Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Rotten Black Gatekeepers of Empire

"Imperialism leaves behind germs of rot which we must clinically detect and remove from our land but from our minds as well."
 —Frantz Fanon (Psychiatrist, Philosopher, Revolutionary and Writer)

Black Faces, White Masks - the imperialists could not do the harm that they have in the African diaspora without help from these sick brothers and sisters. These Category Zeros are conspiring with the imperialist (their investors & developers) to bring tourism as development to Haiti.

Rotten Black Gatekeepers of Empire are usually in the service of their white handlers on all matters related to their former homelands in "developing countries." They specialize in the exploitation and destruction of the local environment, the stealing of resources, they are pushers of the vaccination death plans, in importing subsidized GMO foods to destroy the local organic crops, importing sans union sweatshops at slave wages, backing coup d'etats, they're really skilled in the character assassination of homegrown leaders - their imprisonment, kidnapping, assassination, disappearance or maiming, and in exporting hope, education, community, culture, social structures, land ownership... in short: they specialize in selling their people out for a golden parachute at the end of all their dirty work.

The traitors are from within too of course. They're the "business elite" in developing countries. The International Republican Institute (IRI), the Haiti Democracy Group, National Endowman for Democracy (NED) call them, "Civil Society" groups (GNB, Group 184...), which basically stands for the foreign financed opposition. The kind of opposition the Obama administration was caught planning to install in the Ukraine in a leaked phone call. Their services are retained to destabilize struggling countries and manipulate elections that the U.S. Empire is shopping for control over.

Category Zeros use titles on their resumes like: Independent International Development Professional (Independent because the powers that be gotta keep them hungry, right?). Experience: worked at USAID, IDB, IMF, World Bank... Currently sitting on the Board of Directors at NGOs-R-Us, Fair Trade & Co., Vulture Capitalism Ventures, Disaster Capitalism Planning and Structural Adjustments, Ltd.

The Caribbean's foremost industry is tourism. Most CARICOM countries are in bondage to their former enslavers and colonizers in Europe. If tourism is development, why are CARICOM leaders currently planning to seek reparations for slavery to go towards development? The populations of Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, Turks & CakeHosts, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic... you name the island - all exist to serve at the pleasure of vacationing rich tourists as butlers, maids, tour guides, and other service oriented occupations. The Caribbean should ask for their freedom and reparations. Is servitude the kind of development that Black Gatekeepers of Empire would want as a legacy for their own children?

The Head Negro in Charge's administration announced last week they would ask a New York court to drop a cholera lawsuit brought by some Left Gatekeepers who are on the payroll of Empire: namely the IJDH and its Board Member Paul Farmer of death plan cholera vaccines infamy and erstwhile "good will ambassador" of the US/UN occupation of Haiti - its UN Envoy to Haiti. State Dept re UN/Haiti cholera lawsuit (March 7, 2014)

The Obama administration's "US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki explains the US decision to recommend dismissal of a federal class-action lawsuit against the United Nations on allegations that it caused a cholera outbreak that has killed 9,000 people."

Updated 3/14/2014 — In an earlier version the National Endowment for Democracy was mistakenly referred to as: the National Institute for Democracy.

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Deb said...

Mr. Fanon has been on my mind as well lately (still reading "The Wretched of the Earth" right now!).

Thank you for this wonderfully concise and dead-on post! Oh, and yes -- the Changeling is, in fact, THE BEST-SELECTED, "Rotten Black Gatekeeper of Empire" (among the myriad elected ones here) I've seen to date!


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