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Haiti Earthquake: Food, Aid, Donations & Info (updated 01.28.10)

Local groups or community/grassroots organizations collecting donations, please use the contact form on this website to request the info be posted.

Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network is recommending IFCO/Haiti Relief for earthquake relief for Haiti. We are still gathering information and will have more on other collaborators in Haiti, who are ready to assist with emergency relief.

Here are the organizations with IFCO/Haiti Relief -
Please join our response to the recent earthquake in Haiti. Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, Lakou New York, and MUDHA (Movement of Dominican Haitian Women) are organizing an immediate delivery of first aid relief. MUDHA is traveling to the Dominican/Haitian border, looking at how to reach affected areas.

To make a financial contribution to our efforts, please send a tax-deductible donation to:
IFCO/Haiti Relief
418 West 145th Street
New York NY 10031

  • Ace bandages, gauze pads, bandage & tape
  • Water purification tablets & Rehydration salts
  • antibiotic and antifungal (Mycology) creams
  • anti-allergy medication (i.e. Benadryl)
  • anti-parasite medication
  • Tylenol; children's tylenol
  • cold and cough medicine
  • diarrhea medication
  • eye drops
  • insect repellent
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • skin disinfectant spray
  • Toothpaste and tooth brushes
  • soap and deodorant
  • sanitary napkins
  • brand new underwear - adult (small & med.) and children sizes
  • Nutritional bars, fruit & nut bars, cereal bars (NO CANNED FOODS PLEASE)
  • Tea Light candles & quality batteries (AA & D)

335 Maple Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY (this is not a mailing address) (718) 735-4660
Please use rear entrance on Lincoln Road between Nostrand and New York Avenue.
Enter through St. Francis Church parking lot

(718) 774-3037 208 Parkside, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Forwarded by The Haitian Lawyer's Leadership Network


Long Island Coalition for Haiti's Relief

Suffolk County, NY- Long Island Coalition for Haiti's Relief is a collaboration of faith base organizations, local not-for-profit organizations, Congressman Steve Israel's office, the Suffolk County Executive's office, and the Suffolk County Legislature. The coalition has created an initiative which includes phases to assist survivors of the devastating earthquake that hit Port au- Prince and Carrefour, Haiti, Tuesday, January 12, 2010. Phase I addresses the most immediate needs of the survivors. The coalition is seeking the public's help in collecting specific medical supplies in addition to monetary donations to purchase medical supplies not received.
Drop-off locations are the Williams H. Rogers Legislative Building, Hauppauge; 18 Legislative District Offices throughout Suffolk County; the First Baptist Church in Bay Shore; Myoda Salon International Inc, 136 Wheeler Road, Central Islip, NY 11722. All monetary donations should be made out to:

Haitian Americans United for Change, Inc. (H.A.U.C.).
Po Box 5727 Lake Ronkonkoma NY 11779 or
For further information 1-888-509-4282 ext 108
Forwarded by: Haitian Americans United For Change
888-509-4282 Ext 108 or 101


Haiti Disaster Relief - NY

The Empire State Medical Association is working with the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad

The following action plan is in place:

1) Thanks to those whom have contacted local, state, and federal politicians and congressional leaders. Heavy military disaster relief is on the way with large cargo airplanes flying in and cargo relief and medical ships to set up military type hospitals with generators and search and rescue teams and treat crush injuries and provide pain medication and disposing of rotting bodies in the street and bring antibiotics. Food, water, and clothing must be dropped by helicopter throughout the disaster area by helicopters since many roads are not passable. Military vehicles and manpower are needed to distribute food palates that are at the airport. Heavy machinery must continue to be brought in to clear road paths from building debris. These are immediate needs will continue.

2) The AMHE will be collecting financial donations to get to the Haitian Red Cross in Haiti. Please mail any contributions you desire to give to:
AMHE-NY Chapter (Checks payable to AMHE-NY -Disaster Relief Fund)
1166 Eastern Parkway 2nd floor
Brooklyn, NY 11213

All contributions go directly to earthquake relief with no administrative fees deducted from your contribution. All of the officers are Haitian Physicians whom are not compensated and volunteer their time to improve the health of the Haitian people.

