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The Polio Vaccine—add this footnote

Salk's polio vaccine caused 1000s of polio cases, with 200 kids left paralyzed and 10 dead.

What is often ignored is that, although Americans lived in fear of the dreaded disease nicknamed “infantile paralysis,” and polio was the most feared disease of the 20th century, it was not the deadliest. Ten times as many kids died in accidents and three times as many to cancer.

It surely didn't help matters that a prominent American had been struck down with polio. Future president Franklin D. Roosevelt, got the disease in 1921 at the age of 39 and was left partially paralyzed and used a wheelchair during his presidency.

The narrative goes that polio occurrences were sporadic and low and "major" polio epidemics were unknown before the 20th century. In the 1900s was when "major" epidemics began to occur in Europe. Soon after, it is claimed that widespread epidemics appeared in the United States. By 1910, frequent epidemics became regular events throughout the developed world primarily in cities during the summer months.

Disease inducing viruses festering during the summer months; should there have been a concern for hygiene; or the need to stay clean and dry? Institutions back then had a poor understanding about the impact of catchy phrases like; "Wear, Wait, Wash" or "Hands. Face. Space."

At polio's peak in 1952, there were 58,000 new cases reported in the U.S., more than 3,000 (5.2%) died and over 21,000 (36.2%) had varying degrees of paralysis.

For perspective—influenza or "the seasonal flu" kills about 19,000 Americans in an average year.

The Salk polio vaccine contained formaldehyde: Salk's “killed-virus” vaccine was made by growing samples of the virus and then deactivating them by adding formaldehyde.

Jonas Salk also tackled influenza (in 1938 using fertilized chicken eggs a method that is still used today). His flu vaccine is still in use today. For the 2020-21 flu season, the CDC expects 81% of the vaccine supply to be egg-based.

Covid virus has been reportedly mutating, with "more contagious" variants or strains making appearances in South Africa*, Spain, U.K. and Brazil. Is this a similar pattern as the "seasonal flu?" If so, should we be concerned about the verity of the glowing reports on the 62-94% vaccine efficacy against the virus?

* A large round of human trials took place in South Africa, locally managed by the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg—a Gates-funded institution.

The claims of efficacy rate for Covid vaccines:

Novavax—96%, Pfizer—94%, Moderna—94%, J&J—72%, AstraZeneca—62%. The U.S. is the most vaccinated country in the world, counterintuitively it has the highest number of Covid cases, and the highest fatality rate.

Worldwide number of reported cases total 136,782,060. Top three countries with the most Covid cases and deaths as of April 12, 2021, by the numbers are:

#1 USA (pop. 332,510,877) — 31,922,097 (d. 575,851)
#2 India (pop. 1,390,530,992) — 13,527,717 (d. 170,209)
#3 Brazil (pop. 213,732,948)— 13,482,543 (d. 353,293)

Death rate percent for top three countries
USA — 0.17318260539188% or 0.17%
India — 0.012240575792934% or 0.012%
Brazil — 0.16529646145151% or 0.17%

The concerning side-effects of these vaccines up to and including death are mostly discounted by health authorities as unrelated anomalies, with rare instances of doctors, health experts and activists voicing healthy opposition to the unapproved vaxpricks.

The CDC's list of common side-effects, include tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea. However, some have been visited with more severe symptoms, like facial paralysis or bells palsy, brain blood clots, severe allergy, vasovagal syncope (fainting) pulmonary embolism, and anaphylaxis.

Polio Vaccine's historic impact

In July 1952, Salk tested his vaccine on 43 children at two Pittsburgh institutions, and later injected himself and his family.

The guinea pigs were children from the Arsenal Elementary School and the D.T. Watson Home for Crippled Children in Pittsburgh.

When a larger clinical trial commenced in the summer of 1954. The Salk vaccine clinical trial in was the biggest public health EXPERIMENT in U.S. history for it's time. It involved vast numbers of health professionals and over 1.8 million schoolchildren were volunteered by desperate parents.

Bill and Melinda Gates in Africa—vaccines that cause polio.

Polio cases today are extremely rare (no new cases had been reported in all of Africa since 2016!), but in Africa and India respectively, the UN and Indian doctors report that new cases of infantile paralysis or polio have resulted from an oral polio vaccine developed with strong support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In 2014, the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association became suspicious of the vaccines they were receiving from Gates and company and sent multiple batches to be tested.

Researchers discovered that the vaccines that were being administered to 2.3 million African girls were full of HCG, an antigen that causes miscarriages and sterilization.

In India, Gates Foundation backed human trials of the HPV, Cervarix and Gardisil vaccines making guinea pigs out of remote tribal children. These vaccines are for sexually transmitted diseases, which is 100% preventable if girls don’t have unprotected sex.

In Andhra Pradesh, India, the authorities say five children died immediately after receiving a Gardisil shot and many more became violently ill. In another village, two children died, and hundreds were hospitalized after receiving the HPV vaccine.

