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MINUSTAH: Manifesting Disease in Haiti

Minister of Health Report on cholera cases for January 20, 2012
It is being reported that once again MINUSTAH's mandate in Haiti is to be renewed. By now it is clear to most Haitians that the UN mandate in Haiti was not for the protection and security of Haitians. During the tenure of MINUSTAH Haitians have suffered more loss of lives than they had under the Duvalier dictatorships.

The UN unleashed a virulent form of cholera in Haiti. The cholera was in fecal matter dumped into the Meye River from the UN's Mirebalais base in the heartland and food growing countryside of Haiti. The cholera epidemic is not the first time the world has made Haiti its toilet facility. According to the Haitian Ministry of Health, there has been 520,550 reported cumulative cholera cases, 284,121 hospitalizations and 7,025 deaths, as of january 20, 2012."

Given this fact, it is useful to know something about the history of the United States germ warfare in the Western Hemisphere, which is a legacy held over from it's European antecedents. "Germ warfare is an integral part of European history, and it is not farfetched to think that the English began that practice in their earliest days of invading North America."

The likelihood of germ warfare is given credence when you read about the history of United States germ warfare and experimentation on people of color, particular recent history of what was done to Haitian refugees in Guantanamo Bay and other American detention centers. The shameful, cruel and inhuman details of these tragic atrocities and injustices must be fully exposed.
Within months of their incarceration in detention centers in Miami and Puerto Rico, many male Haitian refugees developed an unusual condition called "gynecomasia". This is a condition in which males develop full female breasts. A number of the internees at Ft. Allen in Puerto Rico claimed that they were forced to undergo a series of injections which they believed to be hormones."
The layers of U.S. atrocities in Haiti are mind-bending and does not stop with their meddling with Haiti's sovereign domestic affairs. Germ warfare may very well be part of the arsenal of weapons being used in their ongoing crimes against humanity in progress in Haiti.

Sean Penn lately has become a tool of American impunity in Haiti. Echoing the U.S. State Department and their puppet Martelly, Penn thinks that Haiti should take it easy on former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier. Shocking many victims of the brutal regime, a Haitian judge, Jean Carvez dropped crimes against humanity charges against Duvalier.

“Haiti is not the kind of country that can afford to do the kind of righteous accountability that we have a high responsibility to in our own government, and one that we very rarely fulfill,” Mr. Penn said. [Sean Penn interviewed on Tavis Smiley]

Haitians, who can speak for themselves disagree. Thousands of protesters marched in Port-au-Prince on the 26th year anniversary of the fall of the Baby Doc dictatorship to denounce the decision to drop the human rights charges against the hated regime.
"Many cultural critics, such as Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, and Ben Bagdikian, have pointed out that in order for American power to carry out the atrocities it has perpetrated abroad, it needs to "manufacture" the consent of the American people. That is because America must at one and the same time carry out the appearance that it is the freest society in the world (true, to a degree, as Chomsky acknowledges) while tyrannizing much of the rest of the world. The democracy of the U.S. is managed, while the democracy of the rest of the world is deterred..."
The United States secret war on Haiti escalated with the removal of Haiti's first real democracy and the installion of an American puppet (Gerard LaTortue) who illegally approved the installation of the UN military force. They then manufactured consent for installing the current black overseers, who are headed by a burlesque performer (Michel Martelly) selected for his pliability and loyalty to American Empire. This American approved gang is currently busy installing their criminal allies: Duvalierists, Macoutes, FAdH, SIN... and other U.S. backed and financed terrorists and criminals into positions of power.

If it wasn't apparent to anyone before, it should be now -- there can never be PEACE or RECONCILIATION without JUSTICE.

The above reference remarks by the newly minted Haitian Ambassador at large, Sean Penn aside, Americans are not more deserving of justice than Haitians or any other country they have unleashed their Imperial hubris, greed and self-serving evil intent on.

  • Dady Chery’s Top 10 Reasons Why MINUSTAH Should Go | Haiti Chery
    8. MINUSTAH harbors vandals and vectors of disease. In October 2010, MINUSTAH introduced a cholera epidemic into Haiti. So far, the epidemic has killed over 5,900 [7,000] Haitians. MINUSTAH covered up the fact that several Nepalese soldiers arrived in Haiti sick with cholera and still lies about its role in the epidemic. As recently as Aug. 6, 2011, MINUSTAH was continuing to dump its fecal matter in Haiti’s rivers.
    9. The presence of U.N. troops on Haitian soil is illegal. Haiti’s MINUSTAH is the only U.N. force in a country that is not at war.
    10. The Haitian people despise MINUSTAH. Haitians at home and abroad, young and old, rich and poor, have made it known that they want MINUSTAH out of Haiti. Common epithets for the troops are “Volè kabrit!” (Goat thief!), “Kakachwet!” (Shitter!), “Koléra!” and “Pédofil!”
  • Haiti The mandate of MINUSTAH will once again renewed(French)

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