Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hilary Clinton, how does it
feel to get leaked on?

This Wikileaks satire video was posted on Twitter by @Wikileaks. The truth is out there and it's very funny. Here's an excerpt.

Hilary Clinton, how does it feel to get leaked on?

It's scandalous! This is a case of high treason. It's against the land of the brave and divine freedom. Were the good guys for democracy. We fight evil. And we wage peace around the world, proud of the flag. These leaks could devalue this powerful brand. Bring military operations straight to a halt. Our shareholders, clients, and partners will clearly revolt.

But aren't you beholden to the American public? And isn't the U.S. one of the primary culprits in overthrowing governments?

Such as?

Chili, Iran, Nicaragua…

Please, stop with the drama. The American people are our employees. Who's taxes fund the wars that support our schemes. Their kids become our troops we send overseas. In return for mega-malls and the American dream. And if our client states don't like the things that we do, we install a dictator with a CIA coup. And foreign relations subversion is the method we use. Wikileaks threatens the system, so its a terrorist group.

But people of the world seem to genuinely approve of Wikileaks actions in spreading the truth.

They do? Well then they're terrorist too. Dissenters are traitors are terrorist as history proves and they always loose.

That's curious, weren't our greatest heroes persecuted for this reason?


Mandela, Ghandi, Jesus…

Mwa ha,ha,ha. You idealists!

See an article on the Guardian UK's website by Mark Weisbrot about "cablegate," titled "WikiLeaks' lesson on Haiti." On their website, The Center for Economic and Policy Research has a more succinct title for the piece: "Wikileaks Cables Show Why Washington Won’t Allow Democracy in Haiti."

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thezenhaitian said...

Abidjan, Ivory Coast is kicking out the UN. Two things that have me grinning from ear to ear!

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