Saturday, October 12, 2013

What to make of this U.S. "government shutdown"

Things to look for in deciphering the goals of the unity party's shutdown drama:

1) Will they allow all 800,000 "furloughed" workers to return to their "government jobs?" Over the years that term has become a perjorative. As this manufactured crises has shown, most of the anger should be directed at Legislators.

2) How is Wall Street doing? Have stocks fallen significantly? No, right? Search the net and the typical news is "Wall Street Shows Little Reaction to the Government Shutdown."

The dollar is in crisis.
U.S. military might is used  to buttress the power of the dollar.

"This system requires war." - Stan Goff

New World Order -- Small Wars, Limited War. Henry Kissinger on the record about U.S. foreign policy, July 7, 1958
What is “dollar hegemony?”

“The United States makes dollars. The rest of the world has to make things to get dollars.” -- Henry Lui (Economist)

3) What about "the debt ceiling" and it's relation to this drama? Remembering that Washington is where they print all the money, what's keeping them from paying off all they're debts? Significantly, all of the U.S.' debtors (basically all the world's major economies) are now heavily  invested in the U.S. , whose vulture capitalists control the globalized economy, with its interconnected markets. "The financial “hub” for the neoliberal world system is Wall Street. All lines go through that hub." They have a lot to lose if the U.S. defaults on its debt.

4) Supposedly, the issue for the Republicans is ObamaCare. They claim to want to "defund ObamaCare." They object to it as "government control of healthcare." They especially dislike the  "individual mandate" and "employer mandate" (delayed 1 year) insurance aspect of the new law. If the mandates remain intact it will land tons more new business for the private sector insurance companies. Republicans claim to be "the party of business," so it is counter to their ideology to kill ObamaCare, a bid to privatize healthcare.

That's the opinion of Pediatrician and "Green Cabinet" member Dr. Margaret Flowers of the Green Party. Dr. flowers thinks ObamaCare will lead to the privatization of health insurance.*

Rather than leading to government-run healthcare (like Medicare and Medicaid), ObamaCare signifies the attempt to privatize healthcare.

So the famous sign at a Tea Party rally was (inadvertently) right and not as assinine as "liberals" thought in defiantly declaring: "Get Your Government Hands off my Medicare!" The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aka ObamaCare will NOT lead to the implementation of a "public option."
Wiki: "The public health insurance option, also known as the public insurance option or the public option, was a proposal to create a government-run health insurance agency which would compete with other health insurance companies within the United States of America."
"Neoliberal theology asserts the primacy of the private, the value of small government; but neoliberal practice has been massively subsidized and legally protected from public accountability by the state. Without the state’s affirmative actions on behalf of the international business class, the system would collapse. Fast. Begin by thinking about how many battle groups from the US Navy are required to ensure the flow of fossil hydrocarbons into the industrialized metropolis, and you can extrapolate from there."

The above is excerpted from the "blog-book": Hillary's Bones - A Coup Tutorial by Stan Goff. It was posted at his now defunct blog "the Feral Scholar."

Thanks to this must read article is available online here.

Obamacare Debate: Flowers vs. Baker Economist Dean Baker and Dr. Margaret Flowers debate the merits of the Affordable Care Act -October 1, 2013

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Shutdown has proved one thing: The United state Government is vital to us all.

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