Monday, January 12, 2009

Israel Uses Chemical Warfare in Gaza

CNN is reporting that the group Human Rights Watch has observed Israel firing white phosphorus into Gaza. Human Rights Watch is demanding that Israel stop. The practice of using deadly poisons on civilian populations is against international law; as is this collective punishment of the civilian population of Gaza. On CNN an Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson claimed last week that they were not using white phosphorus.

As of today, the death toll in Gaza surpasses 900. According to a Reuters report, "Figures from Palestinian medics indicate at least 909 people have been killed. The health minister in Gaza's Hamas-run government said close to 400 of those were woman and children."

The Israeli death toll is thirteen. According to reports, four soldier's deaths were caused by so-called "friendly fire."

White phosphorus was also used by U.S. forces in Iraq. To me the inhumanity of it is a sign that the attacker is getting desperate and is losing the war. Israel is engaged in war crimes and cannot win in Gaza. In the court of world opinion, they have already lost.

No one doubts that Israel is desperate to kill off as many Palestinians as possible in light of the power shift taking place in Washington, but resorting to chemical warfare and the wholesale poisoning the civilian population of Gaza as the world watches is almost too much irony to bear.


Anonymous said...


الفلسطينية said...

hey i just came across your blog- thank you for your continued support of the palestinians.

Ploni said...

gross! your post is full of inaccuracies and vile hate. It is so sad to see a world supporting the extremists on EITHER side. You do nothing to create love and peace in the world, you contribute to the violence when you push inaccuracies and hate.

Ploni said...

you censor your comments?! wow...

thezenhaitian said...

Ploni, please point out specific examples of inaccuracies and "vile hate" so that I may address them. Thx.

AL said...

Israel is the only democracy in the region and 60% of israels population are refugees from arabic islamic nations so please stop defending hamas like they are some kind of angels, if you were living in a 60% islamic nation get ready for some state run ethnic cleansing of your religious group to drive you out of the country Israel has more than a right to exist!

thezenhaitian said...

Israel is a repressive state that is as bad or worst than the apartheid state of South Africa. That is the opinion of many human rights activist and of former president Jimmy Carter.

The Israeli's who make up the population of Israel have come mostly from Europe. Which begs the question - why are the Palestinians suffering for the crimes committed and executed by Germans/Europeans?

Please point out where in my post I defend Hamas. I made no such statement. I could point out that they are ELECTED democratically by the Palestinian people.

The only ethnic cleansing going on is of Israel against the Palestinians. On 60 minutes this year there was an expose which showed the true intent of the Israelis - did you catch it?

Let me give you the link:

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