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Vaccines & Other Medical Experimentation

The profit motive was perennial for the enslavers of men, and is still the reason behind why Big Pharma pushes for mass vaccinations. This is especially reprehensible because the toxin laden vaccines target the most vulnerable sectors of our society: very young children and the elderly and infirm. It's highly likely that the widespread increase in mass inoculations are facilitating the steep rise in autism in children and dementia/Alzheimers in the elderly.

It's noteworthy that the inoculation method used by Africans for centuries to combat disease and viruses was a human to human transmission of "the pustule of an infected person." A man named Onesimus introduced the method while enslaved by a man named Cotton Mather during an outbreak of smallpox in Boston. See the story below. Interestingly,  the first vaccine inoculation is not credited to Onesimus but to a man named Edward Jenner. However, Jenner decided to use an infected animal to produce the immunization effect, a cow with "cowpox."

This is the tale of how the African inoculation method was introduced during a smallpox epidemic in Boston: 

Born in Africa, Onesimus was a slave of Cotton Mather, a Puritan minister in Boston. When a smallpox epidemic broke out in Boston in 1721, Onesimus informed his master about an inoculation procedure practiced in Africa. The centuries-old practice was practiced throughout Africa and involved the extraction of material from the pustule of an infected person and, using a thorn, scratching it into the skin of the unaffected person. The deliberate introduction of smallpox gives the inoculated person immunity from the disease. In some cases, there is no reaction while a mild non-fatal form of the disease may occur in others. 
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What are they putting in our children's bodies with their animal, chemical, and heavy metal derived vaccines? So much unnatural experimentation is conducted on our communities without our knowledge or approval. No wonder there is so much increased pathology, mental health issues, hormone imbalances (fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs are to blame too!), cancers...etc, 

Also, the US medical community is so owned by Big Pharma, that any questioning of their scientific evidence and use of mass vaccinations, is seen as an attack on their bottom line. It is often ridiculed and dismissed, rather than being taken as legitimate, honest and informed criticism.

Does the science support mass inoculation with vaccines and their claims to prevent disease? Disease naturally breeds immunity to viruses. Why aren't we looking at natural immunity? What is the scope and power of Big Pharma in the US and globally? What is causing the steep rise in autism in children and dementia/Alzheimers in the elderly? What are the long list of 62 different types of chemicals (aluminum, polysorbate 80, latex, gelatin, antibiotics, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate [MSG], thimerosal [mercury containing preservative]...) that are in these vaccines and how do they effect our bodies: the brain cells and other neurotransmitters?
Glad you asked! This documentary covers all that and more.

What could be less healthy than the ingredients in these vaccines (visit the link at Natural News for more on this)?
Most modern vaccines (flu shots for one) are produced from animals, some infected with dread viruses, heavy metals,and other toxins. For instance chicken eggs, aluminum and at least 14 other chemicals/ingredients are used in flu vaccines. the kidneys of chimpanzees (to produce the Polio vaccine that probably infected Africans with HIV/AIDS), was used by Dr. Hilary Koprowsky... other animals used are macaques...

How vaccines are made: Monkey kidneys, spinal material ...
The issues surrounding the dangers of vaccines require a look into how they are made and to what we are exposing ourselves to. So, what are vaccinations exactly?

Generally speaking, vaccinations are inoculations that attempt to confer immunity against a specific disease. Our anti-body defenses are stimulated when weakened versions of bacteria or viruses are injected into our system.

Bacterial vaccinations are grown in petri dishes but viral vaccinations require a live host. Recent medical advances have widened the sphere of what "live host" actually means.

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Scientific racism: "Provided a natural underpinning for slavery... The roots of Black aversion to medicine lie in this horrible history." – Harriet Washington
Who has more reason to fear and distrust the medical community and their vaccine pushers and television pundits than the Black community? Blacks have always been the first to be victimized and abused by a system that Harriet Washington exposes in her book: "Medical Apartheid?" Presently, there are studies, which reveal the racial bias in Hospitals and doctor's offices against Black people, who are seen as malingering and prescribed fewer painkillers than White people.

UPDATE 2/19/2017:
Nancy Banks speaks out on the problems with vaccination.

Smallpox vaccine (wiki)
Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796. He followed up his observation that milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox did not later catch smallpox by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox. The word "vaccine" is derived from Variolae vaccinae (i.e. smallpox of the cow), the term devised by Jenner to denote cowpox and used in the long title of his An enquiry into the causes and effects of Variolae vaccinae, known by the name of cow pox.[2] Vaccination, the term which soon replaced cowpox inoculation and vaccine inoculation, was first used in print by Jenner's friend, Richard Dunning in 1800.[3]

Onesimus (fl. 1706 - 1717), slave and medical pioneer, was born in the late seventeenth century, probably in Africa, although the precise date and place of his birth are unknown. He first appears in the historical record in the diary of Cotton Mather, a prominent New England theologian and minister of Boston’s Old North Church. Reverend Mather notes in a diary entry for 13 December 1706 that members of his congregation purchased for him “a very likely Slave; a young Man who is a Negro of a promising aspect of temper” (Mather, vol. 1, 579). Mather named him Onesimus, after a biblical slave who escaped from his master, an early Christian named Philemon.

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