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Democrat or Republican, It's All the Same

An article published at entitled: "Why I Left the GOP" by Jeremiah Goulka is being picked up widely. Mr. Goulka was an analyst at RAND Corporation, a recovery worker in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and an attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice.

President Obama is picked up by Republican Scott Van Duzer, Pizza owner, during a campaign visit to his restaurant in Fort Pierce, Fla.
Although in the article Mr. Goulka never actually says he is now a so-called "liberal" or "lefty" (whatever that means), it is symbolic at the very least that his article was originally published at Tom Dispatch and has been picked up by other "liberal" online outlets such as, and The American Prospect.

It's great to read that a "former" Republican admits that the Grand Old Party (GOP) is "reality challenged" and it is (sorta) hopeful that another former "insider" affirms that the Republican platform is morally bankrupt.

But this Republican turned "liberal" could have gone further by enlightening us about the so-called alternative. Maybe it's the political season (re-election time), which is keeping Mr. Goulka from exposing that both Republicans and Democrats foster a worldview that is "flawed" because it is based on a "small and particularly rosy sliver of reality."
"It doesn't seem to matter very much whether a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House, or which of the two major parties is in control of Congressional committees. The results are pretty much the same. 
Bitter experience has taught me this. Watching the Democrats' shenanigans for thirty years has taught me this. As far back as my teens, I was always scratching my head trying to understand what made Jimmy Carter so much different from his Republican predecessors."
     — Jerry Kahn | Why I Left the Democratic Party | OpEdNews | May 27, 2012
The Obama administration and its enablers in the mainstream media are suppressing the true depth and breadth of the depression the U.S. is in right now. Reportedly, the real unemployment rate is in the low 20% range, NOT 8%.

And what's changed in say, U.S. foreign policy since Obama has been in office? The Drone president and his war-mongering secretary of state Hillary Clinton are on the verge of touching off a third world war, there's a new "arms race" and they've built up tensions by promulgating false rumors and accusations about Iran and other "declared enemies" of the "homeland."

As an aside; when United States officials use that term "homeland;" as in "we must defend the homeland," why doesn't it occur to someone to remind them that it is a term that is evocative of the German Nazis? Maybe they just don't care what the world thinks anymore. It sure seems that way. Doesn't it say something about the American political "powers that be" that they would use that loaded term? Don't they recognize that they sound arrogant and isolationist? Especially when the U.S. markets itself as the "leader of the free world" (a problematic term too, it seems to be intimating there are people living in slavery somewhere? Maybe in the countries the U.S. support like say, Saudi Arabia). Really, is the U.S. the one country that has the "moral imperative" to intervene in every corner of the world to bring "humanitarian aid" and to "negotiate peace?" Those positive sounding self-descriptive terms that the U.S. uses have lost all meaning or connection to reality given U.S. actions in Haiti, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

They've broadcast that they are supporting "rebels" in the Syrian civil war, helping to destroy another Muslim country... this after the destruction wrought by regime change in Africa of Laurent Gbagbo and the bombing of Libya that was followed by the broadcast of the on camera rape and murder of Muammar Ghadafi.

The clowns in DC are of course continuing the destruction of Haiti. They've supported and installed their personal cabaret show in Port-au-Prince; in the clown puppet queen: Michel Martelly.

Well, the show must go on and that means the continued genocide of poor, defenseless populations in order to support the continued domination of the 1%.

What if America was a dictatorship? I know this is hard for you Americans to imagine, but please try.

UPDATE: 9:38pm
Interesting reading on the history of U.S. imperialism in Haiti and the role of current political players:
"Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Politics of Public Relations" by Andrew_G_Marshall | The Market Oracle
"In his speech at the Democratic National Convention, Bill Clinton referenced all the good work he has done for Haiti, explaining that he was “honored” to have worked with both president’s Bush and Obama in Haiti through various crises in the impoverished country. He presented this as evidence of how he is not a divisive politician, but seeks to work “with Democrats, Republicans and independents,” and that they “focus on solving problems and seizing opportunities.”[17] Well, how is Clinton’s record in Haiti? Should this question not be asked?"
UPDATE: 9.12.12
"Effective Evil" or Progressives’ Best Hope? Glen Ford vs. Michael Eric Dyson on Obama Presidency | DemocracyNow! video

In the above DN! debate, Michael E. Dyson showcases his good diction and vocabulary, but doesn't bring anything to the table that can refute the facts put forth by Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford. 

Indidentally, Obama get's his healthcare and Haiti policy straight out of the right-wing "think-tank" -- the Heritage Foundation.

Further reading: 
Don’t Blame Republicans for Obama’s Actions in Haiti |
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