Thursday, April 15, 2010

NGOs in Haiti's Goal Should Be "To Put Themselves Out of Business"

Charity vs. Sustainable Development
Repost of Michelle Lacourciere's post on April 14, 2010 at

DSCN0343Not long ago Bill Clinton, The United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti, urged non-government organizations with a desire to help Haiti to put themselves out of business by fostering a self-sufficient nation. "Every time we spend a dollar in Haiti from now on we have to ask ourselves, 'Does this have a long-term return? Are we helping them become more self-sufficient? ... Are we serious about working ourselves out of a job?'" Clinton said. Sirona Cares has always embraced this philosophy.

Our program, piloted in rural Haiti, is both transferable and scalable. We develop strong relationships with community leaders and help them find the resources to bolster the health and education of the children of their community. Together we work to develop jobs for these children to grow into. Our Jatropha and Moringa project is designed to elevate the income of the rural community without endangering food security or water resources. We are providing the training and micro-financing to help the farmers succeed, and they are so encouraged by this project that regardless of their location (near the epicenter of the world's worst catastrophe), our St. Etienne farmers have begun planting seedlings which sprouted in January. They are on time, and their success, if measured by their enthusiasm, will be fruitful.


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iamvatoni said...

Nice to find more NGOs who are working hard to help the Haitian people help themselves. Thanks! I love the quote from Maya Angelou!

thezenhaitian said...

Yes. Maya is a great poet. I've been digging Kahlil Gibran lately and I have a very relevant piece he wrote on thehaitianblogger Facebook page. Check it out when you get a chance. It's very emotionally gripping, eloquent and poetic -- so relevant! It's called, "Dead Are My People." I cannot express to you how emotionally expressive Gibran's writing is in this piece. This is his best work in my opinion.

One other NGO operating in Haiti, which emphasizes self-sufficiency and autonomy is The Lambi Fund Fund of Haiti. I have a brochure of theirs on the right hand side of this website.

clnmike said...

Time will tell on the sicerity of NGO's on this. After all money is still involved.......

thezenhaitian said...

True, after all, charitable organizations are a business in Haiti and elsewhere. In Haiti they number over 10,000. If Haiti becomes self-sustaining, these NGOs will lose a lot of money.

This is an interesting article about NGOs at -- "...The Power of NGOs."

Michelle Lacourciere said...

I just found this posted here, I am the author of the above post, and time will show you that we are sincere in our endeavor to keep the money in Haiti, in the hands of the Haitian people, so that they can become truly independent and thrive. Keep watching our work, I hope that you will be pleased with what you see.

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