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Poor Haiti! After the earthquake, cholera, now Babydoc

by Elsie. Original French version posted at http://elsie-news.over-blog

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The French government offers a gift to the Haitians: the dictator Jean Claude Duvalier. It is symbolic of the contempt that the International community has for Haiti that at the same moment when Tunisia is delighted by the departure of Ben Ali, France sends to Haiti the dictator Jean Claude Duvalier. What a shame!

When are the Macoutes returning?

It appears that the assassins always return to the scene of their crimes.

Since 2004, with the boycott of the commemoration of the bicentenary of Haiti's Independence, one knew that the extreme right had orchestrated this great chaos, the purpose of which was to gain back its power.

It was known that the far right, lead by the voice of the writer Lyonel Trouillot, leader of the Collective Against the Commemoration of the Bicentenary of Independence hoped, and worked for the return of Jean-Claude Duvalier.

Latortue, the interim Prime Minister in 2004, was charged with giving power to the far right - the man who criss-crossed Haiti with two Lexus brand cars, had granted a diplomatic passport to Jean-Claude Duvalier. Yuk!

Elsewhere all these zentellectuels were preceded, supplemented, compromised, rewarded by France and are obligated in one manner or another (family, clans, businesses) to the 2 Duvaliers.

It isn't for naught that all the bands of "foreign travelers " talk on Mediapart, Le Point, L'Humanité and other publications. They repeat on the airwaves of all the programs of France Inter, RFI, etc that Aristide was worse than Duvalier.

These irresponsible zentellectuels have committed a tremendous number of evils in Haiti. All this in exchange for some glass jewelry. Yuk!

The far right is delighted, after the visit of Palin with the visit of Duvalier.

It is Préval, who took Jean-Robert Estimé, ancient minister of Foreign Affairs of Duvalier to recommend economic policies and nowadays as the head of plan WINNER for USAID which works with Monsanto, who receives Jean Claude Duvalier now.

At a time when Tunisia is trying to set-up a "clean" government, Haiti swims in its smut.

It is a bunch of riffraffs who, since 2004, gather in Haiti, which has become "the resort of the neo-bloody idiots."

Préval, who will complete his mandate which runs from 2006 to 2011, has betrayed the aspirations of the Haitian people. Now he organizes the return of a dictator who should be judged for his crimes. Yuk!

But what can one expect from a country the intellectuals of which boycotted the commemoration of the bicentennial of its independence?

That they are obligated by France, history will remember. As a friend said to me, who called me brewing with the news of this "return": who could have dreamed that we would live to see this day, when the moron son of the Martiniquais Papa Doc, charged with making zombis out of Haitians would come back to the scene of their crimes.

This year, in April, 2011, it will make 50 years since our dear Jacques Stephen Alexis will have been tortured and slaughtered by the Macoutes of 2 Duvalier.

Eh yes, as I said, papa Préval, what a good boy. Yuk!

Note: Translated from French. Apologies for any omissions or errors.

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