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Today Haitians Are in Open Rebellion

"The United States is at war with Haiti. Congress has never sanctioned the war... and today the Island is in open rebellion." 
     - W.E.B. Du Bois (1920).

Mare Martelly, dixit les manifestants  > January 16, 2015 -

The situation in Haiti today is another U.S. occupation with the UN as proxy going into its 11th year. The anniversary of the 2004 U.S., Canada and France orchestrated coup of Haiti's first democratically elected government is on February 29, 2015.

The Haitian Parliament's and Michel Martelly's ended on January 12 last week. The U.S-backed Martelly picked Evans Paul as Prime Minister after the hasty departure of Laurent Lamothe in the midst of major demonstrations against the government. Evans Paul headed "The Democratic Convergence", organizations which supported the 2004 coup against Lavalas The two are to rule by decree as a dictatorship. The Martelly regime stalled elections for over three years.

This scenario was encouraged by Martelly's handlers, because how do you get to this impasse? You ignore the rule of law, the Haitian constitution, jail, threaten or murder the opposition and generally act as unstatesmanlike as possible while stealing from the government (and Diaspora's) coffers, like the unqualified skinhead who holds eight passports that you are, you had the U.S. Ambassador to back up your big lie about not being an American citizen. Otherwise, aside from your deficit in character, humanity and probity, you are not qualified for the Haitian presidency.

Throw in a UN military occupation of 9,000 from all corners of the globe, which delivers "a quiet genocide" from the "unintended" import of a deadly cholera strain from Nepal and soon the battlefield is littered with a conservative 10,000+ Haitian dead. Who could have predicted that?

The Obama regime supported the dismissal of a lawsuit brought against the UN by the cholera victims and a NY judge did just that to begin another year of United Nations impunity and unaccountability in Haiti. They own the game, so they can make and break the rules if it suits them. A majority of the time, it suits them. Particularly, if it accomplishes the goals they met to secretly hash out (with no Haitians present) at a little meeting called, the Ottawa Initiative. One issue they aced was doing something to depopulate Haiti (of Haitians - all others welcome). This issue they lamented, was a "ticking time bomb." Nature, fault lines, HAARP, deep ocean mining... it all coalesced to cull 100s of thousands of Haitians at once. Hey, you have to admit, there was an awful lot of them. And so few of US! Well, that's one way that conversation at that Ottawa meeting might have gone. Course, they could have discussed how concerned they were about a country with the lowest crime rate in the Caribbean, so many independent souls, what a unique Afro-Caribbean culture, what a wonderful history, such a proud people....Nahhh!

"Why are UN soldiers in Haiti, a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the Western Hemisphere? Why is the UN not in the Dominican Republic or Brazil, which has more violence than Haiti, or even Arizona with its much higher crime rates? Why is the US the largest funder of the UN mission in Haiti? The reason, is unbelievable for Americans, fed a diet of mainstream lies, to absorb. But the results of colonial interventions everywhere on planet earth bear this out. It’s obvious in the Caribbean nations surrounding Haiti. The warmongering UN, US and their private military security contractors (PMSCs), like DYNCORP, are in Haiti to assure Haiti becomes as violent and incarcerated as the rest of the “developed” Caribbean."
— Ezili Dantò

Who gets a gold star? Perhaps you in the white garb selling that expensive cholera "vaccine?" You win! You get a state of the art hospital with solar panels out in the sticks so one isn't bothered by a glut of sick Haitians. Sound good? Whatchu got there fellow? Oh, that's slick! A luxury hotel built with donor money, trailers costing a million contaminated with asbestos for school children -- can we get more of your ideas on development and rebuilding, Well, I don't know... a South Korean owned industrial park. Oh good, monitored by the UN. That's a splendid idea! The UN should be utilized in providing... er security. Making sure workers don't strike, that they're at work on time and stay on the premises until their work is done.

Okay, who gets the trade deals, peddling GMOs, slave-wage factories, lucrative mining contracts, the money-laundering poverty-pimping NGOs, the "hungry" converts to every fundamentalist religion known to human-graft, the pedaphile priests, UN TOURISTAHs all conveniently assembled close to the mother-tit for rat-tat-tat-rat-a-tat-tat or AIDS working worker and you there, you looking to turbo-start or boost your journalism career, are yoh a documenatarian, a dippin' diplomat or a black overseer with a love of swag and swagger, but who can bow and scrape like a real house-negro? Did we forget anybody? Welcome all! Make way n*#!ger!