Reference: Gates vaccine spreads polio-across africa

Polio experiment gone wrong

When the accolades are written, little if anything is ever said about the 200,000 people who were injected with a tainted batch of the Salk vaccine causing 1000s of polio cases, with 200 kids left paralyzed and 10 dead.

"Today polio has almost been eradicated." —Amanda Uren (Mashable)

The Polio hysteria of the 50s is recalled with horror to this day. But it is way overshadowed by the global experiment ("The Plandemic" or "The Great Reset") that is SARS-CoV-2 of 2019-2020-2021.

Regardless of proven efficacy (these rushed vaccines are not sufficiently tested or FDA approved) — here come the "big pharma" money grab. Whether the Vaccines are effective is questionable, given the history: diseases such as measles, rubella, pertussis and scarlet fever, were all declining in numbers before the introduction of vaccines.

Why aren't natural cures ever sought, as was the case with scurvy, which is bought on by a lack of Vitamin C? We all know the answer to that.

Maybe look into why a country like Haiti, African countries (notable exception is S. Africa—site of a large Covid clinical trial), and other exceptional countries DON'T get the virus in significant numbers? Are we even seeing the reportedly significant numbers? During the lockdown—and even now—a lot of other illnesses tended to be attributed to covid, when they are not (follow the money incentives to label illnesses during lockdown as Covid). The other concerns are for the false positives, the covid vaccine causing covid in some instances, and other extenuating factors: People wonder; why are the flu numbers down so much during the flu season? One ironic (sarcastic) reason given —the flu cures covid—seems far fetched.

Interesting historical data revealed by Robert F. Kennedy of Children's Defense Fund—suggests that diseases like measles, scarlet fever, pertussis, and tuberculosis all declined before the introduction of vaccines.

"Thus, vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century."
—CDC Study 2010

"The [flu] vaccine must be changed each year, in hopes of matching the ever-mutating viruses. And that’s been a challenge. On average, it’s been 40% effective, meaning it’s prevented illness 40% of the time."
—WebMD's Debbie Koenig (Sept. 2, 2020)

Go fo yourself a favor, check out the thorough research at Global Cooperative, where they conclude that:
"Vaccines are dangerous poisons that destroy the immune system. This is simply true, based on all actual scientific and medical evidence. There is essentially no notable independent evidence (scientifically, medically, or otherwise) that suggests any valid reason to even occasionally (let alone regularly) inject the poisons known as “vaccines” into the human body. Significant numbers of independent studies (not bought and paid for by Big Pharma) are in agreement that vaccines pose many and significant dangers to health."

Herds are cattle, not people—that's the issue with the—we must "gain herd immunity" mantra. 

It's significant that now we have the beginnings of some "great awakening" in the MSM, but is 60 Minutes featuring some kind of "exposé" of their go to pandemic expert, Fauci? No, they're on the Chinese connection and ignoring any involvement by Fauci's NIH or the U.S. government.

The Hill- Lab-Leak Hypothesis Could Reveal EPIC Screwup Of US, Fauci AND China


We knew about Fauci—Newsweek shocked U.S. with the facts a year ago! His NIH funded "gain-of-function" animal/bat viruses experiments at the Wuhan lab in China; AFTER they were outlawed in the U.S.! Turns out the U.S. was in cahoots with China: they both participate in dangerous experiments that endangered their unsuspecting citizens.

Newsweek: The Controversial Experiments and Wuhan Lab Suspected of Starting the Coronavirus Pandemic

Related: need to mention here that some of the manufacturing work that left the states for China involved work with dangerous chemicals that, when inhaled, touched or breached into the environment, can sicken and kill impoverished working people in these sweat shop factories.

This is the pattern: after they accomplish their great reset (regime change, resource war, gandsta capitalism, false flags...), then they reveal the truth behind their propagandist talking points, global shell game and Matrix hijinx. We all know the MSM is a tool of empire.

The good news: we may see this manufactured #Plandemic end soon- although they've addressed all the issues the oligarchy were looking to address:
- the retail apocalypse
- mechanization with robotic workers—CVS' cashiers are gone! They've rolled out robot driven trucks and cars.
- digital currencies—crypto: bitcoin, tokens, NFTs, app based banking from—not banks.
- normalizing mass vaccination
- massive expansion of government with the partial or complete ownership of failing private businesses
- expanded social programs (it's not all bad)
- legalizing marijuana (outlawed because a man testified to Congress that it drove negroes crazy and made white women want Black men — on God.)

As noted: there's been an exponential growth of dependence on government programs—a surveillance gold mine. The Great Reset is destined to be a celebrated success in the historical narrative of the "Ministry of Information." There's talk of infrastructure overhaul, flying cars, renewable energy, drone delivery to your door, whitey on the moon, white on mars... etc.

What we lost in the fire will be a footnote, just like the polio scare before it; put simply—the further erosion of our freedoms... we see your vaccine passports —the Neo Prison Industrial Complex.

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