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Obama Doctrine in Haiti: Brandishing Imperialist Credentials to Control Haiti's Riches

All you ever wanted to know about U.S. foreign policy in Haiti, but were afraid to ask... from "The Real Pirates of the Caribbean" by Brian Browne | thenationonlineng.net

Oil - Haiti's Prime Minister contradicts US strategic denial,
confirms there is oil in Haiti

America maintains a keen interest and effective control over Haiti not for humanitarian purposes but in self-interest.

Haiti has been subjected to a number of American military and nation building interventions. These interventions have left it no better than it was before.
The more time passes, the less Haiti is provided sufficient levels of humanitarian aid. The more the nation will be susceptible to economic encroachment by its stronger northern neighbor. The real motive behind American action slowly unfolds but does so in obscurity. The masters of this game hide behind the lack of sustained public international attention. They know people have taken their eyes off Haiti. With the spotlight gone, they perfect their scheme.
That the Obama Administration disregards the people’s welfare was evident prior to the earthquake. Barely five months into its existence, the Administration brandished its imperialist credentials. Economically, Haiti occupies the same tenement as sub-Saharan Africa. Most Haitians exist on less than a dollar a day and roughly 80 percent live on less than two dollars a day. Haiti is synonymous with penulry. Attempting to improve these appalling statistics, the Haitian parliament passed a minimum wage law in May 2009 raising the legal wage from roughly 20 cents an hour to 70 cents. The Obama Administration put the hard shoulder to the Haitian president to veto the measure because it would cut into the profits of textile contractors exploiting the cheap labor. The Obama Administration did not want a Haitian textile worker to earn a paltry five dollars a day because that might temporarily reduce these companies’ profit margins. The companies would not have suffered in the long term. Had they simply increased the price of the goods by a few cents they would have recouped the labor costs. This is the Obama economic doctrine at work in the first independent Black nation in the western hemisphere. On all accounts, it was unregenerate.
The police actions gave US corporations and the government that does their bidding a chance to explore the tiny nation from top to bottom.

U.S. positioned its surrogates at the top but it is what they discovered at the bottom, below the surface, that really enchanted them.

Decades ago, US oil companies got wind of several large finds in Haiti. They delayed exploration for two reasons, one economic, the other strategic.

First, production costs in the Middle East were much lower, making profit margins much higher.

Second, they likely decided to deplete oil reserves in far-away Arabian Peninsula and elsewhere before exploiting Haitian mother lode.

Hardliners in Washington began to informally think of Haiti’s oil as part of America’s long term strategic reserves.

Haiti sovereignty was deemed to be gossamer film. Since then, Washington and the oil corporations have tried to hide the existence of Haitian oil. Sadly, this has succeeded to a large degree. The vast majority of Haitians have little knowledge of the riches that lie beneath their poor soles.

Oil - Haïti, une invasion sous couverture humanitaire

Add to its vast oil riches, Haiti has reported veins of precious metals like gold, platinum and iridium. The U.S. media recently reported on the gold discovery in Haiti, worth a potential $20 billion.

A 2008 US government report estimates that under the Great Antilles: Cuba, Haiti/Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, there probably sit over 1 billion barrels of oil and over a trillion cubic feet of gas.

This report likely underestimates size of the reserves, Cuba has already had a stupendous find of a single field with 20 billion barrels in its territorial waters.

Since US companies cannot control Cuba due to political discord, Washington is making sure its companies write the rules and control the game in Haiti.

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Amenta said...

This is so right on. But, why is it so hard for our fam still living on the Islands to accept this as the truth? Whenever me and my Wisdom speak to her fam in Jamaica there is utter disbelief about these facts

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