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Devastated Haitians Are Sitting Ducks for Flawed "Recovery" Efforts

• Haiti Earthquake Victim Refuses Amputation
• WHO Controversial Untested Vaccines Planned for Mil Haiti Quake Victims
• Canada Buys a "Lead" Role On Haiti Recovery Team

A Haitian man refused amputation of his hand. The hand sustained a crush injury. The man had been told by doctors who looked at his hand that it needed to be amputated, therefore he avoided seeking medical care for his injury for fear that he would lose his hand. Luckily, the man's hand will recover, a nurse practitioner who examined the injured hand assures him. That is, if he pursues follow up medical care in five days. During the earthquake crisis in Haiti, doctors performed many of the 2000 estimated amputations on earthquake victims who had compound fractures, which made them good candidates for a complete recovery under normal circumstances.

Carl Thelemarque remarked on his observations of amputations due to the disaster from his base at Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti in February:
"[...] injured people I send to the Dominican Republic for help, have mostly come back with limbs missing. That's all they are doing cutting, cutting, cutting and then closing the wound up and releasing the people. The doctors there are cutting off EVERYTHING, arms, legs, toes, feet, fingers. You have a cut or a wound and they just cutoff the limbs. The people returning from the DR are always missing a limb. They are doubly traumatized and more depressed."
Time reports that the number of post quake amputees in Haiti could jump to as many as 150,000 because infections continue to fester in quake victims, which could necessitate further amputations. Time speculates that this could make Haiti a "nation of amputees" by the end of the year, as this many amputees would account for 2% of Haiti's 9 million population.

The video about the would be amputee was posted by the YouTube channel VALABAB.

child_vaccineA new WHO vaccination campaign is targeting the one million people in Haiti who are homeless due to the devastating earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010. Haitians are to be the first to receive controversial vaccinations "According to a document published by WHO called "Public health risk assessment and interventions: Earthquake: Haiti,“ the UN health agency is strongly recommending that people in Haiti receive vaccinations against tetanus, measles, diphtheria, polio and pertussis in spite of the controversy surrounding these vaccines. The website The Flu Case reports that the same vaccine has proven to be toxic for some children inoculated with the vaccine in Bosnia.
"Jagoda Savic this week filed charges at a state prosecutor's office in Bosnia Herzegovina against WHO presenting evidence that WHO had helped conceal the damage caused by a CSL vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis distributed for free by UNICEF.

Savic presented evidence that 117 children suffered severe side effects.

[...]The WHO document also states that the swine flu poses a risk to the people of Haiti, suggesting the people of Haiti will be given the untested and toxic swine flu jab."
A particularly cogent comment is posted by someone who identifies only as a Medical laboratory scientist on The Flu Case site:
Just another excuse to pump vulnerable people full of lethal toxins. How do they think these unfortunates are going to respond to squalene, mercury, aluminum, formalin, detergents, spermatocides and what have you? Every opportunity is exploited by the authorities to undermine personal immunity, sterilise [make infertile], raise oxidative stress and deprive the victims of anti oxidants.

How about giving those people high quality nutrition, super foods, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to improve their health and overall resistance to disease. It's infinitely more effective than potentially lethal vaccines or iatrogenic medical drugs will ever be, unless of course they are intent on killing these people, which wouldn't surprise me at all."
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Reuters Photo | Hundreds of Thousands demonstrate on July 15, 2006, Aristide's birthday, demanding release of political prisoners, return of President Aristide and a stop to the coup d'etat oppressions
Canada, part of the cabal (France and the U.S. were also at the Ottawa Initiative) that planned, financed and executed the ouster of Aristide, and thus the demise of real Haitian democracy, plans to remain on the scene of their crimes. Canada is "buying" an influential seat on the Haiti "recovery" team.

The Ottawa Initiative was where Canadian Officials initiated the planning for the military ouster of Aristide
"OTTAWA — Canada is preparing to pay $100 million to join an exclusive new international club that would guide the rebuilding of earthquake-ravaged Haiti, The Canadian Press has learned.

