Thursday, March 8, 2012

UN Impunity in Haiti: Cholera Outbreak IS Criminal Negligence

1) What this report fails to show is what "'century" exactly did Haiti have a previous outbreak of cholera? It can't since Haiti has never had a documented case of a cholera outbreak. The UN was/is well aware that Haitians did not have antibodies to protect them from cholera. The UN is the one primarily military organization (not humanitarian) which is in the best position to know this because of its supposed "mandate" to help prevent the spread of disease in the world. You'd think that would be a priority in Haiti, but evidently not, given their criminal negligence there. A legitimate question to posit: since the UN "mandate" in Haiti has been repeatedly renewed by the Security Council, are they carrying out a secret agenda? Is the UN practicing bio-warfare in Haiti?

The UN's defense of its criminal behavior in Haiti is absurd. They claim that since Haiti had prime conditions where cholera or other water-bourne disease would thrive, then Haiti itself is responsible for the deadly outbreak... so let's have another real life example where the UN's twisted logic can be applied: if a criminal shoots a policeman and that policeman is not wearing a bullet proof vest and he dies, then he is responsible for his own death.

2) What this report does show is that the UN thinks it is above the law and has operated with impunity in Haiti. So much so that it hasn't even bothered to follow through on its own legal requirements/obligations of putting in place a commission to uphold the rule-of-law; to hear criminal complaints brought against them -- an absurd conflict of interest in the first place!

3) The "agreement" that Haiti is said to have signed, which allows "MINUSTAH" to occupy Haiti under Chapter VII (conditions not met in Haiti), was signed when Haiti was under the illegal US installed regime of Gerard Latortue, so it has no validity. The criminal UN occupation of Haiti is illegal, criminal and based on lies.

Interesting reading: Bill Clinton acknowledged “that a UN peacekeeping soldier brought cholera to Haiti by accident.”

UPDATE 3.10.2012:
No cholera in Haiti prior to 2010.
Cholera in Haiti and Other Caribbean Regions, 19th Century
Volume 17, Number 11—November 2011

HatTip Mike Perrett of No Shock Dotrine for Haiti


thezenhaitian said...

The UN, while denying responsibility for the cholera outbreak in Haiti, has said that the Mirebalais soldiers were tested and found to not have cholera, but what the UN does not acknowledge is that a person may be asymptomatic, but it does not mean that they are not still a carrier of the disease. Obviously their "testing" was insufficient.

What the hell is the UN doing building a military base and occupying land in a rural area of Haiti anyway? The Artibonite is Haiti's breadbasket where food is produced! What turmoil are they encountering there. NONE! With the exception of the virulent deadly disease they brought themselves!

This is what an occupation looks like:
Map - UN Minustah Bases in Haiti - October 2010

DebC said...

"...What this report does show is that the UN thinks it is above the law"

And to date - it has been.