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Haiti Suddenly and Conveniently has Oil, Black Gold!

Ezili Danto of The Haitian Lawyer's Leadership (HLLN) regarding news about the "discovery" of oil in Haiti. See her statement below.

My question: Have Haiti's saviors been "saving" Haiti for themselves?


And the cover-up starts!

Did mining and oil drilling trigger the Haiti earthquake?

For years, HLLN has been pointing to the Lavalas' white book detailing Haiti's resources as part of the reason for oustering President Aristide and putting in Haitian puppets to empire. Now that 20,000 US troops are in Haiti behind the pretext of humanitarian aid... by the way there's oil and gas in Haiti! Never mind that stealth offshore and on-land drilling may have disturbed the fault line, those Haitians are black idiots anyway. Just yesterday I was called CRAZY for saying Haiti had oil and substantial mineral resources. But today, today, if the white man says it, it must be true! Here is the empire's latest spin:

Haiti earthquake may have exposed gas, aiding economy
Posted on Tuesday, 01.26.10 | BY JIM POLSON / Bloomberg News


Has the day wore on, more links re: the Haiti "discovery," though most of the media seems to be studiously ignoring the story -- which is typical:

Haiti's Earthquake May Have Revealed Oil Resources |

Haitian Earthquake May Lead To Discovery Of Oil And Gas | News One

More HLLN recommended links:
Energy and Mining in Haiti: The wealthy, powerful and well-armed are robbing the Haitian people blind

Oil in Haiti and Oil Refinery - an old notion for Fort Liberte as a transshipment terminal for US supertankers

"Located in the North-Eastern part of Haiti and abounding with tourist sites, Fort-Liberté is a city where the first declaration of Haiti's independence took place on November 29, 1803. It has one of the most captivating historical sites in the area called Fort Dauphin known today as Fort-Liberté. This fort was built around 1731 under the command of Louis XV, king of France, and its ruins are the greatest evidences of its genius designers who chose the most strategic point to built it in order to fight off upcoming invaders.

In addition to its architectural charm, it overlooks a splendid bay of turquoise seawater, which sparkles under the bright rays of the tropical sun."

This story is going to get bigger. These "news" articles are just the tip of the iceberg and developments are well worth watching.

Apparently, the earthquake was a "game changer" in more ways than one. It left the "donor nations" in complete control of Haiti with the US calling the shots. And now that oil has been conveniently "discovered." Questions have to be asked -- like, what plans do the people wielding the control over Haiti's affairs and resources have? Is the puppet government going to protect the people's interest? They haven't so far.

In the news following the earthquake, it is significant that there was "a Belgian citizen working as a consular for president Préval" before the earthquake. He was Philippe Dewez, a former IDB Representative in Haiti. That the IDB is allowed to conduct business in Haiti after being accused of human rights violations is enough, but there is a reason why President Obama doesn't have a foreign consular "advising" him -- the US is a sovereign nation.Observers who have labeled Rene Preval a puppet and his "selection" after the coup an appeasement, may have good reason for their assessment.

Another question: now that the "game" is all but won, who if anyone, will be protecting Haiti's environment and people from exploitation and from the multi-national powers who are lined up tot rob Haiti blind? Haiti it is useful to note, can be used by the US as a springboard for any invasion of Cuba -- only 60 miles off of Haiti's northern coast.

HLLN on oil in Haiti
HLLN on Haiti's mineral wealth
HLLN on the causes of Haiti deforestation and poverty

It's a centuries old story of exploitation, invasion and destabalization. It all started with Haiti's first government. The revolutionary government of General Jean Jacques Dessalines. The leader who won the Haitian Revolution (Why is Toussaint L'Ouverture the only perenial Haitian leader in the colonial narrative?) and declared Haiti to no longer be a country of enslaved people, but a free and sovereign country. He was assassinated primarily because he did not want a bourgeois democracy. He wanted universal freedom, where the assets of the country would be equally divided with the people of the country.

Dessalines' dream had to be destroyed because Haiti's people and resources could not be exploited with that kind of goverment policy in place. Successive governments in Haiti through the centuries struggled with an unstable economy (historians credit the extortion demanded by France for Haiti's loss as largely contributing to Haiti's poverty and underdevelopment), so Haiti's riches could be indiscriminately exploited by the greedy and morally bankrupt elite and multi-national corporations.

Let's get that straight: Haitians have had to struggle and lose their sovereignty over and over again because of the wrath and greed of the international community and their alliances with Black collaborators, rich Arab emigres and others of the business class who established an oligarchy where the rich business people could flourish at the expense of the majority hard-working, tax-paying poor paysans. In Haiti the caste system is brutal. It is written into law. It gives the rich the power to lord it over the poor in a demeaning and immoral classist system.

HLLN has made it their mission to debunk the colonial narrative about Haiti and their work is stellar and well documented. Check out the website at During the earthquake catastrophe, HLLN advocated for conscious emergency relief with human rights and dignity by gathering information on and collaborating with those organizations which emphasized self-reliance and self-sufficiency as the only way to break the old neocolonial paradigm.

Please make a donation, if you can in support of HLLN's work.

Background info on HLLN's Haiti work and research:Oil in Haiti - Economic Reasons for the UN/US occupation
Haiti is full of oil say Daniel & Ginette Mathurin: Haiti has larger oil reserves than Venezuela says scientists.
Answers to media questions about Haiti Haiti's Riches: Interview with Ezili Dantò on Mining in Haiti

Full disclosure: Marguerite/Ezili Danto is my sister, but don't let that deter you--she does fantastic work!
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Anonymous said...

Are you high? I think next time there is a disaster anywhere, the American agencies public and private, and military---we should all turn our heads the other way. That seems to be the only way to stop being a bad person. I American aid arrives, whether doctors, or medicine or food or people to help find survivors, just ask if they are American, and if so, refuse the help.

thezenhaitian said...

No. I am not high. I am sober when I write. Are you?

When you sober up and you can think of a good cogent argument to dispute any assertions made in this post or any posts on this website, please come back and offer your input and you will be most welcome.

A cordial goodbye to you, whatever nationality you may be.

thezenhaitian said...

"Out of every dollar spent on U.S. "aid" to Haiti, 33 cents go to the U.S. military, while only 9 cents pay for food and another 9 pay for food transportation... The $379 million that the U.S. is spending on Haiti is less than the cost of one day spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan occupation. That number is approximately $480 million each day."

-- From "Humanitarian relief in Haiti: Some shocking facts"
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 News Bureau

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