3) All physicians/individual persons whom would like to participate are asked to make collection boxes designated as Haiti earthquake relief to collect financial contributions and have these boxed placed at the front desk of our offices and workplaces to solicit donations from those whom would like to make a voluntary contribution to send to the red cross in Haiti. There will be an ongoing need over the next several weeks. Please send in contributions to the address above.

4) Please encourage local hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, health supplier to send first aid supplies to Haiti. Each box of first aid material helps.

Medical supplies needed FIRST AID SUPPLIES:

• Ace bandages, gauze pads, bandage & tape
• Water purification tablets & Rehydration salts
• antibiotic and antifungal (Mycology) creams
• anti-allergy medication (i.e. Benadryl)
• anti-parasite medication
• Tylenol; children's tylenol
• cold and cough medicine
• diarrhea medication
• eye drops
• insect repellent
• hydrogen peroxide
• skin disinfectant spray

Medical supplies can be dropped off at :
YMCA 1401 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, the contact person from the YMCA is Patricia, phone # 646-258-5215.

If they need additional space the Bedford Stuyvesant YMCA will be made available. This will allow our physicians traveling to Haiti to bring supplies. If you are outside of NY you can mail the supplies directly the Haitian Red Cross in Port-au-Prince, Haiti..

5) Please encourage community groups and churches to collect canned food, bottled water and clothing, and first aid supplies and SEND relief in BARRELS to the Haitian Red Cross in Haiti. Label the Barrels:


• Toothpaste and tooth brushes
• soap and deodorant
• sanitary napkins
• brand new underwear - adult (small & med.) and children sizes

• Nutritional bars, fruit & nut bars, cereal bars • Tea Light candles & quality batteries (AA & D) Paying for the shipping will ensure it gets there.

6) Dr. Delcasse and Dr. Jean Claude Compass have already left for Haiti. Working with the Haitian Consulate the AMHE have obtained a plane from Jetblue to fly medical personnel to the Dominican Republic and to provide a bus to Port-au-Prince.

There have been several physicians that have volunteered. There will be several trips to Haiti in rotating manner. The second wave of physicians is scheduled to leave this Sunday from NY. If you would like to attend please contact

Dr. Louis Auguste MD,
Dr. Paul Nacieer MD,
Dr. Eric Jerome MD

They are compiling a list to go back and forth to Haiti over the next several weeks. Thanks in advance for your support, please forward this to others whom may want to support.

Here is a message from our friend and one of the top physicians in Haiti, Dr. Jean Pape from Port au Prince Haiti:

Message from Dr. Jean Pape 1/13/10 3pm

Dear Friends,

We were very lucky. I have heard from most of our staff and they are safe. My knee is slightly injured by a piece of concrete that fell from the ceiling. I was at a meeting with the Prime Minister, The Minister of Health , the Director General, the Directors of WHO and UNAIDS, USAID staff , others when it all started. We were all able to get out before the room collapsed. All the walls around both GHESKIO sites are broken. Buildings have been structurally damaged particularly at the old GHESKIO.

1. Clear the obstructed roads so that help can reach those in need
2. Specialized teams to save those who are still under the rubble
3. Shelters for those who lost their home
4. Medical and surgical supplies
5. Water
6. Ready to use food
7. Need to organize quickly the burial of the thousands who are dead.
8. Need to put in place emergency hospitals as Doctors without Borders are not operational as their building collapsed.
9. Emergency measures to prevent infections

Please forward this note to all those concerned about the situation in Haiti.


