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Dear America: #BringBackOurSovereignty

People are growing suspicious of the hysterical press coverage of the missing girls in Nigeria. They wonder: why isn't the U.S. equally concerned about the numerous other pressing issues happening to innocent men, women and children globally?

An American friend of mine echos this concern:
Okay, I am officially smelling a rat in this Nigerian abduction story. You can never, ever trust hysteria in the media because it is always a sure sign of political manipulation. Is the US up in arms about the millions of homeless children in the world? About the millions of child workers? About the sweatshop workers in Bangladesh who lost their lives so horrifically? About the mass rapes of women in Guatemala by the military and US special forces? About the mass rapes of Congolese women by militias in the hire of western jewelers? About the massive evictions of Roma throughout Europe, including elderly, children, infirm, and disabled? So why the hell would it give a rat's ass about young girls in Nigeria!?

Doesn't this story resonate with all that Kony 2012 baloney that went down the tubes when the guy got naked and danced in the public streets? It smacks of the same hysteria and manipulation. The US is sending in the marines to liberate women again. Where have we heard that tune before?

I don't question that young girls were abducted; I don't question that the Nigerian government has not lifted a finger to find them. Boko Haram may be as politically wacky and scary as they're described--just like Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army were described in the Kony 2012 hysteria. But the US Pentagon is not sending advisors, soldiers, special forces to Nigeria on behalf of young girls. It's up to something much more malignant and scary.

Just today another friend posted a link to an article expressing a similar concern, this time from the vantage point Nigerians and Africans:
"Here’s the thing though, when you pressure Western powers, particularly the American government to get involved in African affairs and when you champion military intervention, you become part of a much larger problem. You become a complicit participant in a military expansionist agenda on the continent of Africa. This is not good.

You might not know this, but the United States military loves your hashtags because it gives them legitimacy to encroach and grow their military presence in Africa. AFRICOM (United States Africa Command), the military body that is responsible for overseeing US military operations across Africa, gained much from #KONY2012 and will now gain even more from #BringBackOurGirls."
Read More: at

No hysterical news coverage at all about the humanitarian disasters in Haiti: over 10,000 Haitians dead from the imported UN cholera by the Nepalese UN soldiers. Not that it wasn't an awful tragedy, but there was more coverage about the 12 Sherpas dead from that Everest avalanche, than the There are over 9,000 troops stationed throughout the entire country. They are not there to secure, develop or help the people of Haiti, but to exploit and rob it of the valuable natural resources.
(#BringBackYourUNTroops / #StopTheUNOccupationOfHaiti)

The UN has been conducting a brutal, deadly, racist proxy US occupation of Haiti for 10 years. The U.S. conspired with France and Canada to removed Haiti's first democratically elected government (BTW: during the aftermath of the U.S. coup Condi "Oil Tanker" Rice warned President Aristide to stay out of the Western Hemisphere!). The "international community" have had their puppets in place in Haiti ever since.
This tweet is by Richard Morse, Michel Martelly's 1st cousin.
RAM is a hotelier and popular band leader/musician.

The Martelly/Lamothe regime have not held elections in over two years and their administration is top-heavy with Martelly's buddies: right-wing thugs and Duvalierist. These two American citizens in power in Haiti (another violation of the Haitian constitution) are facing almost daily protests from the population for their repressive and deadly reign of terror. So much so, that their latest weapon is a toxic water cannon truck to deter dissent. This weapon can be deadly if the Pepper Spray dosage instructions are not precisely followed.

Photo: Beit-Alfa Technologies Ltd (B.A.T)
Read more about this new military styled weapon and more about the repressive and corrupt Martelly/Lamothe regime here.

Update 5/9/2014
Videos, pictures, and links to articles regarding the movement against
the Martelly and Obama regime.

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Arrest of student Fatal Markenson / (Tout Haiti – French)

Haiti 1 Mai 2014 Arrestation etudiant Fatal Markenson etudiant ecole normaleler
Brutalité policière contre des étudiants de l' Ecole Normale Superieure
( Fatal Markenson et co)

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"Pep pa janm pedi batayyyyyy" -tl:
Protest in Washington Against President Obama & President Martelly


Published on May 2, 2014 — "The organization, Citizens Committee to Protect Haitians and Radio Panou in Brooklyn, NY organized this protest in front of the White House on March 28, 2014. It was against President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton for supporting the president of Haiti, Michel Martelly. He's corrupt and violates human rights."

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Martelly Appoints Duvalier Lawyer to Oversee Elections

Two weeks after the Associated Press reported that the "old political party founded under the Duvalier dictatorship says it plans to enter candidates in Haitian elections," President Martelly issued an executive decree naming one of Duvalier's lawyers, Frizto Canton, as a member on the body overseeing said elections.
Duvalier renforce son parti politique, son avocat nommé au CEP
• Fritzo Canton, avocat de Duvalier, est-il un citoyen français parachuté au CEP ?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Anti-Martelly manifestation 5/1/2014

Martelly's brutal army and their toxic gas crushes dissent…
children are gassed, pregnant women are gassed, old people are gassed...

End Update 5/9/2014

The Obama administration has tried to quash the cholera lawsuit filed in New York by the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH). As noted before: strangely IJDH Board of Directors member Paul Farmer is the official UN Envoy to Haiti.

Will cholera victims ever get their day in court? Not if the Obama administration continues to obstruct justice and protect the UN.

Boko Haram: A CIA Covert Operation; America’s Destabilization Plots Against Nigeria–GreenWhite Coalition  "The US and its allies then argued that the intervention of outside powers such as the US and its western allies was the tonic needed to move the ECOMOG operation forward. But in order to prevent any worldwide backlash against this blatant interference in what should be a regional African initiative, the US and its allies sought to present it under the auspices of the United Nations with a select Asian and Latin American countries participating."

"In response to the growing influence of a rapidly expanding industrial China in Africa, the goal of AFRICOM is to seize key strategic areas in Africa and bring them under US control in order to block China’s access to vital energy and mineral resources for its expanding economy. But to effectively carry this out, such African countries of strategic importance must first of all be weakened internally and made to feel so vulnerable that they would have to inevitably seek US protection or intervention."

Foreign Policy in Focus: The Greatest Threat to Africa Isn't Boko Haram
The Moment for Climate Justice - As global civil society calls for a renewable energy revolution, the U.S. Congress is considering an African energy initiative that leaves the door wide open to fossil fuels.

White House climate change report unveils dire warning, calls for action
"Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present," the report said.

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