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Rudy Eugene was Not a "Zombie" or "Cannibal"

Updated 3/12/2013
gilberto valle
Six year veteran NYPD
Police Officer Gilberto Valle
According a criminal complaint the FBI filed, NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle likes hot women, trussed, slow cooked and served.

"The evidence against the officer, a six-year veteran of the New York Police Department, consists of e-mails and instant messages in which he was “discussing plans to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook and eat body parts of a number of women,” according to the complaint against the officer, Gilberto Valle. The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested him on Wednesday in Queens."

Gilberto Valle's story illustrates how a psychotic criminal behaves. It is not a spontaneous act of passion, rage and hate, but well-planned revolting sadistic mentally unstable diabolical misogynist sick and monstrous.

Yovanka Bryant
Locking lips: Yovanka Bryant produced this photo of her boyfriend of four months, Rudy Eugene, to prove that he was not a violent man
Valle had fantasies where he literally ate women, Rudy Eugene dated hot women, preferring them alive and unskewered. One girlfriend described Eugene as "a sweet loving gentleman" and a hard-working man."

The other girlfriend Yovanka Bryant said at a press conference held by her lawyer Gloria Allred, that Eugene studied the bible and carried it around. She felt "safe" with him and trusted him around her son. Eugene's mother stated that Eugene could not have possibly been in his right mind, "they" must have "injected" him with something.

Questions and facts to ponder about the uncharacteristic and brutal way Mr. Eugene attacked poor homeless Mr. Poppo:
  1. The autopsy found there was no human flesh in Rudy Eugene's stomach.
  2. Yovanka Bryant
    Rudy Eugene's girlfriend, Yovanka Bryant speaks out: "Rudy was a family man."
  3. What sparked his violent behavior? No one knows, but it must have been powerful. It wasn't the marijuana found in his system. However, the fact is: pills have the ability to effect people without going through the digestive process. Under the tongue for instance is one avenue where pills can be absorbed. That's why vitamins, heart medications and other medications are taken sublingually.
  4. Admittedly, the attack was brutal and unprovoked, but even before any investigation was launched, news media reported police statements speculating that Eugene was possibly on bath salts — helping to not only poison public opinion, but to predispose the outcome of any in-dept investigation.
  5. Of course, any investigation would have been facilitated if the man was Tased, rather than shot to death on the spot.
  6. The news media used prejudicial terms like "Causeway Cannibal" and "Miami Zombie" to describe the attack -- this is not totally accurate.
  7. Eugene's girlfriends considered him to be a decent man, who treated them well.
  8. Although, Eugene had one minor arrest for a domestic violence incident involving his mother,  he had no felony convictions. His mother considered the attack on Mr. Poppo an uncharacteristic aberration. He was a fine man," stepdad Melimon Charles told Miami New Times.
  9. rudy eugene's car
    Rudy Eugene's car with the Haitian flag
    emblazoned on the hood.
  10. Eugene broadcast that he was of Haitian decent because his car was emblazoned with a Haitian flag. It's possible his presumed ancestry and the possibility that he was passed out in his car after a break down or something, might have put a target on his back.
  11. It's clear that his immigrant family is from Haiti, but maybe if people knew that Rudy Eugene was an American* who was born February 4, 1981 at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital they wouldn't have been so quick to add this "Zombie" or "cannibal" attack label on him? This "Zombie" myth has been linked to Haiti through Hollywood movies and has very often been proven to be a scandalous lie (hint: The Lancet 1997 study diagnosed three medical conditions, but found no "Zombies" in Haiti). The "Zombie" myth has its uses; for some Haitians who perpetuate it, it probably gives them a feeling of empowerment. The negative repercussions are when the powers that be use this colonial narrative to continue to marginalize Haitians as irreligious, violent and criminal. Haitians are decent, hard-working, often very religious people.
  12. Finally, not to be a conspiracy theorist, but why hasn't the public been told what those pills were? It doesn't take this long to determine the chemical composition of a pill does it? The attack was May 26, 2012, and the last medical report was released on Jun 27, 2012. The whole incident is very mysterious. Why the secrecy? Is it possible that Rudy Eugene, as his mother alleges, was a victim too?
Speaking of people being injected with mysterious drugs that alter their behavior... here's some food for thought: Government employed scientists, pharmaceutical company scientists, illicit drug dealers and other "mad scientists" are always busy formulating drugs, vaccines and "therapies" that have "unintended consequences."

zombie soldier's brain
DARPA's Zombie Soldier brain control experiments.
It's interesting to note that the Pentagon's super secret scientific "mad scientists," the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA is paying Texas A&M University US$9 million to develop something that will produce what calls "Hibernating Soldiers" -- guess someone thought it best not to call them Zombies -- has negative connotations that might rankle the ranks.

Evidently, no one is forthcoming with that much coveted "secret" formula. Such a formula would probably serve another purpose; maybe for space travel if it suspended the evolutionary clock. The ability to produce a powerful psychoactive drug that reportedly can make a person a "Zombie" though, is pure Haitian folklore. Presumably, if such a formula existed, DARPA could have saved some or all of the $9 million they are spending — or not.

Aside from the seemingly rampant interest in Zombies in pop-culture, movies and TV, it's been reported that an international group of scientists are studying an ant in the Amazon that they're calling a "Zombie Ant."

Back to the Hollywood version of a brain-eating "Zombie." It's all hype and no substance in reality.  Zombies, if you understand their meaning, are brain dead cadavers who are programmed to respond to directives from their masters. The fact that in American pop culture and in the news, a "Zombie" is associated with a violent "attack," conclusively proves that American's fears about things they haven't really even bothered to find out about, specifically relating to Haitian culture, have very little basis in reality. Drone would be a better term to use — something or someone programed to attack. Let's try that on for size: "Miami Drone" or "Causeway Drone." There, that's better.

* North Miami Beach Police Department Incident/Investigation Report (PDF)

UPDATED 3/12/2013:

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