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The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men Go Boom

The rapture is near and you'd better get your affairs in order is the message in this video. But is there a "master plan", which can explain this inevitable downfall of the world's most powerful nation?

It's right there in front of your untrained eyes in the religious symbolism of Ancient Egypt, the architectural plans of Washington, DC and Astana, Kazakhstan.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray
--Robert Burns
TheGroxt1 guides us through a labyrinth of symbolic themes from Egypt, the Bible, and Free Masonry to prepare us for the apocalypse.

Astana, Kazakhstan - Astana is a planned city such as Canberra in Australia, Washington, DC and Brasilia, in Brazil. It became the new capital city of Kazakhstan in 1998. It is said to be the "occult" vision of one man, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan. It is the first capital built in the 21st century. The master plan of Astana was designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. It has some features that are said to be of Masonic structure, which embraces Egyptian symbolism. Egyptian architecture very often depicts symbols of one of the most ancient religions known to man, Sun Worship.

Interesting tidbit: before becoming the planned city of Astana, in 1992, the city had been renamed Akmola (Kazakh: Ақмола), meaning "a white grave".

The Worship of Aten Akhenaton, (aka, "The Heretic Pharaoh") is one of ancient Egypt's most controversial Pharaohs. Like no other Pharaoh before him, he abandoned the traditional Egyptian polytheism and started worship centered on Aten, God of the solar disc. The Heretic King is believed to be the first person to promote a monotheistic religion, the belief in only one god. He claimed, There is only one god, my father. I can approach him by day, by night. The king wrote about being visited by beings that came from the sky, and the ancient Egyptians worshipped him as a god, believing he was a direct descendent of Aten. This was known as Atenism. It has been suggested that Akhenaton was actually the founder of the Judeo-Christian religion. Sigmund Freud argued that Moses was an Atenist priest who had been forced to leave Egypt with his followers after the Heretic King's death. Freud believed that Moses achieved the monotheism that Akhenaton sought to promote.

The New World Order folks may have a hand in the building and plans for Kazakhstan's new "futuristic" capital?

Jonathan Aitken, a British Conservative Party leader and disgraced (he plead guilty to perjury and perverting the course of justice) politician, who is currently the honorary president of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is featured in the CNN cited story below as a biographer and one of "Nazarbayev's strongest supporters."

Interestingly, it emerged in 1995 when Aitken was being investigated for his dealings with leading Saudis that he was chairman of a secretive right wing think-tank called Le Cercle, alleged by Alan Clark (deceased British Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) -- died of a brain tumor) to be funded by the CIA.

Astana: The world's weirdest capital city
By Daisy Carrington, for CNN
Updated 2:30 PM ET, Fri July 13, 2012
In 1997 Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev moved the capital from Almaty in the southeast of the country to the newly-named Astana (previously it was called Akmola), which was then an empty patch of land by the Ishim River best known as a former gulag prison camp for the wives of Soviet traitors."

"... The city's futuristic design shows Kazakhstan's ambition and desire to distance itself from the Soviet legacy that has marred many of the surrounding Central Asian nations.

"Architecture always represents the development of the state, of technology and of culture," notes Rustambekov. "As Astana is positioning itself as the center of Eurasia, a place where East meets West, a mixture of styles is quite appropriate."

According to this self-styledChristian watch group, the multinational organization Christian Solidarity Worldwide's membership includes "ideological forces", such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Here is their Board of Directors (BOD) and membership roster,  and Masonic/Illuminati people.

"... The purpose of this series is to examine the counter movement that is mobilizing thousands of Christian churches to political activism against global persecution. Is the religious persecution movement a Christian movement? Has the information disseminated to Christians been accurate? Who are the principal figures involved in leading this movement? Are they true Christians? Are they advocating Scriptural principles? If this is not a Christian movement, then whose agenda is being advanced?

Our research has discovered that modern Christians are being manipulated by ideological forces that are diametrically opposed to the faith of Jesus Christ. The Church has been infiltrated by change agents who have been trained to use the worthy ideals of Christianity to advance a larger agenda. Financed by wealthy foundations, these individuals have multiplied programs ostensibly dedicated to missions, prayer, revival, Bible study, Christian education, restoring marriage and the family, rescuing the unborn - and now Christian martyrs.

Because true Christians love righteousness and hate evil, they tend to join these movements without asking questions. The purpose of Watch Unto Prayer is to research these programs and movements and to present information that enables Christians to make informed judgments about them.

... In 1997, Christianity Today carried a story: "Through bombs and bullets: Baroness Caroline Cox offers aid and advocacy to persecuted Christians." This heroine of the persecuted church is acclaimed by CT to have written a book, The Rape of Reason, The Corruption of the Polytechnic of North London "in which she upbraids the 'physiognomy of hatred' propagated by hardline Marxist/Leninist esprit breeding at the school."

We discovered that the co-authors of this book with Caroline Cox were Keith Jacka and John Marks. Sir Keith Jacka Holyoake, now the Governor General and Prime Minister of New Zealand, is found on the list of Famous Freemasons."

Read more at: http://watch.pair.com/CSW.html

1  "The purpose of Watch Unto Prayer is to research these programs and movements and to present information that enables Christians to make informed judgments about them."


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