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Are Vulnerable Haitians the Victims of Kissinger's "Useless Eaters" Policy?

The role of the Bush administration in the cholera outbreak in Haiti.
“In 2000, a set of loans from the Inter American Development Bank to the government of Haiti for water, sanitation and health were blocked for political reasons. The city of St. Marc (population 220,000) and region of the lower Artibonite (population 600,000) were among the areas slated for upgrading of the public water supply. This project was delayed more than a decade and has not yet been completed."
--Partners in Health (PIH) 10.22.10
There is updated information about the cholera outbreak at Haiti: Operational Biosurveillance, including a Current Situational Map of the cholera epidemic.

The good news is there have been no new patients admitted at the Port-au-Prince General Hospital in the past twenty-four hours. Particularly good is that Haitian authorities, moving quickly, have debunked the rumor of an antibiotic resistant strain of cholera. The bad news are warnings of the possible under reporting of cases of cholera. Also, Nigel Fisher, UN Humanitarian Coordinator, cautioned about the possibility of a nationwide spread of the cholera epidemic and the need for readiness if it occurs.

The question often asked is, why are the quake victims still living in unsanitary and dangerous tent camps ten months after the disaster? Why hasn't Haiti received the aid that was pledged?

First, the issue is hardly ever addressed that very little direct aid is ever given to the Haitian government. Secondly, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is not the lone culprit holding up most of the aid to Haiti.

One journalist Robert Naiman is mistaking Jon Stewart for a real journalist in this article, but he does point out that fact.

In fact, it is U.S. foreign policy as implemented by Secretary Hillary Clinton's State Dept, that is holding up the $1.15 billion aid to Haiti. Senator Coburn is only partially to blame. He evidently put a "secret hold" on $500 million in aid because he "objected to a minor provision in the legislation that authorized the spending."

Read the Senator's statement: Senator Tom Coburn Says he is not holding up aid to Haiti

Speaking of secrets, a declassified Henry Kissinger memorandum (Kissinger's National Security Memorandum 200) from 1974, outlines the U.S.' plan to promote the depopulation of the "developing world." Kissinger's degrading term for poor people coming out of that memo was "useless eaters."

Is it possible that the Kissinger/U.S. agenda (depopulating the developing world) is the U.S. policy playing out in Haiti ten months after the devastating earthquake?

U.S. foreign policy shows a blatant racist disregard for Haiti's poor population. In Haiti, USAID promotes sewing for the garment industry in unsafe, unsanitary, non-union, slave-wage sweatshops. In Asia and Europe, USAID offers high-tech jobs training.

U.S. immigration policy is discriminatory to Haitians. The Obama and Bush administrations have opened up the U.S. border for more European and Asian immigrants through employer preferences and other affirmative action immigration policies, like the "wet foot, dry foot policy," which accepts Cubans arriving on Miami shores, while repatriating or incarcerating Haitians in ICE jails. The Obama administration is deporting "undesirables" at an even higher rate than the Bush regime. Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was given to some unprecedented 30,000+ Haitians slated for deportation prior to the earthquake in January, but it wouldn't surprise Haitians for Obama to continue deportations of Haitian immigrants in spite of the humanitarian crisis in Haiti when the TPS ends.

The only unique exemption from deportation for a "non-citizen" seems to be if he/she dies in combat for the U.S., then they can be a dead citizen of the United States.

Could the documented U.S. foreign policy to depopulate developing countries be the real reason for the "slow pace of aid," indifference and pass-the-buck approach to aid administration? Is the U.S. deliberately facilitating the deaths of Haitians in the Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps or as they are best titled – the death camps? The State Department has only recently begun to fulfilled the administrative requirements for the release of aid the U.S. pledged... so maybe a couple of more months, years maybe, before the money is distributed to a well-connected NGO?

These are legitimate questions more than ten months after the quake – as the situation remains desperate, dangerous, debilitating, disease-ridden and depressing for over 1.5 million Haitians in the IDP camps and as a cholera epidemic rages.

Recall that the U.S., France & Canada sponsored the 2004 coup of the democratic government of Haiti (following the U.S. backed 1991 coup) – is it not unreasonable to conclude that in order to complete their collective agendas, these countries want to be sure that there is absolutely no spirited opposition (sic) left to protest their "selection" occurring on November 28? They are spending millions financing these elections, yet, they know very well that the country's major political party, Fanmi Lavalas and 11 others are banned from participation. The State Department has yet to publicly respond to protest letters (2 thus far) by 45 Congresspeople and a report by Richard Lugar expressing concern about the fairness and legitimacy of the elections.