That’s the price tag for a seat on the proposed Interim Haitian Recovery Commission that is expected to be one of the key announcements to be made this week at the New York international donors’ conference on Haiti.

“Canada has been a major partner and a major donor to Haiti in the past years, so we will be there,” said a senior government official. “Not sure of the structure, but Canada will play a major role.”

The new commission will be made up [of] representatives from more than a dozen donor countries, the Haitian government, the Organization of American States, the 15-country Caribbean bloc known as CARICOM, NGOs and international institutions. Its creation is one of two major announcements expected from Wednesday’s Haiti summit in New York, senior World Bank officials said."
The article emphasizes the lead role that Canada is "buying" from the World Bank for its 100M investment. The Canadians, along with France and the U.S. continue to exert a vise-like control over Haitian matters, with the U.S. having seized control on the ground by landing troops and controlling the Haitian airport. For Canada as well as other so-called "donor" countries, the will of the Haitian people are to be ignored per usual in deference to the West's supposed "expertise" on what is best for Haiti:
"The World Bank and other international actors are keen to see Canada play an active role in the decision-making commission. Haiti’s government estimates it will ultimately cost $11.5 billion to rebuild from the Jan. 12 quake that killed more than 200,000 people.

“I see the role of both sharing Canadian experience in a number of sectors but also technical assistance and also the decision making process,” Tsikata explained, noting that Canada has shown expertise in education, governance and judiciary programs."
The U.S., France and Canada, with the continuing support of the United Nations have literally broken Haiti, so they should no longer be so intimately involved in Haiti's sovereign affairs. An international tribunal should be convened to investigate and consequently, prosecuted them for their crimes against humanity in Haiti. Upon a determination of their guilt, these international "players" should be forced to pay restitution for their criminal interventions.

It is well-documented that interventions in Haiti affairs have invariably caused chaos, violence, rapes and deaths. The Lancet reported an estimated 8,000 deaths and 35,000 rapes in just Port-au-Prince, Haiti alone in the 22 month period following the U.S., France and Canada backed 2004 coup d'etat against the democratically elected government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The Lancet report can be viewed here (PDF). Victim's testimonies and photos can also be found at the Ezilidanto Witness Project. Before that the Bush Sr. U.S. regime backed the 1991 coup against Aristide which also resulted in many deaths and violence against the Haitian populace.

In the reconstruction effort, this cabal, along with the UN and the international banksters (who have held Haiti enslaved in a cycle of debt and dependency), should have only supporting roles that back the decisions of a democratically elected Haitian government -- elected with the full participation of Haiti's most popular party, Fanmi Lavalas.

Haitians must be in charge of and in leadership roles in the rebuilding of Haiti. And Fanmi Lavalas must be allowed to participate in any free and fair election--otherwise any elections held without their participation is neither free nor fair. Fanmi Lavalas was barred from postponed February elections. They are the so-called "die hards" (unfortunate term!) who want the return of President Aristide, so that he may participate in the rebuilding effort. Haitians have participated in what some observers have counted as 50 protests in Haiti post the devastating earthquake. Most were to protest of the lack of aid, unequal and incompetent aid distribution, but many were to demand the return of President Aristide -- here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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This month Bill Clinton apologized for his support of US agricultural policies that forced Haitian farmers to compete with U.S. subsidized agribusiness and specifically rice from farmers from Clinton's home state of Arkansa. The policy resulted in the destruction of the rice farmers' livelihoods in Haiti to the tune of 830,000 rural jobs lost! See the Washington Post article: "With cheap food imports, Haiti can't feed itself."

Bill Clinton, Haiti does not need your apology, its too little, too late. What needs to happen is a "class action" lawsuit. The U.S. needs to pay restitution to Haiti. On the subject of restitution, France also, should be forced to pay the 21 billion it extorted from Haiti as payment for the "loss" of its enslaved colony. And the damages from the crimes committed by Canada and other international "players." should be assessed by a duly appointed international tribunal of justice.

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