Monday, May 18, 2015

Can Haiti Get a Simple Apology Nepalese Officials?

How outrageous! A million dollars donated to Nepal by Martelly, but still no acknowledgement from the Nepalese of the disaster they brought to the Haitian people.

In Haiti, many more have died or have been infected by their imported cholera, than was affected by the Nepalese quakes. Of course, one has great sympathy and empathy for these similarly poor and illiterate Nepalese people in their time of sorrow, but how can there still be Nepalese UN troops in Haiti getting "hazard duty" pay when they caused the deaths of over 10,000 Haitians and infected 800,000 more with cholera? Shouldn't they be back home insuring the "security" of their own country?

The least the Nepalese government owes Haiti is an apology, but momentary compensation, a permanent withdrawal of its occupying UN troops or a statement of solidarity that acknowledges their culpability would just begin to make up for the instability and death they brought to Haiti.

Interestingly, we have not had the speculations and anticipation of violence, rioting and the other negative "stories" out of the whitewashed media when a quake disaster hit Haiti. The media's racist stereotyping of Haitians and the call by right-wing outlets like The Heritage Foundation for a militarized response to the disaster never matched events on the ground, but served to demonize, dehumanize and at present serves the purposes of their conspiracy of silence about the continuing instability, abuses and criminality of the UN/US occupation of Haiti and their installation, protection and upholding of the repressive dictatorship of Martelly/Paul.

Why isn't the poverty pimping Sean Penn testifying (with all the phony gravitas his newly minted expertise on all matters Haitian) to Congress right now, as he did after Haiti's quake, about making Nepal a US protectorate?

Their "humanitarian" actions were incomprehensible to anyone except to the White Supremacy System. In any other sovereign country, for the U.S. military to invade and grab control of their airport and keep aid away from the people they claimed to be helping, there would have been a general outcry and outrage.

The inequities continue: For Nepal the U.S. brings out the NASA high tech equipment that can detect noise far down in the quake debris to save the lives of 4 people. They send in special forces on rescue missions, yet for Haiti those forces were sent to ensure no one strayed out of the disaster zone or disturbed the American "interests."

Not that we didn't have a clue about whose lives the US' Obama regime thinks matters. They had that high tech NASA equipment at their disposal after the Haiti quake, but the U.S. was too busy dispatching a show of force to land at the site of the destroyed presidential palace, to bother breaking out that equipment to save African/Black lives. #HaitianLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter


Martelly donates a million dollars to Nepal

NASA Equipment Saves Four People Buried in Nepal Quake Rubble
"The US actually had this technology long ago. Used a similar one in Bosnia to un-earth mass graves. Obama sent 20,000 soldiers to Haiti and no real Seabee units to let the people die and cover up their role in the earthquake while tunelling to build the US Embassy compound and digging in the ocean near the fault line. " — Ezili Dantò

The Heritage Foundation's way of expressing sympathy for victims of Haiti earthquake is chilling, yet Obama takes their every cue from militarizing the quake response to appointing the Bub as to lead U.S. Haiti Relief: "Things to Remember While Helping Haiti."

Mainstream media, aid workers and other foreign entities hype fear of violence in Haiti after the quake as an excuse for the slow response to Haiti earthquake victims...
January 18, 2010
Fear of Poor Hampering Haiti Rescue

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