Tuesday, May 18, 2010

25 Million In Interest from the Frozen Funds of Uday Hussein Sought for Haiti's Children

Federal inmate Arthur Morrison seeks $25 million in British pounds, which is interest from the frozen funds of his former associate Uday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein. Morrison wants to donate the funds to faith based groups helping the children of Haiti.

Morrison is also boxing great Muhammad Ali's one-time manager. He said that Uday Hussein, the son of Saddam Hussein, had entrusted 87 million British pounds in 1990 to himself and Ali to buy pharmaceuticals, milk and food for the children of Iraq.

Morrison was convicted of making phone threats between 1989 to 1992 to hospitals where an ex-girlfriend worked.

Morrison's former business partner, Joseph Priscak of Africa 6000 International sought the help of Jeremiah Wright in getting the interest from the Hussein funds released. The AP is attempting to make Jeremiah Wright the focus of this issue because they've attained a copy of a letter Wright wrote on Feb. 18 to Joseph Prischak stating that he, Wright was "toxic" to the Obama administration and that Obama "threw [him] under the bus." Wright did however write to Treasury Secretary Geithner on Priscak's behalf. No one from the Obama administration responded to Wright and the White House has so far had no comment on the matter.

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