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US Propaganda Press Reframes Bloody Interventions in Ayiti

"In overthrowing me, only the trunk of the tree of negro liberty has been cut down; its branches will shoot up again, for its roots are numerous and deep."
—Toussaint Louverture

How the propaganda US press (#Time) reframes the US government's bloody interventions in Ayiti. The ones they storyboard in this article were planned to remove Ayiti's first democratically elected government.

The article touches on the first intervention, but although they attribute the death and chaos following the US trained and controlled military junta's 1991 coup (only 7 months into Aristide's presidential term) to the CIA operative and death squad (FRAPH) leader named Emmanuel Constant, they try to rationalize his leadership role in political killings as that of an "informant."

Time writer Rachael Bunyan (maker of tall stories) notes: "On Sept. 19, the U.S. military arrived in Haiti. The force numbered nearly 25,000 military personnel from all services.

The move worked, and the junta backed down."

How that really went: US' military junta in Ayiti was the operational arm of the US military industrial complex/US government. They "forced" their junta to abandon power, the same way they deployed a squad of (equally brutal - they occupied Ayiti's first medical college, forcing out students...among other worse atrocities) US Marines to occupy Ayiti.

Raoul Cedras
General Cedras and Biambi were escorted out of the country on a US plane and their "retirement" to Panama was financed by the US. According to his daughter Martine Cedras, so was her expensive education. Wait: she's a psychologist with a degree from Canada. You can't spell that without psycho!

Martine Cedras
"The U.S. also flew Cedras and Biamby to Panama, gave Cedras a rent-free beach villa in Panama, and agreed to lease three homes he left behind in Haiti for $5,000 to $12,000 a month."

Wanted for Murder: The life of ex-US despots

In 2004 the US intervened again ("rebels" they had trained in DR) to replace the Aristide government they had restored after they first removed him; got that? Evidently, Aristide forgot he was bought to Washington and given "the treatment;" so now he was owned: Move it along faster nigga! Privatization! Debt! Pilfering! Polluting! Underdevelopment! The UN doesn't hold a press conference without first consulting with the US, according to (now Netflix executive), former UN Ambassador Susan Rice. The  UN occupation acted as an arm of US imperialism. They did the dirty jobs of; intimidating, terrorizing, vote rigging, raping, murdering, massacre-ing, cholera plaguing (10,000+ Ayitien dead, millions infected), kidnapping (like the TOURISTAH pedos) that they were expected to.

The plan for the second coup was leaked, so we have documentation of how it was cooked up at the so-called: Ottawa Initiative by the US, France, Canada and OAS

At the January 31 to February 1, 2003 Ottawa Initiative on Haiti, a secret meeting of non-Haitians was held at the request of then-Canadian Francophonie Minister, Denis Paradis, it was decided to conduct a coup d'état to overthrow Haiti's President and put the country under U.N. tutelage.

Of course, all regime change interventions are framed as "humanist peacekeeping." As planned, they bought in the aforementioned UN "peacekeepers" and have tried to consolidate their hold on Ayiti in all sectors of "civil society;" as they land grab, resource grab and continue to blanket the country with poverty pimps (under the strong-arming purview of USAID "TIED aid") and the scourge of fundamentalist religious fervor by a missionary corp of dedicated foot soldiers of neocolonial imperialism.

Bunyan: "The reformist and radical programs he [Aristide] had planned fell apart." Why Bitch? It's not like some external imperialist racists fucks planned coups in order to derail real democracy and real development in Ayiti? Unreal!

Since 1790, the start of the Ayitien revolution, the US has expressed it's distaste, hate and disapproval for enslaved Black Africans in Ayiti, who had the temerity to believe that they were deserving of life, liberty and equality.

They expressed that racist imperialist mindset with acts of aggression ("gunboat diplomacy"), acts of Congress (Jefferson pleaded for land, grants and support for the slaver owners fleeing Ayiti for the US and they were paid handsome reperations), and there were many interventions, occupations and embargoes before Washington installed its current embattled corrupt Duvalierist puppet government.

They are the Arsonist AND Firemen! It would be laughable if it was just Whypipo who were the pawns in their acting out of their cave ancestors' violence and murder loving psyches; like in the so-called "dark ages" in Europe - or anytime before they turned from the wholesale slaughtering of other whypipo to genociding people of color (POC).

What this Time hit piece is really saying is that Washington's death plan for Ayiti is unraveling again; it always does.

“There is ‘Haiti fatigue’ so people don’t really think about it,” he says. “Haitians remember it, but abroad? No one really pays attention anymore.”

Ayiti is the most surveyed country in the Western Hemisphere, with listening devices, informants and bought drug dealing coons at every turn. It is home to the fourth largest US embassy in the world; yet, Ayitiens still scare the pants off of Whypipo. Boo, bitch!

Emannuel Constant was allegedly in a US jail on mortgage fraud -

The "rebel" leader Guy Phillips is charged and convicted (9 years) of drug trafficking and also in DEA/US custody, allegedly.

Note that both Constant (60 Minutes) and Phillippe (Ayitien radio) exposed the US permanent state as their bosses. So one saw those arrests coming. A warning to all the drug traffickers the Obama/Clinton regime filled the Ayitien Parliament with.

Cedras and Biambi: hopefully are dead, like US' favorite little DICTator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier

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