Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Obama Don't Care

Candidate: Change you can believe in
President: "You must create the change
that you want to see"
Obama earned the term: "Deporter-in-Chief," which makes him arguably just as toxic as Trump on immigration. True, he had more social skills, swagger and looked charismatic while screwing his base. You know, the people who trusted him when he said he would "change the mindset that got us into Iraq."

His actions were very ugly and consequences are long-term and devastating for the U.S. and the world.

The Patriot Act reauthorized. Guantanamo Bay still open. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was the worst -  allows for unbridled surveillance/warrantless wiretapping. It essentially guts the Bill of Rights.

The bait and switch: Offers may be subject to change without notice

Obama made deals with pharmaceuticals in secret, while promising transparency during his campaign.

He could have passed single-payer in his first year when he had the house and senate votes, but didn't. He also chose to use Republican Mitt Romney's healthcare plan (RomneyCare),  originally think-thought by conservatives at The American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation.

This line is a catch-all for all occasions when people want you to keep your campaign promises - call it ObamaDontCare: "Leaders will not take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks."

A rare moment: Barack Obama
swims against the tide.
He was bought and paid for: Wikileaks revealed his cabinet was picked by execs at Citigroup.

He was just as warmongering as his predecessors and started more wars and preemptive invasions (Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen...). He went along with France invading the Ivory Coast to install Nicolas Sarkozy's pal and former IMF deputy manager, Alassane Ouattara. The colonizer propaganda from his State Department Spokesperson was thick. Imagine, Russia invading to install Al Gore as president instead of George W. Bush during the whole Florida hanging chads thing.

Rather, Bush was installed by his dad's pals on the Supreme Court and the angry yuppies in khakis or Brooks Brother Riot. Some called it a coup - just sayin'.

He continued the UN occupation of Haiti...(more on that below). He lectured Africa about blaming the West for their failings, while literally kissing ass in Europe and Asia.

Destroyed Libya by humanitarian bombing it to hell and causing the horribly graphic video rape murder of Muammar Gaddafi (to Hillary's delight). It opened the African migrant floodgate to Europe (as Gaddafi predicted).  Libya became a depraved, chaotic haven for sex traffickers and slave markets. The news was good for the banksters though: the first thing the savvy "rebels" did before the first NATO bombs had even fallen was to create a Central Bank - so thousands died and are suffering for it, a win for them. The globalist moneymen were not having that African currency or gold standard Gaddafi was advocating... free market means slavery to the bank cartels - read the small print!

Obama hired warmonger Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State (top diplomatic post *giggles*). He assigned the Bubba's to run Haiti Relief (worth repeating: Henry Kissinger wasn't available?).

On his one visit to Haiti, Bush proceeded to shake hands with a Haitian in the crowd and wipe it on Bill Clinton's shirt -- aptly signifying his contempt for Haiti and his racist nature in one fluid move captured by the cameras. HillBilly ran Haiti as their personal piggy-bank and continued the destructive USAID/NGOs/sweatshop/privatization death plan.

Militarization - done: NGOs are a "force multipliers" for us, Colin Powell

Rigging elections - check: "You do nice elections," said Hillary Clinton's shyster lawyer Cheryl Mills

Stealing resources - caching! Recruit Hollywood to attend the opening of sweatshop on land stolen from the locals (yeah, we know there's gold in them thar hills), the usual pay-to-play schemes and their Shady Foundation.

Obama was on board all the way and corrupt himself. Look, he got his reward with giant speaking fees/engagements at the end of his tenure as president. The perks included a sorjourn on billionaire Richard Branson of Virgin airline's luxury yacht. The Obamas chilled with George Clooney and spent quality time with that famous couple: Oprah and Gayle on David Geffen's yacht - gangsta!

Let's be clear, Obama was more able to further the insidious recolonization of Africa using AFRICOM and enlisting DC's "strongmen." The U.S. oligarchs got further with him as the face of imperialism, then they could of with a Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, or a George W. Bush and his jerky dance moves.

Obama never fought to end the Iraq mindset, not at all; he refused to prosecute George W. Bush and his cynical cabal of war criminals.

Joe Biden & Barack Obama share a laugh.
"Many fine people who continue to display 
the Confederate flag as a symbol."
–Joe Biden
Finally, Barack Obama gave us Joe Biden. A man who is not only in cognitive decline, but the psychopath who drafted the crime bill when he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was particularly proud of his three-strikes law.

Joe Biden engages in racist dog whistles now, but there was a time when he would more blatantly express his prejudices. Biden worked closely with his friend, the infamous segregationist Strom Thurmond. He eulogized Thurmond at his memorial.

Biden worked with another Southern Senator and friend named James Eastland on putting through anti-busing legislation.

Does U.S. House Majority Whip. Jim Clyburn, who endorsed Biden for president (helping him win in the South Carolina primaries), remember the time Joe Biden called state-mandated school integration, “the most racist concept you can come up with?"

That time Joe Biden praised a speech Senator Howell Heflin made on the Senate floor, saying: “I, too, heard that speech and, for the public listening to this, the Senator made a very moving and eloquent speech, as a son of the Confederacy, acknowledging that it was time to change and yield to a position that Senator Carol Moseley-Braun raised on the Senate floor, not granting a Federal charter to an organization made up of many fine people who continue to display the Confederate flag as a symbol.”

Biden represented a misogynistic boys club when he headed the Anita Hill portion of the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearing. He appeared to be a mentor and supporter of Thomas and intent on making Anita Hill out to be a liar. Thomas has called himself a "radical." Is it because he is an angry bitter man (watch his 60 minutes interview) who wants no one to benefit from a hand up; like he himself likely did many times due to the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement?

Can we all agree that Thomas and Barack Obama, being the articulate and presentable Black guys fortunate enough to have had the benefit of Joe Biden's wise counsel and friendship, should sit down together at a soda fountain summit to discuss the merits of Biden having one discernible policy stance?

Listen to Joe Biden on the "predators" who don't deserve a second chance. The ones "born out of wedlock", "without parents"..."We have an obligation to cordon them off as a society."

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