There have been almost daily protest in the streets for almost a solid month (Named: Opération Burkina Faso after the successful 2014 uprising in BF) up until January 12 when Parliament dissolved, now 5 days later, they've started up again in even greater numbers.

Les victimes des manifestations > January 17, 2015 ‪‬-

The protester's chief demand is that Martelly leave. The "real opposition," (meaning those who have not reconciled with Martelly and injustice by signing on to be a part of this dictatorship. One is Senator Moise. See his statement quoted below.) has proposed an interim government to organize elections headed by the runner-up in the last presidential, election held in 2010, Mirlande Manigat.

A video was circulated of the UN military shooting live rounds at unarmed civilians during one of these protests. Meanwhile, the body count is mounting, and a bloodbath is predicted if Martelly doesn't leave soon.

Will any of this #BlackLivesMatter blood get on the Obama legacy? Or will it just be a small little blip... not unlike a drone over Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Texas, Uganda...

What we are seeing on the ground is a predictably militarized response to peaceful unarmed protesters by the Haitian Police and the UN, so sadly, those predictions are looking to be real. This is also evidenced by some of the bloody and gruesome evidence of the dead and injured that one cannot avoid seeing posted on-line.

Another year of a brutal U.S. occupation, but this time Haiti is not alone in that;
1) the richest "part of Africa is now under the absolute and brutal control of the West: Somalia and Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as well as South Sudan."

Hillary Clinton's State Department paid-off two "human rights" organizations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to facilitate regime change in Eritrea. Take a look at a map. Eritrea shares two borders on the African continent, one with Somalia, the other with Sudan. So guess that's why they're under a constant siege. The Bush regime was pushing for the same atrocities. The Eritrians are called "the Cuba of Africa" because they've held out for so long, in comparison to their neighbors.

2) Other countries around the globe are or have been subject to regime change by the U.S. and its client states and remain either in chaos, civil war or under siege, including but not limited to: Libya, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Russia and Palestine/Gaza.

A special congratulations to Cuba for making a deal with the Obama regime to restore diplomatuc relations. The U.S. has ended travel restrictions. The remaining Cuban 5 returned home (yeah!). Hopefully the embargo will officially end. It should be good news. And one shouldn't feel as if we haven't heard the real story. Cuba has been noticeably acquiescent lately and downright traiturous towards Haiti... like the rest of "leftist" Latin America. Lost that revolutionary spirit since Raoul Castro replaced Fidel. Although, it was so impressive the way they sent over 100 doctors to fight the Ebola virus! Viva!

On the CBS Evening News yesterday, they reported some good news. In Liberia, Ebola is all but contained. In Nigeria and Sierra Leone, there's been good progress. Condolences to the villages in Nigeria who have been attacked by Boko Haram. What's the progress one wonders by those "experts" Obama sent to locate those 100 girls? It was reported that the total kidnappings to date are over two hundred. And the massacre of the entire village of Beja, Nigeria, which was happening during the high-profile Charlie Hebdo incident, where 17 people reportedly died, is estimated to be 2,000. How can Boko Haram be so strong now, they are looking to establish an Islamic state. Wow. It's almost as if they're being rewarded for making the Nigerian government look extremely bad. That would be a plan, if one wanted to undermine what reportedly is Africa's strongest economy... it's got all that oil.

Do #BlackLivesMatter if you can see the devastated village where the Boko Haram massacre occurred from space? Where is the fervor with which NATO "humanitarian" bombed Libya? The "humanitarians" and their NGOs probably can't find any good targets with those satellites that track human rights issues from space.

Obama sent troops to contain the population of Ebola victims in Liberia... can't have these diseased people getting on planes. So callous. So predictable. One can't expect a leopard to change its spots - it is a predator.

In case your wondering where the U.S. stands on this whole ruling by decree/dictatorship thing... the U.S. ambassador to Haiti is squarely on the side of dictatorship.

Haiti - The United States will continue to work with President Michel Martelly after January 12

"Pèp ayisyen! Rete tèt frèt, pa okipe ni nòt ki sòti anbasad amerikèn nan, ni dènye akò swisidè ki siyen ant 4 pati politik yo ak mesye Mateli a. Rete mobilize! Nou mèt konte sou mwen, vi ou mò mwen pap janm trayi nou map toujou rete fidèl ak angajman mwen te pran poum mennen batay pèp la jiskobou."

— Sénateur Jean Charles Moïse / January 11, 2015

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HatTip to Mike Perrett (what up Australia!) for his continued tireless activism for Haiti and being on top of all that's happening. Follow MP on Facebook at No Shock Doctrine for Haiti

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