Monday, November 15, 2010

The Red Cross Is A Party
to G E N O C I DE in Haiti

The Red Cross has been delivering slop water to the camps. The water is not potable. The people have gotten sick as a result, with stomach aches, rashes, fever and other water bourn diseases. Is the Red Cross even telling folks that they need to boil the water? Even if they want to, most don't have the facility to do so. So why not give them clean water? What is the Red Cross spending the donation money to Haiti on?

THE RED CROSS is lying on it's website when they purport to be delivering purified water or crisis counseling.


"….The American Red Cross has been working for months in the camps of Port-au-Prince educating tens of thousands of people about health and good hygiene. In response to the cholera outbreak our health promotion teams have more than doubled in size, to about 230 promoters, and we expect to directly reach about half a million people with cholera prevention messages within a month. These face-to-face messages about cholera have been reinforced by millions of text messages sent to about 380,000 cell phone users by the Red Cross network, as well as radio broadcasts.

The Red Cross network has also been distributing 660,000 gallons of purified water across Port-au-Prince every day for months.


Unfortunately, as this video demonstrates, this is not what is really happening on the ground.


Water is delivered here but everyone says it is not sufficient. This water distribution is organized by the Red Cross and the truck comes around the camp about for times a day distributing water to the residents, but it's not water that they can drink. They say when they do drink it, it makes them ill. But they simply do not have access to anything else.

"This water is not potable at all, it gives us infections."

If cholera takes hold here, access to drinking water will be the most important safeguard against the acute dehydration that has already killed so many.

But the Red Cross says it won't be from the supplies they deliver.

Ricardo Caivano
Country Director
"Our recommendation is to always boil the water if you can. Or to buy the drinking water if they can that is sold. "

Sebastien Walker
Al Jazeera
"That's not possible for a lot of people, Sir.

RC: "Almost impossible, yes."

SW: "Why is it not possible to supply drinking water?"

RC: "It's difficult. It's not impossible, it's difficult."

SW: "As fears rise over what could happen if cholera does take hold in Haiti's camps. So too should the questions of why more hasn't been done since January to make sure that an outbreak of disease doesn't turn into another catastrophe.

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