions filed in court yesterday. If Douglas Perlitz is the "saint" that his attorneys say he is - just simply a wrongly accused white American in a "Hatfield/McCoy" caper concocted by Haiti's children and teachers, if that is so, as his attorneys are vociferously pleading, then there ought not to be a problem with revealing who the 19 "people of fine standing in the community, as well as of sufficient financial means," many from Fairfield County, are, who will agree to post the required $5 million bond for defendant Douglas Perlitz.

Our concerned community (local, national and international) is asking for transparency.

We have had ENOUGH of secrecy in the exploitation, abuse, rape and molestation of black children and people in Haiti. Haitians are still waiting for the UN authorities to RELEASE the investigation report from the 114 Sri Lankan soldiers accused of the systematic sexual abuse and rape of minors in Haiti and deported back, in disgrace, to Sri Lanka. It's been two years and the UN investigation has never been made public to Haitians. This is the sort of racist double standard, complicity and capriciousness Ezili's HLLN finds an abuse of power by supposedly lawful and respected authorities. (See, UN Peacekeepers and Humanitarian Aid Workers raping, molesting and abusing Haitian children.)

The media must begin to look into the carnage in Haiti - the fleecing of Haiti's natural resources while the people starve and die, as well as, this systemic tourist sex trade bringing disease, rape and molestation to Haiti behind the disenfranchisement of 9 million blacks by the 2004 Bush regime change and current UN occupation, all, in the name of bringing stability, democracy and humanitarian aid to Haiti. ( Minimum Wage, Maximum Outrage and Haiti's Holocaust and Middle Passage Continues.)

The world needs to wake up to the voiceless poor's plight in Haiti. That is why Ezili's HLLN shall continue explaining these concerns to the world and go, people-to-people, as we just did with this Perlitz case, as the Haitian public does not seem to be getting anywhere with those in power, or who have taken power illegally (the more than 10,000 NGOs in Haiti and the UN forces) and who are supposed to be protecting and defending democracy, justice, and Haitian welfare.

Ezili Dantò/HLLN
October 28, 2009

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