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Just the Facts: Questions Answered Re US Motives for Regime Change in Haiti

Fanmi Lavalas members from Cite Soleil held a press conference to ask President Preval to allow Aristide to return and to be an ally in the rebuilding of Haiti. A political alliance between Preval and Aristide they say, would be similar to President Obama joining forces with Bush and Clinton for Haiti Relief fund raising efforts.

"One alone we're weak, together we're strong, together we are a flood."
"The heroic and courageous people of Cite Soleil once again take the lead by holding a press conference on Sunday, February 7, 2010 in front of the monument of the Haitian constitution. While denouncing the corruption surrounding the distribution of aid following the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti on January 12, their central message was to ask that former president Jean-Berrtand Aristide be allowed to return to participate in reconstruction. They asked a very simple but poignant question, if Obama could reach across party lines to invite Clinton and Bush to work for Haiti during this crisis, then why can't Preval do the same by inviting Aristide to return?"
This call by Fanmi Lavalas for Aristide's return to Haiti is a good opportunity to address the question of regime change in Haiti and the US and UN involvement in human rights abuses in Haiti since the 2004 coup d'etat that removed the democratically elected government of Jean Bertrand-Aristide.

The most commonly asked questions are posed in an email I received from Kathy about my post: "Aristide Haiti Return- Clinton, Bush & Obama of One Mindset."

Kathy's email:

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question after watching doc of UN occupation of Haiti
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Thanks for the blog and the video. Eye opening and troubling. My question is what did the UN (as an arm of the International community) have to gain in killing Aristide supporters? And, what would the UN have against Aristide\'s policies. And, what did the US in particular have to gain in getting rid of Aristide? If you could suggested sources to obtain this information, I would be grateful.

Email response:

Hi Kathy,

Great. Thank you for your interest.

  1. what did the UN (as an arm of the International community) have to gain in killing Aristide supporters?
  2. what would the UN have against Aristide\'s policies.
  3. what did the US in particular have to gain in getting rid of Aristide?


Read more about US-Haiti POLICY at historycommons:
A history of US involvement in Haiti, and the results of those actions at historycommons.


Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you need any more assistance or if you have any more questions. I hope you are able to reach your own independent conclusions from the evidence.

Warm regards,


Background info - interview 02.10.2010:
Actor, Activist Danny Glover: Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide “Mystified” at US Resistance to His Return

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1 comment:

Nadege said...

The main purpose of the UN occupation of Haiti is to depress the Aristide movement by intimidating and murdering Haitians, mainly in Cite Soleil.

The UN has been able to get away with massacring Haitians because the world was not watching. But now that the international light is on Haiti, the movement must immediately seize the opportunity to demand the resignation and possible imprisonment of puppet Preval and the restoration of the Lavalas grassroots movement.

Now is the time because the UN massacre cannot go on while the world is watching and sympathy is pouring in for Haitians.

Anyway, I came across you and your sister's sites after doing some research online to find others who share my mindset about Haiti, and I'm glad I found you guys. I actually searched for "white saviors and haiti," as I became increasingly frustrated with the amount of white saviors that have infiltrated Haiti in the name of "good will," while denying Haitian's the right to self-determination, self-governing, and self-sustainability - exactly what our ancestors fought and died for.



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