Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Libyan onslaught by NATO is about oil

Reporter Kevin Hall of MacClatchy says that the Libyan situation ties to development of oil in the Caspian region and other oil rich regions. It marks a scramble for oil and controlling Europe's energy supply.

Hall found a cable through Wikileaks which leads him to conclude that the U.S. is trying to keep Russia out of Libyan oil. According to Hall, "Cold War is alive and well." The plan is to contain Russia's energy power. -- making sure the Europeans are not dependent on one source.

Yesterday Democracy Now! reported that the International Criminal Court (ICC) Issued an arrest warrant for Muammar Gaddafi, his son and Intelligence Chief for "crimes against humanity" – only the second time a warrant has been issued for a sitting head of state – the first being a warrant issued for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Tragically and ironically... after the announcement by the chief prosecutor of the ICC, there followed other Libya news, including that: "On Saturday, Libya buried 11 Muslim clerics who were reportedly killed on Friday in a NATO air strike in the city of Brega." At least 50 other people were wounded in the NATO aerial attack. NATO has now completed more than nine thousand air strikes and sorties against Libya.

NATO issued a statement which read in part: “We are aware of allegations of civilian casualties in connection to this strike and although we cannot independently confirm the validity of the claim we regret any loss of life by innocent civilians when they occur.”

In April the BBC reported that Libyan rebels were "mistakenly hit" by a NATO air strike. "Rebels said five died, while doctors in Ajdabiya told the BBC at least 13 rebel fighters had been killed in the strike." In another report on the incident, Al Jazeera reported, "Pro-democracy forces in Libya say at least 10 of their fighters have been killed in a NATO air strike on the outskirts of the eastern town of Brega, as the battle rages on for control of the oil port."

The Real News | WikiLeaks Reveals US Wanted to Keep Russia out of Libyan Oil
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