Concrete plans must be made to provide every Haitian made homeless by the quake a permanent safe home, so that people know that they will not be living on the streets or in the tent camps "forever." It should be and is Haitian's human right to have access to food, shelter and work as per the UN Convention on Human Rights and the Haitian Constitution.

Secretary Clinton still has time to do the right thing for Haiti. She should demand that the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) permit all eligible parties to take part in legit, free and fair elections.


Nadege said...

That is correct - no sugarcoating.

I went to Haiti, and was utterly surprised at the amount of folks who believed the US "planted an underground bomb to destroy Haiti" back on January 12, 2010.

In fact, it is time for folks who have a voice - an avenue - a forum - to speak up about the "unthinkable." The eugenics movement against black people is still quite evident - just go to every ghetto / inner-city / heavily black populated areas and see the infiltration of Planned Parenthood that you won't see in Lilly white suburbs.

50 years ago, it would have been conspiratorial to accuse the US of infecting Guatemalans with syphilis. Actually, 6 months ago!

...50 years from now, US apologizes for infecting Haitians with cholera. Heh! Peace & Love to my Guatemalan bothers and sisters.

Unit 731 = Japanese infects Chinese with cholera during the second Chinese / Japanese war and World War 2.

Seriously, the "earthquake" canceled the Feb. elections, and this cholera outbreak, which, by the way, initially emerged in St. Mark, which was in no way affected by the earthquake, and is at least 4 hours from the capital, occurred right in time to attempt to cancel the November elections.

My analysis is that they are attempting to mold Preval into a petty dictator, just as they did with the Duvalier Duo, since the plan to push Wyclef as some false, Obama-esque savior was an epic fail.

Keep up the good work!

thezenhaitian said...

A cholera epidemic makes a lot of things fall in line for a lot of "interested parties." It perhaps leads to the postponement of a problematic election -- as suggested by Leslie Voltaire. It closes a problematic border with the DR. It distracts from the misery in the camps, from the withholding of the pledged aid money by well let's see... everyone, and it leads to the declaration by the WHO that "cholera is in Haiti to stay."

Libra said...

Nadege, that is EXACTLY what I said!!!!! As soon as I heard about the cholera outbreak, I was suspicious that it had everything to do with ethnic cleansing. A friend, who is not Haitian, said but the corpses from the earthquake is a likely reason for this..... Corpses NINE months later?!?!?! Seriously! This has nothing to do with the earthquake; I KNOW its those white folks doing their damned best to keep Haiti-- the country and people seen as a major threat to "the West"-- at the miserable and embarassing pedestal that it is right now, and worse if possible.

Cholera coming out of nowhere is very suspicious to Me, especially with all those "peacekeepers" and "good white people" down there. And I also totally agree that the earthquake was man-made and was a successful attempt to cancel the Feb. elections, just like how the 2004 coup coincidentally occurred on Haiti's bicentennial anniversary. And I am not surprised that this outbreak is supposed to be a distraction for next month's elections. Anything to keep good and justice from happening. I just wish that our people can put their heads together and finally overcome someday... **SIGH**

thezenhaitian said...

Haiti: Operational Biosurveillance ( that the people of St. Marc where the outbreak started are suspicious about the origins of cholera in their community... cholera has not occurred in Haiti for over 60 years. cholera is "endemic" in Nepal. They have recently had outbreaks.

UPDATE: Community Outcry Blaming Nepalese MINUSTAH Deployment in Mirebalais For Cholera Epidemic

"In a previous post, we noted local community concern about Nepalese MINUSTAH troops possibly being the source of the cholera epidemic. We emphasized that such claims need to be investigated properly, and sources indicate testing is in process. MINUSTAH has issued a statement ( ) that clarifies the sanitation handling practices of the deployment in question. We encourage the readers to read the statement. Test results will be conveyed as soon as possible."

"We did a cross-check on Nepal and cholera activity and discovered that Kathmandu issued a cholera outbreak alert on Sept 23rd. They reported an abrupt increase of 25 cases, which obviously represents a small outbreak but officials were concerned enough to mount an organized response. Cholera is endemic in Nepal."

I just posted a note here about this on Facebook:

thezenhaitian said...

The Nepalese base in Cap-Haitien was where a Haitian teen's body was recently discovered hung... it was determined that it was not a case of suicide as the Nepalese claimed. It was a homicide, because "none of the victim’s cervical vertebrae were damaged."
Read my post about it here:

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