Thanks in advance for all whom have supported and continue to support.
Daniel Laroche MD
President, Empire State Medical Association
Member, AMHE

Daniel Laroche MD
Eye Physician and Surgeon, Glaucoma Specialist
President, Advanced Eyecare of New York

215-43 Jamaica Avenue
Queens Village, NY 11428
Tel- 718-217-0424, Fax 718-217-0459

49 West 127th Street
Harlem, NY 10027
Tel- 212-663-0473, Fax 917-493-1010

President, Empire State Medical Association

NY State affiliate, National Medical Association

Forwarded by Empire State Medical Association


Haiti Disaster Relief - Miami

If you are in Miami, bring collected medicine to the Haitian-American Physician Abroad (AMHE) at 144-55 Memorial Highway, Miami Florida at memorial highway baptist church (very close to Jackson hospital) - For more info: Dr. Francelot Moise 786 587 7646 and Dr. Florence Solage. Drop off only emergency medical supplies and MRE's (Meals-Ready-To-Eat). No clothes, blankets, or canned food at this location.

Important News Items:

President Obama pledges $100M in aid as 2,000 Marines arrive to help victims
Military Preps for Broader Haiti Relief Mission
ELCA International Disaster Response Commits Funds to Haiti Relief
Donations to help relief efforts flowing from around the sports world
FBI Warns Against Online Haiti Relief Scams

Corporations offering support/aid to Haiti:
• UPS is offering free shipping for anything under 50 lbs going to Haiti.
American Airlines is taking doctors and nurses to Haiti for free. Please call 212 697 9767
• More companies offering aid: Companies offer aid for Haiti earthquake victims

• T-mobile customers can call Haiti and they will waive the charges to call Haiti on long distance calls until January 31 2010


What you can do:
• Contact your local parish/church or religious organizations, many are organizing groups of people to go to Haiti and work on disaster relief. Particularly desired are doctors and nurses, but anyone interested can participate. In particular in New York, contact - Pastor Legerre: 1-718.493.3479 or 1-646-286-7469

Conscious Disaster Relief with human rights and dignity


As a member of the earthquake relief with 1199 organization, I was asked to create a database of volunteers to be ready for assistance in the Earthquake Relief in the United States and Haiti.

If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail me the following:


The Haitian Lawyer's Leadership (HLLN) supports AMHE's relief mission and urges you to do so also. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency is the only way to break the old neocolonial paradigm.

Join Ezili's HLLN in supporting Haitian-led, Haitian0capacity building organizations. Join HLLN's efforts in bringing conscious disaster relief with human rights and dignity.

Make a donation. Urge your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation towards creating a different paradigm in Haiti where there is respect for Haitian sovereignty and Haitian leaders are allowed to lead in the interests of their own naition, their own people. Support Ezili's HLLN -- NOU LA! - Relief fund. We are here to continue Dessalines' work.


"Haïti Chérie, Pi bon péyi pasé wou nan pwen, Fôk mwen té kité-w, Pou mwen té kab konprann valè-w, Fôk mwen té mantché-w, Poum té kab aprésyé-w, Poum santi vrèman, Tou sa ou té yé pou mwen."

– Chris

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Anonymous said...

Interested in the earthquake in Haiti and international response? Watch the PBS show Basic Black tonight at 7:30 p.m. for a LIVE panel discussion about the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, as well as a discussion about the race for the Massachusetts State Senate seat and its national implications. You can watch on channel 2 in Boston, or online at Be sure and comment in our chat, which is now live!

T Keller said...

Will some one please take the microphones out of those reporters hands and put them to work.Why do they feel the need to get in the way and ask stupd questions I am getting really tired of this stuff. put the camera's down and help. Please, we know it is very bad there we don't heed any more pictures or tv reporters. Help or get out of the way

Eternal Lizdom said...

I do not know you and found your blog by searching for bloggers in Haiti. I am adding a link to your blog in a special section on my own blog. I want you to know that I am praying for you and for all the people in Haiti.

Dear God,

While I cannot always understand the things that happen in our world, I pray that you will be with all the people in Haiti and those outside of the country who are waiting to hear from loved ones. I pray that all those who are hurting, grieving, in pain, suffering will feel your embrace and know that you are there beside them and that you weep with them. I pray that those who lost loved ones will feel comforted in knowing that you were there when their loved one lost their life and that you have taken them home and that they have no more pain or fear. I pray for strength for the rescue workers, the missionaries, the communities, all who are working countless, endless hours to bring stability back to this devastated place. I don't have much to offer but I do have the strength of my prayers and my faith in your love and comfort.


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