Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haitians have a saying: "washing your hands and wiping it with dirt."

Anti-UN Protests in Haiti:
"They've Brought Us Disease and Humiliation"

This is what the U.S. and it's proxies have been doing in Haiti. In fomenting crisis after crisis in Haiti, they must stupidly think that this will "protect their interests." How droll! With instability comes thousands of Haitians aiming for their shores! Same goes for the Dominican Republic, which harbored, armed and nurtured the "rebels" who were the "muscle" for the U.S. sponsored coup of Haiti's first democratically elected government.

For the U.S., it must be tiring to keep Haiti's mass of "useless eaters"** at bay by keeping their Coast Guard on the alert 24/7. This must be why they need this MINUSTAH proxy occupation to do their dirty work. Keep Haiti unstable and control the country?
**Useless eaters: a term applied to the infamous Kissinger Report in which he proposed methods to reduce the populations of underdeveloped countries... or genocide by any other name.

There has never been any intention by the U.S. to uphold democracy or engender stability in Haiti.

A particularly poignant reminder of U.S. intentions in Haiti was the 20 years of a direct, brutal and racists occupation. During the Invasion of Haiti in 1915: The U.S. Marines went straight to the Haitian National Bank and removed its gold reserves to New York City. The U.S. military ruthlessly crushed resistance, murdering leaders, burning villages to the ground and killing 15-30,000 Haitians. Did you know that the resistance was so strong that the U.S. military had to use aerial bombardment to rout the Cacos and their leader Charlemagne Peralte?

Documents of Charlemagne Peralte - read here.

The U.S. Congressional record documents the theft of the gold and the real reason for the 1915 occupation -- read here: The seizure of Haiti by the United States; a report on the military occupation of the Republic of Haiti and the history of the treaty forced upon her ..

The occupation was the means toward changing the Haitian Constitution, primarily to allow multinationals to own property in Haiti and exploit Haiti's resources for foreign benefit and not the interests of the Haitian people.

The $500,000 in gold would be worth 42,000,000+ in today's gold market. The theft fulfilled two purposes, first it made Haiti a U.S. ward; second, Haiti was no longer able to have a gold standard to back its paper currency.

The U.S. must return Haiti's gold! It must pay restitution for all the injustice, inhumanity -- crimes against humanity it has committed in Haiti!

Also, the occupation trained and from that point on held control over the renegade Haitian military (responsible for many coups, massacres, rapes and other atrocities in Haiti).

When Aristide dismantled of the dreaded Haitian military, it must have rankled the US State Department and Bill Clinton, since it's current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the puppet they've "selected" as Haitian president, the right-wing Duvalerist, Martelly, is determined to re-institute the military over the objections of most of the Haitian people.

Michel Martelly is sure to get support in his quest for a "pink militia" from the guy newly minted to serve at Washington's leisure. The new Prime Minister of Haiti Garry Conille is Bill Clinton's former Chief-of-Staff in Haiti. No matter that Conille, as well as Martelly do not meet the Constitutional residency requirements to hold elective office in Haiti.

"It is a common misconception, both in Haiti and abroad, that the country’s president holds executive power. In fact, his main power is to nominate the man or woman who does: the Prime Minister.... Garry Conille, 45, is the son of a Serge Conille, who was a government minister under the Duvalier dictatorship." Find out more about: Garry Conille's neo-liberal pedigree

All Haitian's will start respecting the U.S. and it's proxy the UN MINUSTAH military force when they begin to put a value on Haitian life.

How the U.S. impoverished Haiti

Haiti - a history of intervention, occupation and resistance


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